12/01/2005 Kendall Throws Zach Out

"Amanda sits down in the living room of the boarding house, intent on enjoying some soup. JR startles her when he speaks up from his perch on the stairs, warning her against eating things without knowing the contents. She reminds him once again that she had nothing to do with what happened at the Thanksgiving dinner at his house, but oddly enough - he doesn't believe her. She asks if he has come to finish the job (of killing her) that Babe botched the first time. Babe then reveals herself from the shadows behind Amanda, telling her ex-best friend that she is capable of finishing the job herself. Babe tells her that she almost fed Little Adam some of the soup, and in her mind, that puts Amanda on the top of her hit list. JR backs up the threat, also in defense of their son. Amanda continues to deny any wrongdoing, saying that if either of them lay a hand on her, she will scream. JR informs her that they have other ways of dealing with her - none of which require them to touch her. JR lets Chief Frye in and demands that Amanda be arrested. Derek tells them that he checked out their allegations - he interviewed the staff at the house as well as checking with the lab - and there are no grounds for arrest. Babe and JR can't believe it, especially since Amanda had been at the house, making threats about payback. Amanda is visibly relieved, and Derek asks if there is anything she needs from him before he leaves. She doesn't, and Derek takes his leave. Amanda tells the on-again, off-again couple to leave before she calls Derek back so that he can arrest them for assault. Unafraid, JR warns her that if she attacks Babe or any other member of his family again, he will make her wish that the car had killed her.

Ryan is alone on the beach when he hears a woman screaming in the distance. After hesitating for a moment to take his shoes off, he runs toward the sound, intent on helping. He manages to drag a kicking and screaming Julia back to the beach, but she blasts him for doing so. He told her that he thought she was in trouble, and what he saw backed up his perception. She tells him that the screams her heard were out of frustration - she had lost her necklace and had been diving to try to find it. She then demands that he hand over her towel and clothes, and then turn his back so she can change. He does as she asks, and then questions why she would be swimming in the middle of the night, in freezing cold water. She informs him that the conditions make it hard to breathe, let alone think - and that's the point. She finishes changing and throws him the towel. As he dries off, she takes in his disposition and notes that he seems to be in trouble as well. Ryan tells her that Greenlee is gone for good - and she expresses her condolences, saying that they should have had time to work things out. Ryan then says that he came out to the beach, thinking about the night he rode his bike off the cliff and into the ocean and survived. He believes that he survived so that he could make right all of the things he did wrong. He thought that if he believed in it enough, he could take his life back. Julia tells him that she is finding out from experience that what he thought is not possible. Ryan tells her about the baby, and the revelations Greenlee shared before leaving town. He can't quite wrap his mind around the thought that Kendall would really give up the baby without ever telling Greenlee that the baby wasn't genetically hers. Julia tells him that she can't begin to understand what happened, but admits that she is curious as to what he will do next. Ryan tells her that he isn't sure, which prompts her to ask what he thinks will happen with the baby. Ryan says that he had a hard enough time picturing being someone's father, looking at someone who depended on him. However, he was starting to change because of Greenlee. He admits that he loves her enough to never want to deny her the family she craved. Now, with her gone, nothing makes sense. He goes on to say that he has no idea how to go on the journey without her. Julia thinks he will be okay as a parent, but that if he really wants to be with Greenlee, he should go after her and win her back. Ryan tells her of the promise that he made to respect whatever choice Greenlee made, and says that he knows they said their final goodbyes. Finding her in any amount of time, or in another lifetime, wouldn't change that fact. Julia then tells him that she wishes the words of comfort people often said - time heals...this too shall pass - were true. Because they aren't, Julia admits to going for quick fixes, like her midnight swim in freezing waters. Ryan apologizes for interrupting, but Julia knows he meant well. She informs him that the necklace she lost was a present from Noah - something that she kept with her throughout the program, even though she couldn't wear it. She feels like losing it now is kind of a slap in the face, but also thinks that perhaps it's a sign to move forward instead of hanging on to the past. Moments later, they decide to part ways. Before they do, Ryan sees something glinting in the sand. He retrieves it, and Julia gleefully confirms that it is indeed the necklace she thought she lost. After he puts it on her and she thanks him with a hug, she asks if he needs a ride. He tells her that he has his bike and that he wants to stay on the beach for some additional time to reflect.

