11/03/2005 Amanda Threatens Babe

"At the jail, JR announces that he will not be pressing charges against Di, much to Palmer's chagrin. Derek states that without Chandler testimony, the Pine Valley PD doesn't have a case. Del assures JR that he has made the right decision, and Tad tries to quiet Palmer, noting that the final decision was JR's alone. JR then advises Di that since she is free, she should get out. Instead, she emerges from the cell and embraces her reluctant nephew. While she hugs him, she promises that she will do all she can to make up for all of the damage she caused. JR shoves her away, amazed that she thinks she has been forgiven. Sputtering, Di denies that as her state of mind, but admits that she thought she had a chance of being in the family again. Palmer, outraged, tries to convince JR to change his mind - but to no avail. JR asks if Tad has anything to add, but Tad says that as the most affected party, JR's is the opinion that matters. After suggesting that Palmer take a lesson from Tad, JR invites Di to go to hell - adding that he won't be the one to put her there. Palmer takes one last shot, saying that JR should make sure Di is locked away so that she can't con another family. Tad supports JR's decision, saying that nothing can undo the damage that Di caused. Derek hands Di a paper so that she can get her things back at the front desk, and leaves. Tad asks JR if his decision signals the end of his love affair with revenge. JR angrily states that his decision means nothing other than Di is free. He insists that a trial would be inconvenient for him, and that's all that matters to him. Tad tries to tell JR that he's proud of him, but this stokes JR's anger even more. He tells Tad that he doesn't care what anyone thinks or feels. He then invites Tad to go after Di again if that's what Tad really wants. Tad ignores the potshots and Palmer announces that JR's decision was made purely out of spite - he did the exact opposite of what he or Adam would have done. He then starts to make a comment about how Dixie would have felt but JR interrupts him saying that his mother is now nothing but dust, and that no amount of talk would change that. Humbled, Palmer tells Di that he isn't finished with her, and leaves. JR turns back to Di, tells her that she is worthless and then follows Palmer's footsteps. Del offers to escort Di out, but she instructs him to go before her, as she thinks that her conversation with Tad might take a while. Del does as instructed, leaving the duo alone. Di tells Tad that he can feel free to take his best shot at her, but he notes that it wouldn't make him feel better. He tells her that she should be grateful that JR set her free, and then get out of town as quickly as possible. He then tells her that while she may have gotten a free pass today, Palmer won't stop until he sees her in jail and JR is unpredictable at best. He may level some punishment when she least expects it. Di wonders if she is supposed to be scared, but Tad just tells her to get gone. Di admits that she thinks she still has a chance with JR because she was the one that came forward. Tad reminds her that she didn't have a choice then, and she doesn't have a chance now. He tells her that everyone in town hates her and wants her gone, and advises her to stop being selfish and just leave.

Jonathan and Erin arrive at the Pine Cone and Jonathan happily embraces his older brother, and attempts to express his extreme joy at being back in town. His emotions overwhelm him and he steps back in an attempt to try to calm down, so that he might be better understood. In the pause, Erin asks if they made the right decision. Ryan assures her that things will all work out somehow. Ryan sits his younger brother down and updates him on what will happen. He tells Jonathan that he will be introduced to his lawyer tomorrow, and Jonathan believes that his lawyer will make everything better so that they can call Pine Valley home. In the interest of finally being honest all of the time, Ryan tells him that after they meet with Livia, they will have to go to the police station. He then states that the police may arrest him. This is cause for alarm for Jonathan because he believes that because he is now good, he shouldn't have to go to jail. Ryan tries to explain that despite that fact, he may still have to pay for the crimes he committed when he was sick. Ryan tells him that after he is arrested, doctors will come to see him, and then they will report back to the lawyers for both sides. Only then will they be able to find out whether Jonathan can go free or not. Further, Jonathan finally finds out that if he does go to jail, it may be for a while. Erin tells Jonathan that if he changes his mind, they still have time to leave town. Jonathan asks if he will avoid jail by doing so, and Erin tells him that he will. He then asks Ryan if Greenlee will run away with them, and Ryan tells him that she wouldn't. Because of that, Jonathan chooses to stay and make everything right. Ryan once again tells Jonathan that once the doctors talk to him, and test him, the hope is that they can make it understood that Jonathan was very sick when he committed the crimes. However, if the judge doesn't see it their way, Jonathan could be found guilty. Jonathan then asks if Greenlee will come over, so that he can apologize. He believes that once he does that, Greenlee will love Ryan again.

