10/31/2005 Josh Kisses Babe

"Amanda proceeds with her plans to trick Jamie into marrying her. She is waiting for Jamie, sans clothing, when he comes home. Jamie does his best to ignore her nudity. He tells Amanda that he needs to study for his classes and intends to cancel their vacation. Amanda tries to talk him into reconsidering but Jamie is adamant that his studies need to come first. He asks her to get dressed so that he can concentrate on his books instead of her. Amanda decides to don his lab coat and play doctor, effectively distracting Jamie from his studies. After they make love, Jamie spots something half hidden under the couch. He asks Amanda about it and she nervously tries to divert his attention away. Her efforts have the opposite effect. Jamie's interest is piqued and he continues to question her about the items. Before Jamie can reach for them, Amanda quickly lies and tells him that the washing machine was broken so she brought her dirty laundry over to his place to wash. Jamie believes her and decides to return to his studies. Amanda offers to pack for their vacation and after a bit of cajoling, she is finally able to convince Jamie to reluctantly agree to taking the trip she has planned.

At the bar, Babe tells Josh about Amanda's wedding plans and her concerns over the exchange she witnessed between Amanda and someone she felt found of questionable character. Josh advises Babe to stay out of Jamie's business, reminding her that he's a big boy and able to take care of himself. Josh goes on to suggest that instead of worrying about Jamie, Babe should be concentrating on herself. He decides to take her upstairs to the attic which is being renovated. He gives her a pep talk about going back to the person she was before her relationship with Jamie ended. Josh offers to help Babe live her life again. One thing leads to another and Josh leans down to kiss Babe. Initially, Babe responds but then pulls away. She tells Josh that she's not ready to be more than friends with him. Josh is understanding and offers Babe friendship until she is ready for more. He also tells her that he will wait for her.

Greenlee is stunned when Jonathan calls her. Standing next to Greenlee, Ryan senses Greenlee's upset and takes the phone from her. As Greenlee listens to Ryan speak to Jonathan, she realizes that Ryan knew Jonathan was alive all along. After Ryan ends the call, he tries to explain that he was just about to tell her about Jonathan, but Greenlee is still having difficulty grappling with the idea that Jonathan is still alive. When Greenlee jumps to the false conclusion that Ryan saved Jonathan from the cave and lied and then faked his death in order to protect his brother, Ryan is forced to tell her what happened. Greenlee listens as Ryan tells her about Jonathan's the anti-psychotic medication he was wrongly prescribed and the brain tumor but it has little impact on her. She doesn't feel any of that makes the murder of three people ok. She is shocked when Ryan tells her about his plans to bring Jonathan back to Pine Valley and asks Ryan if he's out of his mind. Ryan tries to explain that he is only trying to give Jonathan the second chance that Jonathan gave to him. They are interrupted by Jackson's arrival. Ryan is surprised when he learns that Jack has divorce papers with him. Ryan tells Greenlee that he loves her and will accept whatever decision she makes and seems somewhat shocked when Greenlee asks Jack for a pen so that she can sign the divorce papers. Ryan once again tells Greenlee that he loves her and quietly leaves. Jack consoles Greenlee, assuring her that she made the right choice.

After Julia kisses Zach, she propositions him. He gently turns her down but Julia doesn't accept it. She pushes him until Zach is forced to tell her in no uncertain terms that he does not want her. Zach then suggests to Julia that deep down, she doesn't really want to be intimate with him either. He suggests that she's been through too much and isn't ready for what she is asking for. Julia disagrees. She tells him that she wants to live and feel again. Zach poses a question. Would she really feel any differently if he made love to her all night long? Julia thinks about it and admits that she probably wouldn't. Unfortunately, Julia then makes the mistake of switching the topic of conversation to Kendall and referring to her as a skank. Zach doesn't appreciate it and lets her know. He suggests to her that she leave. When Julia alludes to returning to the casino in order to gamble some more, Zach makes it clear to her that she is not welcomed at his tables. Julia realizes that his animosity stems from her comments about Kendall. She finds it rather laughable that Zach obviously has feelings for his wife.

Upset after seeing Zach and Julia kissing, Kendall goes to see JR. Half dressed and drinking heavily, JR is surprised to see Kendall walk into his bedroom. She tells him that she knows it's late but she needed someone. She asks JR if he would be that person. Sensing Kendall's upset, JR goes to her and they embrace. Kendall tells JR about what she walked in on when she went to Zach's office. JR surprises Kendall when he suddenly tells her it's his fault. JR explains his comment by telling Kendall that he didn't save Kendall from falling in love with Zach. Kendall is momentarily surprised but doesn't deny that she's in love with Zach. Instead, Kendall is disgusted with herself for allowing herself to fall for her husband. JR suggests that it's not too late to fix things and passionately kisses Kendall. Kendall initially responds but then pulls away. As she is explaining why being intimate with JR would be wrong, she lets it slip about being pregnant. JR is shocked and demands some answers from Kendall. Kendall confides all the details of her pregnancy to him including that Ryan doesn't yet know she's pregnant with he and Greenlee's child. JR tells Kendall that as much as she is a part of the baby, it's not her decision to tell Ryan that he's going to be a father. It's Greenlee's choice to make on whether or not Ryan finds out. JR then offers to be someone whom Kendall can turn to in whatever capacity that she may need him. As they continue to talk about all of the problems that Kendall is facing, she is suddenly stuck by inspiration. Cryptically, she tells JR that she now knows how she can save herself from Zach."

- Soap Central