12/05/2005 Zach Rescues Kendall

"Lily finds Jonathan hiding out at the boathouse. When she expresses curiosity at his apparent sadness, Jonathan tells her what happened earlier at Fusion. He also shares with her, his frustration over his slow recovery. He had hoped he would recuperate faster and with less difficulty. Lily is sympathetic and offers advice after he tells her how being yelled at earlier had affected him. She tells him that she has learned several different methods to deal with stressful situations in her "Life Skills" classes. Jonathan is envious. When he tells her that he wishes he had a few strategies for dealing with difficult times, Lily has an idea.

Dr. Martin asks Julia to meet him at the hospital where he offers her a job he feels is perfectly suited for her. Julia accepts and within a short time is running a "Life Skills" group session. Lily walks in and starts to ask Julia a question when she realizes that Julia may be reluctant because of her relationship with Edmund. Before Lily can leave the room, Jonathan walks in and asks Lily if she received approval for him joining the session. Julia realizes that Lily wants Jonathan to sit in and after a moment's hesitation offers Jonathan a seat.

Del stops by Babe's room at the Pine Cone to invite her out. He claims to be suffering from writers' block and wanted to relax by going bowling. Just then JR walks in and after a few malicious words, Del leaves. Alone with Babe, JR notices that she's packing. His surprised turns to apparent concern, when he learns that Babe intends to move into the Chandler mansion. JR warns her that it's not a good idea for her to move in. He goes on to tell Babe that he now realizes that Babe was being completely honest when she told him that she was falling in love with him again. JR then tells Babe that he is no longer focused on extracting revenge for what she has done to him. He admits that he wants Babe, very much but that he's not in love with her. He has moved past her in that regard but it would not stop him from trying to seduce her. JR tells Babe that he feels that she deserves better than what he could give her and then he quietly leaves. Outside of Babe's room, JR smiles when he sees Del approach. He tells Del that Babe is ripe for the picking and ready to for Del to get her between the sheets. Del has his doubts. He doesn't think Babe will be so quick to jump into bed with him as JR believes. After JR leaves, Del knocks on Babe's door and offers her a supportive ear. Initially Babe declines his company but as Del walks away, Babe changes her mind and calls him back. They end up going to the boathouse where Babe is somewhat distracted until Del mentions JR. Nearby, JR listens as Del talks down about JR and poses a hypothetical question to Babe. What would she do if she could take JR down? Babe shrugs off the idea and tells him that she wants to get along with JR. Del persists and adds that he happens to have something that could take JR down. Is she interested in hearing what he has to say?

Ryan and Zach trade harsh words. Ryan warns Zach to stay away from Jonathan while Zach warns Ryan to stay away from Kendall. Erica walks into the room and upon hearing Zach's words tells him that she was just about to say the very same thing to him. Zach ignores Erica's warning and leaves. After Zach's departure, Erica turns to Ryan and suggests that they work together to get Zach out of Kendall's life. Ryan isn't interested. He tells Erica that he can't forgive Kendall for her lie and how it hurt Greenlee. He goes on to suggest that the baby she is carrying is nothing more than a mistake and he wants no part of either Kendall or the child. Erica does her best to convince Ryan to reconsider, defending Kendall's actions and reminding Ryan that there is a child's welfare at stake. She asks him to at least talk to Kendall before making any final decisions.

Kendall slowly awakens and realizes that she's in a hammock hanging high above the city street. She immediately panics and starts screaming for help but after a period of time realizes that no one can hear her. She attempts to rescue herself but quickly changes her mind when the hammock swings wildly. Left with no other recourse, Kendall begins to pray. Eventually she starts praying for Zach to find her. Meanwhile, inside the Fusion offices, Zach stops by to find Kendall. He finds the offices empty but notes that Kendall's clutch is on the desk. He decides to leave an envelope with Kendall's name written on it. As he walks to the elevator, prepared to leave, Zach pauses. Moments later he is on the roof, cautioning Kendall to stay quiet and very still. He makes quick work of rescuing Kendall from the hammock which by now was fraying and within moments of breaking loose from one of the hooks holding it. Zach carries a badly shaken Kendall downstairs to the Fusion offices. While Zach fetches Kendall a bottle of water, Kendall tells him that she's certain that fate had sent him to her. Zach tells her that fate had nothing to do with it, and it was just coincidence. Kendall vehemently disagrees. Zach returns her side and begins to question her about what had happened. Kendall doesn't remember much except that she was planning a holiday party with Simone and Dani one moment and the next she woke up in the hammock. After a few more questions, Kendall remembers suddenly that Jonathan had been at the office. Zach is concerned when he hears that bit of news. He begins to tell her something but is interrupted at the last moment when Ethan walks in. He asks Ethan to keep an eye on Kendall for him and then quickly leaves Fusion.

Zach walks into the session Julia is leading and demands to talk to Jonathan. He claims to have a message from Ryan and suggests that Jonathan step out for a moment so that they can talk privately. Julia appears uncomfortable but reluctantly allows Jonathan to walk out with Zach. Once alone, Zach tells Jonathan how furious he is just before he takes a swing and punches Jonathan with enough force to knock him to the ground.

At Fusion, Kendall and Ethan talk. Kendall apologizes to Ethan over the way she behaved toward him when their relationship ended. Ethan dismisses it, assuring Kendall that he's moved past that stage of his life and is quite happy with Simone. As Kendall talks about Zach and how he recently rescued her, Kendall finds the envelope that Zach left her. She opens it and stops short when she realizes that Zach didn't come to the offices because of fate but to end their marriage. Feeling foolish and calling herself all kinds of an idiot, Kendall resumes talking about Zach but in fewer glowing terms. She looks up to find Ryan standing in the doorway."

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