11/04/2005 Kendall & Greenlee Stop At A Bar

"Livid with Babe's interference in her plans to marry Jamie, Amanda plots revenge.

Tad makes it clear to Di that he has no intention of making love to her by telling her that he isn't into hate sex. Di isn't convinced of Tad's animosity. She challenges Tad to prove that he hates her. Tad declines, telling her that he doesn't have to prove anything to her. He orders Di to leave him home but she refuses. Tad decides to physically remove her from his home but when he puts his hands on Di, rather than push her out the door, he kisses her. Before things can go further than kissing, Tad pulls away. He once again insists on Di leaving but she continues to ignore his request. Di is certain that Tad is lying to himself about his feelings for her, in part to punish himself for feeling something for someone other than Dixie, and tries to convince Tad. Tad doesn't change his mind. He feels nothing but disdain toward Di and insists that she leave his home if not Pine Valley all together. Di decides to leave his home but she vows to remain in Pine Valley and be in Tad's face as much as possible until he realizes that he's in love with her.

At the bar, Babe is alone with JR who is drinking heavily after dropping the bombshell that he intends to leave the country with their son, little Adam. Babe reminds JR of her weekly visitation rights and warns him that if he doesn't honor them, which she feels he can't if he's living in another country, then she will be forced to take him to court. JR laughs at her threat. He smugly tells her that he had her visitation rights rescinded with a bribe to the judge. Babe is shocked. She tries everything she can to get JR to change his mind but JR ignores her. Eventually, JR decides to leave the bar. Worried about his inebriated state, Babe follows him out the door, insisting that he not drive. JR ignores her and gets behind the wheel of his car. Babe jumps into the car in the hopes of getting JR to relinquish his keys to her. Instead, JR starts the car and takes off. Worried about his reckless driving, Babe does her best to convince JR to pull over to the side of the road so that she can take over driving. JR refuses to comply and accelerates the car. Suddenly Babe cries out as JR hits something. Once the car is stopped, JR drunkenly shrugs off the incident, certain he only hit a speed bump or a small animal. Babe isn't so certain and decides to get out of the car to take a look. She is horrified to discover Amanda, bloody and unconscious.

Jonathan takes Erin's rental car to follow Greenlee. Upset and worried, Erin decides to call the police but Ryan stops her. He reminds her that until they can straighten out Jonathan's legal problems, the police will consider him a murderer. Ryan assures Erin that he will find Jonathan and bring him back. Erin remains behind at the Pine Cone, anxiously awaiting the return of her brothers while Ryan goes to Greenlee's apartment. He finds it empty. Just as Ryan is calling Greenlee on her cell phone, Jackson walks in and demands to know what Ryan is doing there. Ryan explains that he merely came over to check on Greenlee to ensure that she was ok. Jackson threatens Ryan with a restraining order if he doesn't stop harassing Greenlee. Ryan shocks Jackson with the news that Greenlee had been by the Pine Cone earlier to see him. They exchange some harsh words and disgusted with Ryan's attitude, Jackson takes a swing at Ryan. Ryan is knocked to the ground and rendered unconscious. Having no concern for Ryan, Jackson calls Greenlee's cell phone and leaves her a message to stop by his place before going home. Without a backward glance, Jackson leaves Greenlee's apartment.

As time passes, Erin becomes anxious especially after she is unable to reach Ryan on his cell phone. When Livia Frye shows up unexpectedly to talk to Jonathan about his legal situation, Erin is forced to lie. She tells Livia that Jonathan is asleep in the other room. Livia insists on talking to Jonathan, forcing Erin to continue with her lies. She tells Livia that due to Jonathan's recent surgery, he desperately needs his rest and if he doesn't get it he can have difficulty communicating. Livia is somewhat suspicious but doesn't pursue her concerns. She leaves but not without first reminding Erin that it's imperative that she speaks with Jonathan before they go to the authorities. After Livia departs, Erin decides that she needs help finding Jonathan and grabs the yellow pages to place a call to a private detective. Aidan shows up a short time later.

In the car with Greenlee, Kendall does her best to get Greenlee to slow down as they drive away from the Pine Cone. Greenlee is too angry to consider it even when Kendall reminds her that she is pregnant. As Kendall tries to talk Greenlee down, she makes the mistake of letting it slip that she knew about Jonathan and had advised Ryan to keep the truth from Greenlee. Greenlee is furious. She feels completely betrayed by Kendall and pulls the car to the side of the road. Kendall explains that the only reason she advised didn't tell Greenlee about Jonathan is because she wanted to give Greenlee and Ryan time to reconcile. Kendall goes on to point out that even though Kendall had advised Ryan against telling Greenlee about Jonathan, he refused to keep any more secrets from her. When Greenlee's cell phone rings, she notes that it is Ryan on the other end. Greenlee refuses to answer the call. When Kendall gently suggests that maybe Greenlee should give Jonathan a chance, Greenlee is outraged. She has absolutely no intention of giving Jonathan any more chances after the numerous times that he tried to kill her. Kendall points out that Ryan has completely changed, in part because of Jonathan but Greenlee doesn't believe it. She is certain that once Ryan learns of the baby, his anger issues will resurface. Kendall doesn't agree but is unable to convince Greenlee to see things her way. The ladies end up at the bar. They are somewhat surprised to find the door open but the place empty. Deciding to talk things through until Greenlee is calmed down, Kendall offers to fix Greenlee a cosmopolitan. As they talk, upstairs someone turns on an electric heater and tips it over onto the sawdust littering the floor of the attic. Downstairs, Greenlee sips her drink as she and Kendall continue to go back and forth about Ryan and the baby. Greenlee becomes quite agitated and storms upstairs to get away from Kendall. Kendall threatens to leave without Greenlee and picks up the car keys. Before she can walk out the door, Kendall hears Greenlee cry out. Worried, Kendall races upstairs to the attic in time to see Greenlee trying to put out the quickly spreading fire."

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