12/02/2005 Kendall Throws Away Her Ring

"JR greets Babe by her bedside when she wakes up. He brushes a strand of hair back from her face, then begins to make another move, but gets scared and rushes off. Babe tries to go back to sleep, but when she stirs, she finds Amanda sitting in a chair a few feet away from the bed. Amanda tells Babe she broke up her and Jamie and lied about the soup and stair incident that almost killed her. If she can't have Jamie, she will make sure that Babe does not get JR, Amanda says. Babe says she is not playing JR and did not screw up Amanda's life. When Babe tells her to see a shrink, Amanda screams that she is not like her mother - she is not crazy.

Janet sews a wedding veil for Amanda, while talking to Natalie about how she taught Amanda to take care of herself. Janet puts on the veil, convinced that Amanda is going to marry Jamie.

JR goes to Julia's home to speak to Del. He offers Del a lump sum of cash if he has sex with Babe. Del thinks JR is setting him up, but JR wants to get Babe off his back. JR starts flipping through wads of money to entice Del, but Di interrupts the deal. Del tells his sister that he was just playing JR and had no plans to take the bribe. After Del hands back the money and walks out, Di tells JR not to get more revenge on Babe. She realizes he and Babe have gotten close again, but is confused why he is pushing her away. It would be better for their son if they got along, Di says. JR thinks that if he forgives Babe, she will expect him to forgive her. JR tells Di to go back to pole dancing and leaves. Di calls someone and asks to speak to a woman. When the woman can't come to the phone, she tells the person to give the woman her love.

Adam arrives home with Krystal by his side. Adam threatens to fire Lucretia and Winifred, but Krystal insists he can not do that because the soup was her specialty. Adam thinks that Krystal poisoned the soup to kill him, but she counters she would never do something that would endanger her own daughter's life. Amanda rushes down the stairs, past Krystal and Adam. Babe comes down and tells them that she and JR think Amanda spiked the soup. Krystal agrees and offers for Babe to stay with them until she is safe. Babe does not answer, but instead, questions if her mother is falling for Adam. Krystal claims she despises the man, but her caring actions prove otherwise. Babe goes to her hotel room to collect some things and runs into Del on her way out the door.

Di applies for a receptionist position at Greg's clinic, but he is too busy to interview her. She fills out some paperwork that Hazel gives her until Tad walks in. Di asks if Tad follows her and he says no. She tells him she is there to apply for a job. Tad tells her that he wants her to get the job so she can help him with something. Di agrees to help once she lands the gig. Tad asks Hazel about making a sperm donation so she agrees to get the proper paperwork. Di hands Hazel her application and tries to market herself, despite her less than large work history. Di leaves, with Tad and her sharing a small bit of respect for each other. Tad goes to the Valley Inn and breaks into Greg's room. He finds a briefcase in a drawer with some incriminating paperwork.

Ryan returns to the hotel to let Erin know that Greenlee is gone. Jonathan hands Ryan a stuffed animal for the baby that Lily told him about. Erin tries to explain to Jonathan that Greenlee is the mom, even though Kendall is carrying the baby. Ryan informs then that the baby is biologically Kendall's and Greenlee left Pine Valley. Jonathan gets upset because he wanted everyone to be a big happy family. Jonathan tells Ryan that the situation is Kendall's fault. Ryan says he is not sure what he is going to do about his child, but now that Greenlee is gone, they don't have to stick around Pine Valley. Jonathan does not want to leave because he considers it his home. He asks to go for a walk alone, which Erin and Ryan are hesitant about because of the shooter. After Jonathan promises to be careful, they let him go get some fresh air. Erin tells Ryan she is sorry about Greenlee and hugs him.

Kendall goes to Fusion and thinks about the night before, when Zach told her he loved and she pushed him away. At she stands at the top of the roof to collect her thoughts, Zach confuses to Myrtle that he told Kendall the truth about his feelings. Zach adds that Kendall does not want to see him again, but Myrtle tells him he should fight for her. Kendall removes her wedding ring and tells herself that she can get over Zach, then tosses the ring off the roof. Myrtle thinks Kendall needs an extra push, but Zach does not want to take that path. He thinks it is better for Kendall to protect herself from his love. Myrtle tries to pick up the phone to "put an end to all this nonsense" but Zach takes it away and offers to fix things himself. He leaves her home, giving Myrtle the chance to call in her reinforcement, Bianca.

Zach goes to talk to Ryan alone so Erin goes into another room. Zach wants to talk about Kendall and make sure Ryan does not destroy her life. He tells Ryan to leave Pine Valley and even throws in first-class plane tickets for the whole Lavery clan. If that doesn't work, Zach says he will get rid of him some other way. Ryan accuses Zach of shooting at his family after the trial, but Zach denies it.

Kendall goes inside the Fusion office, where dozens of women are hustling and bustling, including Simone and Danielle. Kendall tells Simone and Danielle that Greenlee skipped town, so she is in charge of everything. Simone starts hounding on Kendall for deceiving Greenlee, but she tells Simone to focus on work, not her personal life. Kendall also orders Simone to get rid of a poster of her and Greenlee. She begins complaining about Greenlee's projects and storms off to fix them, but runs into Jonathan. He accuses Kendall of stealing Greenlee and Ryan's baby. Simone and Greenlee rush to her aid and Simone tells him to get lost. Jonathan tells Kendall she has to make it better. When Simone and Danielle threaten to call the police, he leaves quietly. When Simone asks if she is ok, Kendall does not think Simone cares. Simone says she does not hate her, but wants to try to understand why she did what she did. Kendall tells her to leave her alone, if she wants to help her. She goes to the top of the roof and is knocked out. A rope is thrown over her limp body."

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