At Fusion, Greenlee tells Kendall and Simone that she will not ever tell Ryan about the baby. In turn, they try to make her see that Zach and Ethan, having been there, made some very good points. They both think that Greenlee needs to take what they said to heart and reconsider her position. Greenlee states that her baby won't have the horrible kind of upbringing that Ethan did, and that Zach doesn't know agony like she experienced at Ryan's hands. She believes those two things invalidate the experiences shared when it comes to comparing them to her life, and she confirms that she will not change her mind. Greenlee says that she won't give Ryan the chance to ruin the baby's life. Kendall accuses her of hiding behind the baby, saying that the real reason she won't take Ryan back is because of her pride. Simone chimes in, saying that if it really is a pride issue, Greenlee is making a stupid move. Greenlee admits that she loved Ryan so much that she really felt he was a part of her. When she thought she lost him, the hurt ran deeper than anything she had ever known before. He couldn't just lose that kind of power over her, she says, and now she can't allow him the chance to hurt her that way again. Kendall insists that Ryan wouldn't screw up like that again, but Greenlee notes that there is no way that Kendall can guarantee such a thing. Kendall then demands that Greenlee look her in the eye and say that she isn't in love with Ryan anymore. Greenlee makes a quip about one of their product lines in an attempt to take the heat off of her. Frustrated, Kendall asks if Greenlee feels like the same person that ripped Kendall's dress off during trial. Greenlee doesn't believe so, and Kendall agrees. She uses that example to show Greenlee that Ryan can change. She begs her best friend to go to her husband and see that he really is a changed man.

A short time later, Kendall and Greenlee show up at the Pine Cone. Kendall tries to encourage her, but Greenlee tells her to stop trying to sell the point. They approach the door to Ryan's room and Greenlee lightly knocks. Jonathan peers out the window and excited, he yanks open the door before anyone can stop him. He grabs Greenlee into a bear hug and while she's trying to get out of his grip, Jonathan tells her how happy he is that she showed up. Erin and Ryan manage to get Jonathan to let go, and there is a cacophony of sounds as they try to get everyone to calm down. In his animated state, Jonathan tries to force out an apology to Greenlee, saying that he would never want to hurt her or upset her again, that he's sorry and he just wanted to let her know how happy he was to see her. Greenlee stands back, still wary of the sight before her. After ascertaining that Erin was the person that called and said that Ryan was alive, Kendall urges Greenlee to go somewhere private to talk with Ryan. Ryan tries to assure her that everything will be okay, and Jonathan offers to repeat his apology if she didn't hear him. He brokenly tells her that he would never do anything to hurt her. Greenlee flashes back to the moment where Jonathan, pre-surgery, denied any wrong-doing on his part and told her that it would take a twisted piece of evil to slip her drugs and almost drive her to her death. Greenlee slowly backs away, insisting that she can't handle being in the same room with Jonathan. Kendall flips out at Jonathan and Ryan tries to contain the spitfire. She refuses to be held back, and rages at Ryan for trying to protect his brother. She tells Jonathan that he screwed everything up, and storms out of the room. Jonathan is very agitated over the encounter, upset that things didn't go the way he wanted them to go. Ryan tells him that he will make everything right, and he and Erin walk out the front door to try to see where Greenlee went. They don't have any luck so they go back inside, and are alarmed because they don't see Jonathan. They look around and Ryan discovers that their brother went out the bathroom window.

Zach sits in his office for a moment, amidst the destruction caused by his outburst of rage. He finds the certificate that Kendall signed, as his wife, to get the casinos open again. Moments later, Ethan comes in and Zach wants to know why he was followed from Fusion. Ethan tells him that they have a choice: ignore what Zach said about their relationship, or do something about it. Zach falls into his old habits and makes some sarcastic remarks about how they can fulfill their father-son requirements - like building a tree house where they can go and catch up on each other's lives. Incensed, Ethan gives up and starts to storm out of the office. Before he can exit, Zach stops him. He tells his son that he proved his point - he doesn't know how to be a father. He takes it one step farther and says that even if given the chance to do it over again, he couldn't because he just doesn't know how. Ethan asks what he should say to that revelation, and Zach tells him that if he has any insights that could help him bridge the gap, now would be a good time to share them. Zach also admits that every time he tries to love someone, he screws it up. They talk for a while, and Zach sums up by saying that he hurts people - even those he cares about. Ethan notes that it must be hard to live like that but Zach tells him that he can't change it. Ethan tells him that no one asked him to, and starts to leave. Zach calls him back one more time and tells him that he regrets what he hasn't been and everything he's done wrong. With a load of things to think about, Ethan simply nods and takes his leave.

