09/26/2005 Garret Threatens To Expose Di

"Erica visits Dr. Madden at the clinic. She thanks him for the flowers that he sent to her for the kick off of her new show and then apologizes to him for the way she treated him when she saw him at Greenlee's with a syringe and thought the worst. As they talk, Erica questions him about Greenlee's chances of having Ryan's child. Dr. Madden evades the question by talking about Josh and how he was a miracle child for him and his wife. The conversation drifts to the problems that Dr. Madden has had with his son lately which prompts Erica to offer to speak to Josh on his father's behalf. Dr. Madden gratefully accepts the offer and promises to return the favor should Erica ever need anything from him. Just then Erica sees a wallet in the examination room. She immediately recognizes it as belonging to Kendall. She asks Dr. Madden what it is doing there. Dr. Madden is momentarily surprised but then quickly covers up the truth by telling Erica that Greenlee had been there for a treatment and Kendall had accompanied her for moral support. Erica seems satisfied with the answer and leaves shortly afterwards.

Alone, Dr. Madden flashes back to the past and his wife. Distraught over their inability to have a child, she throws herself on the bed. In an effort to comfort her, Dr. Madden promises her that he will do all in his power to give her the child that she longs for.

Greenlee isn't happy to learn that Kendall went ahead with the procedure to have Greenlee's fertilized eggs implanted earlier that evening. She admits that she's somewhat jealous of Kendall, explaining that she doesn't feel like she's a part of the process to bring her baby into the world. Kendall is understanding and points out to Greenlee all of the way that she will be a part of the process including cutting the umbilical cord. Kendall then apologizes for not calling Greenlee, explaining that she simply took advantage of a stress free moment. Realizing that Kendall could now very likely be pregnant, Greenlee begins to bubble with happiness at the prospect. She quickly orders Kendall to sit down and starts fussing over her. When Kendall tells her that they implanted four fertilized eggs, Greenlee is excited. She tucks a blanket around Kendall and offers to get her something to eat, reminding her that she is eating for five. Unbeknownst to them, Erica walks in and overhears Greenlee's comment. She questions them about it. Kendall and Greenlee quickly come up with a lie about hosting a dinner party for five and Kendall needing to taste the menu that Greenlee is planning. Erica hands Kendall her wallet and quickly leaves. While Greenlee and Kendall assure each other that Erica has no idea about the possible pregnancy, Erica is standing outside, clearly shaken.

Josh tries to help Dani by investigating Garret's past. Unfortunately, he doesn't turn up anything that would expose him and support Dani's claims that Garret has been making sexual advances toward her. Josh shocks Dani by admitting that he is responsible for putting Dani in Garret's path. He goes on to explain that had it not been for their interlude, Dani would not have been upset and in a position for Garret to take advantage of her. Dani explains that she does not, in any way, blame Josh for Garret's interest in her.

In jail, Julia refuses to answer Derek's questions. After he leaves, Tad tries to talk to Julia but she tunes him out and remains uncooperative. Tad talks to Derek about getting Julia released but he explains that she will have to remain in custody for her own safety.

When Di sees Garret at the police station she realizes that he's there because Julia has been taken into custody. She makes another attempt to convince Garret to leave Julia alone, assuring him that she does not pose a threat to him. When Garret seems unmoved by her pleas, Di makes the mistake of alluding to exposing the truth about him. Garret is quick to threaten her with the truth as well. He reminds her that she too is a fraud who has everything to loose if the truth about her came out. Di is shaken by the threat. Just then Tad walks up. After Garret steps away, Tad once again pleads with Di to reveal the name of the Dragon. Di remains stubbornly silent until Julia, who is being escorted by two federal agents, is brought through the station as they prepare to leave town with her. Tad pressures Di to the point where she tearfully agrees to tell him the truth. Unfortunately she spots Garret as he walks by. Clearly intimidated, she decides to lie to Tad. She tells him that she went to talk to Kevin going to see the Dragon and talking to him. Tad asks her if the conversation took place in hell because Kevin is dead. Shocked by the revelation, Di realizes that Garret has no intention of keeping his word about not killing Julia.

Derek goes to see Dani. Before he can say much, Dani tells him that if he's there because he doesn't believe her accusations about Garret then he can just turn around and leave. Derek reassures her that he believes every word that she said. He vows to Dani that he will make Garret pay for everything that he ever did to Dani and then apologizes to her for not being there to protect her from Garret. Dani is deeply relieved that her father believes her. Derek thanks Josh for supporting Dani and for punching Garret.

Mimi tells Garret that they have to postpone their honeymoon until her case is resolved. Garret is understanding and tells her that he has some business in NY that he needs to attend to.

On the way out of town, the car in which Julia and the feds are driving, experiences trouble and breaks down. They pull over to the side of the road and call for help. Julia, meanwhile, begins having difficulty breathing. Hoping to help her, the agent opens to door for Julia so that she can step out and get a breath of fresh air. The moment Julia is out of the car, she knocks the agent out and grabs his gun. Once she is well away from the car and the agents, Julia checks loads her gun and tucks it away then starts hitchhiking. A car finally pulls over and Julia jumps in. The driver is Garret."

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