Erica and Jack take a moment to reconnect, promising to see each other and their family through whatever hardships come their way. They are interrupted by a call on Jack's cell phone. He answers and finds Greenlee on the other end. She tearfully informs him that she's left Pine Valley and she can never return - because Kendall broke her heart. Jack begs her to turn around and come back so they can talk about it, but Greenlee refuses. She ends the phone call, and when Jack tries to call back, he finds that she has turned off her phone. He imparts this latest information to his wife. She tries to assure him that he hasn't lost his daughter, but Jack is not so sure. Erica tries to convince him that the move is classic Greenlee - running away from her problems - but Jack thinks that Greenlee's reasons for doing so are solid. Erica goes on to say that he should be happy - Kendall granted him his two fondest wishes: that Greenlee would not have to raise any child of Ryan's, and that Greenlee would be out of Ryan's life for good. While Jack admits that those two things are in the plus column for him, he notes that he is still worried at the outcome. Erica suggests that they not talk about things any further because they had just agreed not to let their children pull them apart. Jack doesn't think it's feasible because Greenlee is out in the world, alone and hurting because of Kendall. This raises Erica's ire some, and she notes that they need to support Kendall through her pregnancy. Jack is concerned that the pregnancy, and the fact that Ryan is the father, isn't bothering Erica. She tells him that those facts aren't what is important - the fact that a new life will be joining the family is. Tartly, Jack tells her to save the soothing speech for her talk show - because the real problem (as far as he is concerned) is that Erica is taking Ryan's side and not acknowledging the damage that Kendall has caused. Infuriated, Erica demands that Jack stop his tirade. Nonplussed, Jack questions whether his wife intends on remaining positive about the pregnancy. Erica says that she refuses to spit on Kendall the way he, Greenlee and Ryan did. Jack thinks that a good "talking to" is in order, but Erica tells him that he is wrong. She reminds him that she learned a lot from her experience with Bianca and Miranda, and says that she will not make the same mistake twice. Jack tells her that the two situations are completely different, and Erica thanks him for pointing that out. She tells him that Ryan is not Michael Cambias, and that the baby Kendall is carrying was created out of love, not violence. Although Jack is inclined to believe Greenlee's versions of events - that Kendall being linked biologically to Ryan's baby instead of Greenlee was a form of payback - Erica is unmoved to his side and goes on to say that the only thing Kendall wanted was for Ryan's child to exist.

After briefly comforting Kendall in the doorway outside of her condo, Zach silently picks up his wife and carries her inside. He closes the door and places her on the couch. Tears flowing, Kendall watches as he covers her with a blanket and follows with a comforting caress. He prepares some warm milk for her, but Kendall slowly comes out of her stupor, suddenly demanding that he leave. Zach won't have any of it, as he is intent on taking care of her. She informs him that Greenlee has left town, but he isn't surprised. He tells her that her former best friend is ungrateful and selfish. Kendall immediately jumps to her defense, noting that Greenlee felt betrayed. Zach asks how Kendall giving Greenlee everything that she wanted could be viewed as betrayal. Kendall mentions that he doesn't like Greenlee or her husband, and that fact gets in the way of him seeing the truth of the situation. Zach corrects her, saying that he has no use for either of them, especially since they can't see the beauty right in front of them. Kendall appears slightly amused by his commentary, as it seems impossible that the man she has never lived with and is currently divorcing acts as though he knows so much about her. He tells her that he understands why she did what she did. She wonders if he believes what the rest of the town believes about her - that she wanted to keep a part of Ryan to herself. Zach tells her that he doesn't care about everyone else's thoughts - only hers. He asks if using her own eggs to create the baby she has growing inside her was a way to get Ryan back. Kendall says that her reasons don't matter, because no one believes her. Zach promises that he will, but she thinks he is like everyone else - believing only what he wants. She tells him to leave, and opens the door to hasten his departure. He closes the door and informs her that he won't go until he says what he needs to say. He starts by saying that he sat at the Valley Inn and watched as she took hit after hit from all of the people who claim to love her. She briefly questions why he didn't stand up for her, and he tells her that it's not what she wanted. He said that what she wanted was a little support from her family and friends. Kendall declares that she has that - but Zach is hard pressed to believe. He says that she repeatedly gets sucked in by Erica and her biased view of Kendall's life and how she should live it. He also notes that she has been slammed by all of the madness in the Lavery family, and all of the anger coming out of Jack because things were beyond his control. Not one of them, Zach goes on to say, sees Kendall for the remarkable woman that she is. Tearing up again, Kendall asks if he can - but he interrupts, saying he isn't done with his confession. Kendall initially doesn't want to hear it, but Zach tells her that she will hear what he has to say. She feigns disinterest, telling him to hurry so that she can go to bed. Slowly, with an almost palpable and bittersweet angst, he tells her that through her actions since they wed, he'd found himself not being able to take his eyes off of her. He confesses that he was amazed by how she always gave 100% of herself to whatever she believed in, and how he had never met anyone like her before. Somewhat stunned, Kendall quietly urges him on. He finally tells her that he loves her - that he has fallen in love with her. Disbelieving, Kendall asks her husband to repeat himself. He does, and then tells her that he wants to keep falling - without end or fear. In an attempt to grasp the enormity of his revelation, she reviews what she knows - that she married a man who hated her and wanted to stick it to his son, a man who was the last person she ever thought she would get involved with - and this is the same man who is standing before her, saying he's in love with her? Zach tells her that he may not be what she wants or needs...especially since he has hurt the people he loves and can't change. However, he tells her, he loves the way he does and he needed to come clean with her. He then moves him and plants a kiss on her - which she returns. They linger there for a moment, and then Kendall breaks it off. She slowly dismantles everything he tells her - saying that many people have told her that they love her, but none of it ended up being true. She reminds him that he admitted that he hurts people - and notes that she would be a fool to open her heart again, just so that he could trample all over it. She goes on to question how the baby she is carrying - who was fathered by a man he hates - would fit into his picture of happily ever after. She sums up her rage by saying that she thinks his admission, and his subsequent desire to move forward as a happy couple, is nothing more than something to throw into the faces of everyone on his hit list. She refuses to let it happen - and demands one final time that he leave. He listens to her quietly, and then says that he told her his feelings because he thought she should know that there was one person in the world that loved and supported her unconditionally. He then tells her that he believes she has feelings for him too. She confirms as much - and then details that the feelings are anger, outrage and disgust. He reflects on her anger for a moment, and then says that although they didn't start out intending for this to happen, his love for her is as real as it gets. She starts to let herself fall in and then pulls abruptly back, saying that she's not his trophy and she wants no part of his twisted version of love. She fairly thanks him for making her horrible day 100 times worse, and quietly tells him to go. When he does, she succumbs to her tears once again.