Amanda finds Babe upstairs at the Roadside Bar where the renovation is taking place and declares war - saying that Babe can't just waltz in and destroy her life every time she gets bored. She picks up a saw and aims it at Babe in a threatening manner. Instead of being scared, this enrages Babe and she picks up a hammer, telling Amanda to bring it on. Amanda threatens to use her weapon but Babe is unmoved by her words. Amanda verbally lashes out, demanding to know why Babe couldn't just leave them alone. She reminds Babe that she threw Jamie away - but Babe interjects that it was for his own good. Amanda declares that she is what is good for Jamie, and that Babe should have stayed away. Babe is only mildly surprised that Amanda blames her for the problems with Jamie. Babe reminds her that she went out and bought a wedding dress and rings, and planned to drug Jamie so that he would marry her. The fault, Babe says, lies squarely on Amanda's shoulders. She then tells Amanda that she is crazy, nay insane, for not accepting the blame where it's due, and this pushes all of Amanda's buttons. Amanda dares her to say it again, and Babe has no problem fulfilling her request. Amanda insists that she isn't crazy, but rather in control at all times. Babe thinks that her line is hysterical, considering what Amanda is willing to do to make sure people follow the script she wrote for her life. Amanda swears she has no idea how Jamie could have ever fallen for her, since she is so vicious and cruel. Wanting to push her some more, Babe tells her that Jamie loved her because she wasn't psycho. Amanda thinks that Babe believes her an easy target because of her mother. She then tells Babe that her mother tortured and murdered people, and that she plans on showing Babe just how much she can be like her mother.

The fight quickly moves downstairs, catching everyone's attention when a chair flies out of the stairwell. JR comes in just in time to see flying peanuts and the ladies fall behind the bar. After a few moments, JR breaks it up. Amanda demands that he get out of the way, but JR tells her that as bar manager, Babe is the one that can give him the drink he wants. In addition, JR can see that Amanda is bad for business. He tells her to get out, and that he would be willing to throw her out. Amanda declares that the fight is far from over, and storms out. Babe notes that she could have won the fight if Amanda fought fairly. She goes behind the bar and pours JR his drink. He invites her to pull up a chair and have a drink with him. She turns him down, but he asks her to reconsider by stating that he has some big news to celebrate. He tells her that he decided not to ruin his life, and to let go of things more easily. He informs her that the whole Di Henry fiasco is in the past and that he wants to look forward to a future with his son. He also says that he thought about what she said, noting that he hadn't really thought it through earlier. He believes that Little Adam needs a female influence in his life, and knows that he will need another nanny. JR starts to say that he considered Babe for the job, but before he could finish his sentence, Babe tells him that she would gladly accept - that she would leave the keys to the bar with a note, and that he wouldn't have to pay her. She hugs him, telling him that he just gave her the best news that she had heard in a long time. While in her embrace, JR tells her that there is just one detail: he really needs the nanny to be bilingual at the least. He drops the bombshell that he needs an ocean between him and Di. As a shocked Babe just stares, JR tells her that he and little A will be leaving for Europe in about three hours, and that they wouldn't be back for a very long time.

In the park, Jamie shoots hoops in near darkness. A shot he makes sends the ball wild, but Aidan appears and catches it. He challenges Jamie to a one on one, and they play for a moment, with the proviso that Aidan can keep up. Jamie is in a brutal mood, and seems intent on playing the game by a different set of rules. Aidan reads him easily, and asks if Amanda did him wrong. Jamie informs him that while he is angry with Amanda, love was never part of the deal. Aidan admits that Jamie did well by choosing that route, and further admits that he too almost got caught in Amanda's web. Aidan asks for some scant details, and Jamie fills him in, summing up that he is glad to be alive. Aidan asks if Amanda got vicious, and Jamie corrects him by saying she was psychotic. They take a break and Jamie tells a story which illustrates how close he came to being decimated. Having survived his first real relationship and rebound affair, Jamie believes that there is nowhere for him to go but up. Aidan is happy for him, but wants all the dirt on what dating Amanda was like. Jamie asks why Aidan didn't warn him off of Amanda but Aidan tells him that there are some mistakes you have to make yourself.

Tad returns home and enters his darkened bedroom. When he flips on the lights, he sees Di sitting in a chair in the corner. Tad tells her that breaking and entering right after she gets out of jail isn't the smartest move. She tells him that she has a proposition for him, and grudgingly, he listens. She tells him that she is willing to make his wish of a Di-free existence reality, and he asks how much it will cost. She tells him that if he makes love to her tonight, she will be gone in the morning.

Ethan returns to the Fusion offices and lays an intense kiss on Simone. She asks what she did to deserve that, and he tells her it was for being the smartest woman he has ever known, and for giving him great advice. He tells her that he is done with all the uncertainties he's been holding on to. He has cut his father loose for good, and is now only going to look forward. Back in his casino office, Zach sits alone, pondering all that went on that night."

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