09/23/2005 Zach Makes A Promise To Greenlee

"Di tells Derek and Mimi to let Julia go, but they hold her back in handcuffs as she tries to get away from them. Tad comes in and agrees with Di that the cops should be looking for the bad guys, not keeping Julia on lockdown. Di and Tad tell them that Julia has not broken any laws, but Mimi claims that Julia is part of their special investigation and she needs to be protected. When Tad asks them where they are taking Julia, Mimi will not say. Julia begs not to go back into the Witness Protection Program, so Tad offers an idea to Mimi, but suggests that he talk to Julia alone with Di. Derek thinks that Tad is going to sneak Julia out of town, but Tad disagrees. Derek and Mimi give them 15 minutes alone and Julia starts accusing Di of turning her in. Julia blabs that Del found her and Di realizes that her brother is the one who turned Julia in, not her. Julia claims that she does not care who it was that turned her in, but Tad interjects and asks about Di's mysterious disappearance. Di says that there is a chance she got Julia her life back, which makes Tad realize that she know who and where the dragon is. Tad and Julia ask for the man's name, but does not answer them directly. Julia tells Di how Del found her, angering Di and she rushes out to found him. Tad tells Julia not to give up hope because of Del's stupidity and that she can still trust him and Di. Mimi and Derek come back inside as Di scolds Del for turning Julia in. Di tells him that he had no reason for interfere in her decisions, but Del claims that Julia is a threat to Di. Di thinks Del is more concerned about himself, but Del wants to be Di's protector instead, or so he says. Di tells Del that she could not live with herself if she let Julia die. Di goes back to see Tad and Julia, but finds Derek and Mimi taking Julia away, still in handcuffs. Di is surprised when Tad leaves without asking for the dragon's name, but he says there is no point in asking when he knows she won't tell him.

Garret tells the person on the other end of the telephone to "make it happen" with Julia. When he hangs up, he gives a warm smile to "his girl" Danielle and seems to be disappointed that she missed his wedding to Mimi. Garret hands Danielle a drink of wine, but instead, she takes the male figurine off the wedding cake and crushes it with her high-heeled shoes. Garret picks up the pieces of the figurine as Danielle vows to make her mother see what scum he really is. Garret claims that her mother will never chose Danielle over him because of their love for each other. When Danielle asks him why he tried to get in her bed and ruin her and her mother's life, Garret starts to compliment her beauty and smarts. He says that Danielle will see past her anger towards him and understand everything that he can offer her the power of getting everything that she wants. He even says that he can fix Danielle's relationship with her mother. Danielle says that she does not want anything Garret has to offer and always knew something was off with Garret. From the moment he decided to keep her secret about Josh to walking in on her after she took a shower, she knew his nasty behavior was not acceptable and that she was not as crazy as he made her think she was. Danielle says that thanks to Garret, she has learned to trust her heart and instincts. She tells him that she is going to bring him down, no matter what.

Zach continues his search for Di's letter and gets some of his men to look for it. He gets a surprise visit from Greenlee when he starts to walk into his front door. They go into Kendall's home, where Greenlee starts to scold Zach for being Julia's protector and putting his life on the line. She asks him why he has had a sudden change of heart about Kendall carrying Ryan's child for Greenlee. Zach says that he has finally seen how much Kendall cares about Greenlee. Greenlee does not believe Zach and dares him to divorce Kendall if he is telling the truth. Zach responds that Kendall makes marriage decisions, not him. Greenlee warns Zach not to upset Kendall because once she is pregnant, she does not need to be under stress or Zach's scrutiny. When Zach claims that Kendall does not care what he does, Greenlee informs him that Kendall cares about him a lot. Zach promises to support Kendall and Greenlee through the pregnancy before leaving.

Kendall goes to the fertility clinic after-hours to make sure that Greenlee's eggs are still alive. They go into an exam room, where Dr. Madden tells her that because of the power loss, he is still accessing the situation. Madden tells her that if Greenlee's eggs are not usable now because of the power loss, it will just delay the procedure for another month. Kendall says that another month is not acceptable and it will only torture her friend more. Madden tells Kendall he will call her when he knows the results, but Kendall plants herself on the exam table and claims that she wants to move her 8 a.m. impregnating appointment to tomorrow to now. Dr. Madden asks why the rush and Kendall says that she wants the procedure done as soon as possible to ensure that Greenlee will get a baby. Outside of the exam room, Mable asks Dr. Madden why he is helping Greenlee, considering that he knows Erica is Kendall's mother and it may bring up old issues in the past. Dr. Madden tells her that he aware of the circumstances, but has no regrets for getting involved in Greenlee's case. After Dr. Madden performs the procedure, he tells Kendall to get some rest and that he will check on her in a few minutes. She thanks him for everything that he has done for her and Greenlee. Kendall puts her hands over her stomach and says, "I did it."

Jonathan wakes up at the hospital with Ryan and Erin by his bedside. He calls out Erin's name and says that the pain in his head is gone. Jonathan starts trying to talk, mumbling that the "sick is all gone," but Ryan and Erin encourage him to get some rest. Jonathan starts recalling a baseball game that Ryan was in and just spits out random words. A nurse come in to take Jonathan's temperature, so Erin and Ryan go outside, where they run into the doctor. Ryan tells him about the jumbled words and scattered memories, but the doctor tells that him Jonathan's behavior is normal. Jonathan's memories and stored information is coming back, kind of like a computer rebooting, the doctor says. The doctor tells Ryan and Erin that although the tumor has been removed from Jonathan's brain, he is not 100 percent sure if Jonathan will be back to his old self - only time will tell that. The nurse comes out of the room and Erin and Ryan rush back to Jonathan's side. Jonathan and Erin tell their brother that he was never bad and the illegal things that he did was not because he was a Lavery. Jonathan tells them that he has hurt so many people, but he is so happy that he is not bad anymore. Suddenly, Jonathan tells Ryan that he has a message for Greenlee, but before he can get it out, he starts having a seizure. The doctor tells them that the cause of the seizure is unknown and they won't be able to know anything until he wakes up and tests are run."

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