11/29/2005 Erica Questions Kendall's Motives

"Erica demanded to know why Greg had targeted her and her family. He told her that although she would never believe it, certain pockets of the universe did not revolve around her. She again asked what she could have possibly done to him and he told her that he was not petty like that. She told him that she knew he was hiding something and that she would find out what it was.

David told Jack that he should be happy that no Lavery would be born into his family. Jack went on about how hurt and vulnerable Greenlee was and if she was with Ryan he was probably brain washing her. David told Jack to trust Greenlee, she could handle herself. Jack told Dr. Madden that he had mangled Greenlee's life , but Dr. Madden said they he and Kendall had no reason to apologize.

As Greenlee continued packing, Ryan tried to convince her not to leave Pine Valley. Greenlee told him that her husband stabbed her in the heart, her best friend stabbed her in the heart and her heart was now out of business. Ryan told her that she didn't need to run, but Greenlee told him that from the time that she thought he was dead, she had changed. Holding her arm, Ryan begged Greenlee to let him help her. He asked her not to make the same mistakes he did. He said that he knew that they could make it and that he was strong enough for both of them. He professed his love and told her to believe in their love. With tears in his eyes and on his knees, he begged her again to give him another chance. He said he would do anything and she told him to bring back her babies. He told her that he couldn't do that, but he would have his vasectomy reversed and they could get a surrogate to carry the baby. He said he wasn't asking for instant promises and that he couldn't change the pain he caused, but he would go with her wherever she went. She told Ryan that she didn't think it was a good idea, but Ryan continued to tell her that would do whatever it took to make everything right. Just then Kendall came to the door.

Josh took Amanda to the hospital and told Anita that he found her wandering around disoriented. Anita insisted Amanda stay and go through some tests. Meanwhile, back at Chandler Mansion, Palmer made jokes about Adam's attack. Babe told J.R. that she couldn't breathe, but he told her that her tricks weren't going to work. Krystal called J.R. into the house to see what was wrong with Adam and he told them to call 911. Krystal started feeling the effects of the poison when J.R. went back for Babe. At the hospital, Joe asked J.R. and Krystal questions and told them they would run tests. Joe took Krystal by the hand and said she needed to have tests run also. She said she would as soon as she learned of Adam and Babe's condition. Amanda came around the corner and J.R. immediately accused her of poisoning his family. Amanda denied the charges and Josh told him to back off. J.R. asked Amanda if Josh was her latest sucker and told Josh she was expensive and so not worth it. J.R. told Adam and Joe that Amanda poisoned them and he wanted her arrested. Joe told him that they had no proof. David busted into Babe's room and wanted to know what happened. Babe told him that she wanted nothing to do with him. David told her he was not going. Babe told him she was tired of his daddy love and that she was a grown woman and didn't want him messing up her life. David told Babe that she was right and that she was not a child and he should have respected that. Krystal came in and Babe told her she didn't need to call security. David said that he would prove that he would be the father she wanted him to be. He said he would offer nothing but unconditional love with no micro-managing, no guerrilla warfare and no preemptive strikes.

Kendall asked Zach why he was being so nice about the baby plot. Kendall told Zach to giver her his best shot. Erica came in and told Zach to leave. He said that it was up to his wife if he stayed or left. Kendall told him that if she didn't talk to Erica, she would just hound her until she did. Zach left and waited in the bar. Erica told Kendall that she loved her unconditionally. Kendall began crying and said that she really did this for Greenlee. Erica asked if somewhere in her heart, if she needed to keep a spark of Ryan in this world. Kendall told Erica that she had no plans to keep the baby as her own. Again, she told Erica that the baby was for Greenlee. Kendall left and ran right into Jack. Kendall said she had to get out of there and ran out. Erica told Jack that Kendall was devastated and the last thing she needed was to be attacked.

Zach was in the bar with Myrtle and he told her that he was nobody's hero, but Myrtle told him that he was somebody's husband. She told Zach that if he didn't tell Kendall how he felt, he was a fool. With his chin on the bar, Zach mulled over what Myrtle had told him."

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