11/28/2005 Kendall Explains Why She Did It

"Greenlee drops a bombshell at the Thanksgiving dinner. She announces to all that the egg which was fertilized with Ryan's sample was Kendall's egg, not Greenlee's. Therefore, the child that Kendall is carrying is her own child. Ryan is shocked at the realization that Kendall is carrying their child not he and Greenlee's. Kendall is momentarily stunned into silence giving Greenlee and David the opportunity to lay out all of the evidence that they have recently gathered supporting their claims. When Greenlee accuses Kendall of stealing her baby, Kendall finally finds her voice and tries to explain why she did what she did. She insists that she did not steal Greenlee's child. That the night she was implanted with the fertilized egg she acted on instinct and fear that if without having Ryan's child to live for, Greenlee would not be able to deal with her grief over losing Ryan. Kendall goes on to explain that the night after the power outage she went to the clinic out of concern and discovered the worst had happened. Greenlee's embryos were no longer viable and Ryan's samples were slowly deteriorating. It was never a conscious decision but rather one motivated by love for a friend that prompted Kendall to insist that Dr. Madden help Kendall give Greenlee Ryan's child by using Kendall's eggs. Feeling betrayed, Greenlee is too angry to believe that Kendall was motivated by anything other than revenge. Greenlee accuses Kendall of wanting to hurt Greenlee because Ryan had chosen her over Kendall. Greenlee is convinced that Kendall intentionally used her eggs so that she, not Greenlee, could be the biological mother of Ryan's child. Kendall denies the accusations but her words fall on deaf ears. Disgusted with Kendall, Greenlee tells her that she will never forgive Kendall for what she has done and then rushes out of the room. Ryan follows his wife while Jackson turns his wrath on Kendall. He berates her for what she did to Greenlee. David picks up where Jackson left off until Erica intervenes on her daughter's behalf. Turning to Kendall, Erica tries to comfort Kendall but Kendall is too distraught to be comforted. She quickly makes her excuses and flees the room with Zach closely following her. As Dr. Madden begins to leave, Erica stops him and demands answers.

Ryan follows Greenlee home where she immediately begins to pack her belongings. When Ryan asks her how long she intends to stay away, Greenlee makes it clear that she has no plans to ever return to Pine Valley.

Lily leaves the family gathering when the hostility begins to make her uncomfortable. She ends up in the woods by her tree but is not alone. Jonathan too has found his way to the tree in an effort to seek some solitude. Leery of Jonathan, Lily asks him why he's at her tree. He explains that he was hiding from all of the people who are trying to shoot him. Lily admits that she is hiding herself and tells him about what happened at the dinner. They end up talking about how to deal with difficult situations. Encouraged by Lily's understanding, Jonathan asks her if she would be willing to help him reading people. Lily becomes uncomfortable by the suggestion and runs away.

After leaving the Thanksgiving gathering at the Valley Inn, Josh is driving down the road when he spots someone stumbling along the roadside. It's Amanda. Josh pulls over and gets out of the car. Amanda appears disoriented and confused. She accuses Josh of trying to run her over. Josh tries help Amanda but when he mentions the Chandlers she begins to rant and pushes him away, accusing him of being Babe's ally. Not in the mood to deal with Amanda's drama, Josh begins to leave but Amanda stops him. She confesses that she has no idea how she ended up walking on the side of the road and admits that she's afraid there is something seriously wrong with her. Josh offers to take her to the hospital but Amanda wants none of it. When Josh tells her to stop with the theatrics and accept the help she asked for, Amanda silently walks to the passenger side of his car and gets in.

Janet is upset that Amanda isn't spending Thanksgiving with her and Trevor. Later, she breaks a wish bone and is excited that the break of the bone indicates that her wish will come true.

In a nearby restroom, Kendall splashes her face with some cold water. When she is handed a towel, she looks up to find Zach holding it out to her.

Someone slips something into the soup while Winifred is out of the kitchen.

JR plays the video of Di poll dancing in a strip club while everyone gathered at the Chandler mansion watches with varying degrees of shock. All except Di, who seems resigned to this latest revelation of her past. Adam and Palmer take delight in ridiculing Di until Krystal and Tad are forced to force them to relent. JR meanwhile informs Di that he hired a private investigator to dig up more dirt on her. Di quietly tells JR that he's wasting his money because she would be more than happy to tell him anything he would like to know. She invites everyone to take a seat while she tells them how she innocently stumbled onto a career in poll dancing. Initially she thought she was answering an ad for a model but it turned out it was for a dancer. The money was good so she decided to give it a try to discovered she was quite good at it. However, after a couple of years of dancing she quit and ended up with Kevin. The rest is history. Krystal admits to making some questionable career choices herself in an effort to downplay Di's job as a stripper. Di appreciates the effort. Tad, Krystal and Babe each express disapproval over JR's little stunt and quickly leave the room along with the rest of the guests including Di. Babe returns a short while later to find JR in a pensive mood standing on the veranda. She invites him inside hoping to tempt him by telling him that the food was superb including the soup which she had two helpings off. JR declines the offer. Babe keeps him company and then later, brings him out a piece of pie to eat. As she tries to hand him the food, she begins to behave oddly. When JR asks her what is wrong with her, Babe tells him that she's having difficulty breathing.

Inside, Adam stands nearby and listens as Krystal tries to talk to Palmer about an upcoming board meeting. Adam warns Krystal that inviting Palmer to help her is rather like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. Suddenly, Adam begins to act peculiar. Krystal realizes almost immediately that something is seriously wrong with Adam and joins him on the sofa to examine him. Adam complains of difficulty breathing and an inability to move his limbs.

Tad follows Di. When he catches up with her, Di tells him that she feels that she deserved what JR did to her. She admits that it's been difficult for her but that she learned something about herself over the past few weeks. She can't be broken."

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