11/22/2005 Josh Helps Greenlee Get Kendall's File

"Adam crawled into bed and found Babe sleeping in his room. She screamed, he screamed and J.R. and Krystal came to see what the commotion was about. J.R. explained that Amanda had pushed Babe down the stairs at the hospital. Krystal asked how they knew it was Amanda that pushed her, and Babe said that they had no proof. Adam then accused the Kerry's of plotting the fall so that Babe could also live at the mansion. Adam and JR. went downstairs and Adam asked him what the scheme was. He said that there was no way he gave two hoots about Babe falling down the stairs and the fact that he brought her to Chandler mansion was baffling. Babe and Krystal were downstairs and Adam told them that he had arranged for them to board the Chandler jet in the morning and be whisked away to a tropical Thanksgiving vacation. Babe asked how he fixed it so the baby could go too and he told her that little Adam would stay at home with his father and she said then that is where she would be too. Krystal told him that after he tasted her pumpkin soup, he wouldn't sleep in the guest room any longer. He looked toward the heavens and swore never again to touch moonshine. Babe told Adam that she knew he didn't want her there, but she didn't care what he thought. He told her to read his lips and that she and J.R. would never get back together.

Jack returned home from the courthouse and Erica wanted to make sure that he wasn't the one who took a shot at Jonathan. Jack told Erica that Ryan and Jonathan Lavery in Pine Valley was unacceptable. Lily told Jack that if he had seen Jonathan like she did behind bars he would change his mind. She told them about the ketchup packet Jonathan couldn't open and how he told the guard not to touch her because he remembered she doesn't like to be touched. Erica told her how beautiful it was that she could look past all the bad Jonathan did, but Jack said people could lie with their actions as well as their words. Lily told them that she was 35% sure Jonathan was better. Erica told Jack that she still trusted Ryan, and if he said that Jonathan was better, she believed him. Jack told her that he wouldn't let all the turmoil tear them apart and that tomorrow Thanksgiving will take place. Erica said that for one day their entire family could be together with no catastrophe.

Erin told Jonathan they would have Thanksgiving dinner at the motel. Aidan came to the door and Jonathan asked if he was there to shoot him again. Aidan told them he was there to observe Jonathan for himself. Jonathan was happy to prove that he was now good and no longer a threat. Jonathan told Aidan that it was better now that there were no voices in his head and how glad he was that they were gone. J.R. was at the motel exchanging money with a man for a manilla envelope. Jonathan came out of his room and J.R. told him that getting away with murder was a lot to be thankful for. Jonathan tried to explain that he had a brain tumor and that he deserved a second chance. Jonathan kept insisting he wanted to go back inside. J.R called him a freak and said he should be locked in a cage and then told him never to come around his house, because he shoots first and asks questions never. A very upset Jonathan went back to the room and said that he didn't have to take that kind of garbage from anyone.

Ryan knocked on Kendall's door and gave her a gift. He praised her for her sacrifice and she said it was the right thing to do. Ryan and Kendall talked about how much they loved Greenlee and he told her that she saved Greenlee's life after she lost the baby. Ryan said that he would do anything to make Greenlee love him again. Kendall let it slip that the baby was a boy. She told him that her first and only priority was taking care of the baby. Kendall told Ryan that she wanted them together in the worst way. She wanted to believe that love conquered all and if he and Greenlee could beat the odds, maybe she could too. He told her that even if things didn't work out with he and Greenlee, he would always be there for her. Kendall told Ryan that when the baby was born, she would hand over the baby with no regrets.

Greenlee insisted that Josh tell her the secret Kendall and Dr. Madden were keeping from her. Josh told her he didn't know anything but Greenlee told him that he had been dropping hints and she wanted the truth. Josh and Greenlee went to Dr. Madden's office and he reluctantly agreed to help her. Josh hacked into the clinic's computer for Greenlee and found that none of Greenlee's embryos were in the current inventory. He found that the day of the blackout, Greenlee had a dozen embryos and after the blackout she had none. She told him that she wanted see Kendall's medical files and he said that there was no way he could do that, but he said if she wanted to get him a present his birthday was December 18th, while rubbing the keypad to the files. Josh left and Greenlee used the code to open the file cabinet and took out Kendall's file. She called Ryan and asked if he would be he date for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. He said he would love to. Greenlee left Dr. Madden's office with a determined look."

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