10/25/2005 Zach Visits Ryan In The Hospital

"At the Chandler mansion, Babe told her mama that J.R. was the meanest drunk she'd ever seen, and she feared it was only going to get worse. Upstairs, Adam told a drunken J.R. to pull himself together, and threw a drink in his son's face to make a point. The two argued, Adam insisting J.R. should call the police and have Di Kirby thrown back in prison, and J.R. threatening to take his son and leave his father's house. Hearing the angry voices, Babe felt, for the welfare of her child, that she had to at least try to help J.R. As she tried to offer sympathy and comfort, Krystal was downstairs trying to serve a home-cooked Southern-style breakfast to her hubby, who wondered if she was trying to kill him, death by lard? He choked on his food when Krystal told him that Lucretia had mentioned a former Mrs. Chandler, Gloria, who had tried to poison him; she lamented that Gloria hadn't succeeded. When Babe said she wanted to help J.R. in whatever way she could, he kissed her.

After falling asleep on Kendall's couch, Greenlee got a call from Anita that her husband had been admitted to the hospital. Greenlee's first response was to say she was on her way, prompting Kendall to comment that she was still in love with Ryan, and she thought he deserved to know about the baby. Greenlee asked, "Ryan comes back into town and it's you against me again? Is that where we are?" She reminded her friend she had sworn she would never tell Ryan about the baby, and decided against going to the hospital.

Despite Erica's insistence that Ryan and Greenlee needed time to be alone, Jack worried about his daughter's safety and broke down the door of their penthouse. He and Erica found the penthouse empty, but Jack read the note Ryan had left for Greenlee, saying there was one more thing he had to tell her. As Erica tried to reason with Jack, saying all of their lives were so intertwined, Greenlee came in and told her not to say another word. She told them about Ryan hiding in Erin's cabin when she was in Nova Scotia, and Jack was relieved to hear Greenlee say she and Ryan didn't have a future together. After Jack left, presumably to get someone to fix the door, Erica lashed out at Greenlee for her selfishness. Greenlee tried to convince her that Ryan should never know about the baby, and asked her to swear he would never learn that Kendall was carrying their child.

Ryan woke up in the hospital to Zach's question, "I wonder what it would take to make you dead for real." Slater asked if he had come back to hurt Greenlee even more, and Ryan realized Kendall had learned of Zach's involvement. Zach said he got him out of town once, "This time I make sure you stay gone." As Zach was warning Ryan against hurting Kendall, she came into the hospital room. Zach left, but listened to their conversation on a hospital monitor. Kendall recalled Ryan telling her he would throw himself off a cliff before he hurt Greenlee, and he admitted that was what he had done. Kendall urged him to fight for his marriage, while Zach tensed up when he heard Ryan ask her to tell him about the baby. Kendall wondered if Ryan would have come back and wanted a future with his wife if there was still a baby to consider. Ryan said yes, he still would have come back, and Kendall asked how he would feel if the impossible happened, and there was a baby? Ryan asked her, if there was something he should know about Greenlee, to please tell him."

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