Amanda shows up at Jamie's apartment, panicked over her confrontation with Babe and JR. She tells him that she isn't responsible for the poisoning at the Chandler Thanksgiving dinner, nor is she responsible for Babe's tumble down the stairs. She begs Jamie to believe her, but before he can reveal where his allegiance lies, a mysterious woman appears in the doorway from the bedroom. As a shocked Amanda takes in the scene, the woman asks if Jamie will be returning to bed. Jamie takes a moment with his lady friend, Gretchen, to get dressed, and then escorts her out with a promise to make it up to her. She kisses him goodbye as Amanda watches, disgusted, and then takes her leave. When the door closes, Jamie tries to calm Amanda down, saying that being in a manic state is not good for her while she is in recovery. Amanda is stunned that he cares, but soon realizes that his care is purely medical. Jamie tells her that she can't go around hurting people and thinking she can get away with it. He goes on to say that he will take her back to the hospital because his grandfather can recommend someone that she can talk to. Horrified that he thinks she needs a shrink, Amanda wrenches herself from his grip, swearing that she isn't crazy and doesn't need that kind of help. Infuriated, she tells him to go to hell and storms out of his apartment.

JR and Babe return to the Chandler Mansion, and after checking in on their son, they revisit the events of the night. As they do, Babe starts to feel faint, and uses the wall to hold herself up. JR tells her that perhaps she should have stayed at the hospital. She shakes it off, saying that she had to be by his side tonight. She starts to crumple again, and at that JR tells her that she will be spending the night in the house. She tells him that she is too tired to argue, and they step into a guest bedroom. Claiming that her hands aren't working, she asks him to unzip her dress so that she can get into bed. As he does, JR is taken aback by the feelings of desire sweeping over him at the sight of his stripped down ex-wife. JR manages to reign himself in, and tucks Babe underneath the covers. He asks her if she is angry with him for not confessing that he was behind the wheel of the car. She tells him that she isn't, and he asks if she regrets taking the rap. She simply says that she made a decision and she plans to stick with it. After a moment of silent gratitude, JR places his hand on hers, and says that he meant it when he declared he wouldn't let anyone hurt her ever again.

Jack suggests that both he and Erica forget all they had talked about for the moment, and just retire for the evening. Erica, unable to get on the same page, sends him home to be with Lily and Reggie. He acquiesces, and leaves her alone in the penthouse. At the same time, on the beach, Julia packs up her things and reluctantly leaves Ryan alone. At the Chandler mansion, JR watches Babe sleep and resists the urge to brush her hair back from her face. Simultaneously, Zach stands out in the courtyard, gazing at the moon and reviewing the night's events, as Kendall cries on the floor inside."

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