11/23/2005 Greenlee Makes A Thanksgving Toast

"Babe comes down the Chandler mansion stairs and is happy to see JR drinking club soda. He toasts to sobriety for their son's sake before Tad rings the doorbell and comes inside. Palmer is the next guest to arrive, but Adam slams the door in his face. Krystal tells Adam that she invited Palmer and lets him inside. Babe and JR cuddle with their son, as Palmer and Adam start their normal ruckus, agreeing that Di should have suffered for what she did to the family. Di is ousted by Palmer and Adam when she comes to the home, but JR welcomes her. JR says that he has not forgiven Di, but she is family and deserves another chance. Babe thanks JR for letting her spend Thanksgiving with their son and is happy he is giving Di another shot. Krystal tells Palmer that she would like him to help her manage her Chandler shares, which he is welcome to oblige. Tad goes outside to visit Krystal, who does not answer him about Babe's future plans with JR. She tells him that Babe got JR off the drunken driving charge because Babe wants to put her son first. Tad thinks it sounds crazy, not heart felt. After Babe and JR share another tender moment, Amanda crashes the party. Using a walker and wearing a neck brace, she tells JR and Babe that they forgot to invite her to dinner. She tells him she will sue for hospital costs, pain and suffering and get millions. JR threatens to hire someone to blame Amanda for pushing Babe. Amanda reminds JR that she was friends with him, but he says he only used her. She is shocked that JR sides with Babe, who only is jealous of her relationship with Jamie, Amanda says. Amanda gets weak and falls onto the floor, but JR thinks it is an act. After JR taunts Amanda, she attacks JR, but is pulled off by Amanda. She threatens to destroy everyone in the room, showing her true feelings and verifying her injury was not real. Amanda rushes out as Babe spills the beans about her plans to drug Jamie for marriage. Tad follows her to see how she is, but Amanda does not think he cares, then walks off. Before dinner is served, JR wants to show everyone a home video, just like Dixie used to do. The video begins with Little Adam picking up his toys and jumps to a woman at a strip bar. When the woman turns around, they are shocked to see Di.

Greenlee pays Kendall a visit, along with a hug and "Happy Thanksgiving." Kendall is puzzled by Greenlee's odd behavior and says that she does not feel well enough to go to Thanksgiving dinner. Greenlee urges Kendall to come to the dinner because she has a surprise for her. After doing Kendall's make-up, Kendall encourages her to go find Ryan, but Greenlee cuts her off, proclaiming that Ryan will be at the dinner. Kendall tells her that she and Ryan talked about the baby last night and he seems comfortable with the situation. Kendall opens the gift that Ryan bought her and is surprised to see a silver bracelet with three hearts linked together. The hearts represent Kendall, Greenlee and the baby, Kendall says, before trying to put it on Greenlee. Greenlee gets upset and begins to cry, blaming emotions. She admits feeling "left out" and asks Kendall if there is anything she needs to tell her. Kendall does not answer, but instead, lets Greenlee slip the bracelet on her hand. Simone and Ethan walk into Kendall's and also encourage her to go dinner.

Ryan shows up at the Valley Inn, which shocks Jackson. Ryan informs him that he was invited by Greenlee, then goes on to greet Erica. Zach shows up next and says he too was invited by Greenlee, but does not know why. Ryan tells Jackson they should put their feelings aside for Greenlee's sake and he agrees. Josh and Greg show up at dinner next, but Jackson is not so happy to see Greg. The doctor tells him that Greenlee invited him to dinner too. Greg also reminds him that sometimes people, such as Greenlee, need to have children or else they will go into a dark place. After Greenlee miscarried, she was depressed, but with Kendall's help, she has overcome that obstacle, he says. Greenlee's final guest, David, walks in, looking smug. Erica tells Jackson that she is worried about how dinner will turn out as the rest of the crew walks in. Ryan thanks Greenlee for her invitation, Erica tells her she wished she had known earlier about the other guests and Jackson tells her he is behind Greenlee. Greenlee twinges when she sees Kendall and Ryan hug. David leads her outside and Greenlee asks him to stand behind her because she is about to make the hardest decision of her life. Kendall asks Greenlee why she invited Zach, and Greenlee says it will help with the divorce. Kendall rushes off because she does not feel good. Lily asks Zach why he is divorcing Kendall, why she is having Greenlee's child and when they saw Ryan at the casino, did he know he was a ghost. Zach says he lied about Ryan being a ghost to protect other people's feelings, also the same reason he is divorcing Kendall. Ryan promises Greenlee that he will be the best father possible and will not rush her for a second chance.

Greenlee sets up the seating so Ryan and Zach will be squeezed between Kendall. When dinner begins, Greenlee offers a toast to Kendall for being such a trustful friend. Then she announces that Kendall is not carrying her and Ryan's child - the baby is Ryan and Kendall's."

- Soap Central