10/26/2005 Zach Interrupts Kendall & Ryan

"JR seeks physical comfort from Babe but Babe pushes JR away from her after a few kisses, not quite trusting his sincerity and feeling that sleeping with him would do more damage than good. Frustrated, JR asks Babe what it will take her to convince her that he just needs her to be with him. He drops to his knees and wraps his arms about Babe then begs her to save him. Babe is almost convinced that JR is truly in pain and needs someone to show him tenderness but then JR suddenly drops his act and once again begins flinging insults at Babe. They are interrupted when Winifred brings little Adam in. Babe is quick to keep JR from taking their son from Winifred's arms. She tells JR that he reeks of alcohol and is in no condition to be spending time with little Adam. JR concedes her point, and orders Winifred to take Little Adam to the nursery where he will soon join them to read his son a story. While JR is brushing his teeth, Krystal walks into the bedroom. Babe admits that she's worried. She feels that Di's revelation undid all of the strides that JR has made in recent months and that she's further away than ever from her goal to be closer to her son. Krystal assures Babe that she will keep a close eye on both JR and little Adam. After Babe leaves, JR returns to his room only to find Krystal waiting for him. Krystal does her best to try to get through to JR but JR has no interest in Krystal's advice. He offers to consider it only if she is willing to sign over her share of Chandler Enterprises. JR leaves to pay Jamie a visit.

Amanda drops by Jamie's place with some food and an offer of friendship. Jamie is reluctant to accept either, but Amanda is persistent. Eventually, Jamie admits that he's pretty torn up about the revelation that Di is not Dixie. Amanda is understanding, offering him sympathy for what he's going through. They sit down to enjoy the meal that Amanda brought over and as they talk they decide to go on a short vacation. After Amanda leaves, she calls Janet. As she's telling Janet that she and Jamie decided to elope, Babe walks by and overhears Amanda's announcement.

Josh wants answers from his father. In an effort to gain his father's trust, Josh offers to help him head off Erica. Greg is immediately suspicious, reminding Josh that in the past whenever Josh had an opportunity he always sided with Erica. Josh explains his actions by claiming that he has his own personal reasons for always championing Erica but that he thinks Erica is a selfish person who is a crowd pleaser and he is nothing more than part of the crowd. Greg tries to probe into what Josh's reason for being duplicitous could be but Josh remains secretive, offering only to confide in his father if Greg will do the same. Greg declines the offer.

Erica is not pleased with Greenlee's decision to keep Ryan in the dark about the pregnancy. She tries to convince Greenlee that she's making a huge mistake but Greenlee remains stubborn. Erica feels that Greenlee is going to end up regretting her decision but promises to keep the secret provided that Greenlee agrees to tone down some of the anger that she's feeling toward Ryan. After Greenlee leaves, Josh enters Erica's office. They talk about Ryan and specifically how it will affect Kendall. Erica is frustrated that she's being forced to do nothing when every instinct in her is telling her to do otherwise. Josh offers to help by becoming Kendall's new best friend in an effort to help steer Kendall in the direction that Erica would like her to take. Erica is flattered by the offer. She tells Josh that she has one more thing in mind that she'd like to try but if that doesn't work out then she just may take him up on his offer.

Kendall talks to Ryan about Greenlee while Zach listens in thanks to Anita who permitted him to use the intercom. Worried that Kendall is preparing to tell Ryan about her pregnancy, Zach enlists a somewhat reluctant Anita into helping him. Just as Kendall is telling Ryan about how deeply Greenlee suffered after the loss of their child, Zach and Anita interrupt. Anita insists on checking Ryan while Zach pulls Kendall out of the room. She is furious with him especially after she realizes that he must have been listening in on their conversation and realizes that she was about to tell Ryan about the baby. Kendall makes it clear to Zach that what she tells Ryan does not concern Zach. He in turn points out that Greenlee is the mother of the child that Kendall is carrying and Ryan is the father while Kendall is merely the incubator. Kendall has no right to tell Ryan about the baby, only Greenlee does. After Anita leaves Ryan's room, Kendall returns to talk to Ryan. She doesn't tell him about the baby. Instead, Ryan shocks Kendall with the news that Jonathan is alive and had been suffering from a brain tumor. Kendall insists that Ryan cannot tell Greenlee about Jonathan, fearing that Greenlee is in no state to handle such news. Kendall goes on to ask Ryan how he can be sure Jonathan isn't the monster that they all believe him to be and asks how he can be certain that Jonathan's tumor didn't develop after he tried to kill all of them. Ryan offers to give Kendall the names of the doctors but she isn't interested in speaking to Jonathan's doctors. Kendall begs Ryan not to say anything to Greenlee but Ryan refuses to make promises. He tells her that not saying anything is a lie by omission and he had vowed never to lie to Greenlee again. As Kendall is begging Ryan not to hurt Greenlee further, Greenlee walks into the hospital room.

After leaving Erica's Greenlee returns home and starts thinking about the last time Ryan made love to her. She is interrupted when Zach knocks on her front door. Greenlee tries to toss him out but Zach has no intention of leaving until he's had his say. He reminds Greenlee of all the months she kept trying to insist that Ryan was everything in the world to her and she had deep faith in him. Greenlee dismisses Zach's claims by telling him that all of that died when Ryan betrayed her. Zach refuses to stand by and watch Kendall be put in the middle of something of Greenlee's making. He tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself and see what she's doing to her best friend. After Zach leaves, Greenlee goes to the hospital to see Ryan."

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