12/07/2005 Adam Tells Krystal He Loves Her

"Worried that Kendall won't make it to the party, Simone calls her. Kendall ignores the ringing phone as she battles a very bad bout of nausea due to her pregnancy. The ringing phone is followed by a pounding on the door as JR tries to get Kendall to open up to him. She just wants to be left alone to her misery but JR is insistant. He barges into Kendall's townhouse just as she runs for the bathroom. Once her stomach settles, Kendall returns to her living room and asks JR to leave. JR ignores her plea. He tells her that he needs for her to talk him out of falling for Babe. Kendall has her own problems which make his pale in comparison. She brings him up to date on her pregnancy, including the fact that the baby is biologically hers and that Greenlee has severed all ties with her. JR's complete lack of understanding and empathy prompts Kendall to throw him out of her condo. JR doesn't leave but instead talks about his own experience at being a father. Kendall fires back, reminding him how, once he found out Bess wasn't his daughter, he never gave her another thought. Kendall goes on to tell JR that if he's foolish enough to fall for Babe again, after all the awful things that she has done to him, then he deserves what he gets and she doesn't want him to come crying to her when things fall apart. JR is furious and warns Kendall that she has gone too far. They trade angry words before JR walks out the door, leaving their friendship in tatters.

Julia is not pleased when Brooke arrives on her doorstep with Sam who is visibly drunk. Brooke explains to Julia that Sam has been spiraling out of control for several weeks. He's been staying out late and she has found empty beer cans under his bed. Concerned, Julia and Brooke talk to him about his behavior. Initially, Sam shrugs his behavior off as nothing more than harmless teenage rebellion but Julia and Brooke refuse to accept his explanation. They are concerned that he is beginning a self-destructive pattern. Sam becomes furious, admitting that he regrets not killing Jonathan when he had the opportunity and fully intends to rectify that wrong. Julia tries to caution him about the emotional ramifications he will face if he takes Jonathan's life. Sam counters, asking her why Noah was wroth avenging but his own father isn't. Desperate, Julia decides that it's time Sam went to live with his mother, convinced that she will be able to help him. Sam doesn't agree with Julia's decision and walks out before anyone can stop him.

Amanda watches Jamie as he sits, surrounded by several young women who are hanging on his every word. Disgusted, Amanda walks up and accuses him of being obsessed with her and using the women in a feeble attempt to replace her. Embarrassed at the scene Amanda is creating, Jamie pulls her aside. He is convinced that Amanda is out of touch with reality and accuses her of poisoning the soup at the Chandler Mansion on Thanksgiving. Amanda denies that she's insane or poisoned the soup. After telling him that she has a job at New Beginnings, she informs him that she is over him and walks out.

Janet flips through a scrapbook which she has dedicated to Jamie.

Babe tells Krystal about JR and specifically the trap he set up with Del for her. She brags how she was able to see right through his scheme and managed to use the situation to her advantage. Krystal has strong reservations when Babe confides that JR is very close to giving in to his feelings for Babe and that a wedding is imminent.

Adam plots to end his marriage to Krystal by threatening to scare her into giving him the divorce he desperately seeks. His plan is to convince her that he's in love with her, certain she will be repelled at the idea. He invites her to his room on the pretense of updating her on some stock that netted them a small fortune. Using the discussion of stock and how he pursues a lucrative investment, Adam slowly seduces Krystal until he is able to kiss her. Adam pulls away from the kiss before things progress further, claiming that he wants to be honest with her. He declares his love for Krystal and vows that when they make love, he wants her to feel the same passion for him that he feels for her. Krystal surprises Adam when she throws her arms around him and begs him to take her now.

Babe browses through a magazine as she hums the wedding march to herself when a knock at her door interrupts her. It's Livia Frye. She warns Babe that she's up to her neck with trouble from Amanda as she hands her a legal document. Babe reads the document and is shocked. Later, as she's signing papers for Livia, JR stops by. Babe, smiles and hands him the document she just finished signing. JR is shocked at what he reads. He asks her who else is privy to the information. Babe assures him that no one except Babe, Livia, JR and the person responsible for the documents knows about it.

Simone begins to panic as guests arrive for the party and Kendall is still a no show. Luckily, Kendall makes a grand entrance a short while later. Things go well at the Fusion party until JR and Babe walk in. Kendall doesn't mince words as she throws both Babe and JR out of the party. They refuse to leave and then drop the bombshell that Greenlee has signed over her shares of Fusion to Babe, making Babe Kendall's new business partner."

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