09/27/2005 Krystal Returns With News

"Adam returned home and J.R. asked for the details of his trip. Babe and Krystal also arrived at the mansion and Krystal told J.R. and Babe that she and Adam were married. Adam told J.R. that there was a good explanation, but he just didn't know it yet. Krystal told Babe and J.R. that Adam insisted that they get married, but Adam said that he had been set-up. Babe said she was going to call a lawyer and they could get a divorce ASAP. Krystal told Adam that all she wanted was half of his assets. Adam offered her some cash from his wallet and she slapped it away. J.R. asked Krystal for her bottom line but Adam told her she would never get a nickel out of him. After Krystal and Babe went upstairs J.R. and Adam tried to come up with a plan to get out of the marriage. Adam explained that he was drunk and that it was all on video. J.R. needed a drink. Krystal told Babe that she knew exactly what she was doing when she married Adam. She said that she teamed up with the good ol' boys and together they flim-flammed Adam. Krystal told Babe that Dixie was the real deal and they needed another plan. She said that they had to be smack dab in the middle of the Chandler men to keep them right where they wanted them.

Jamie and David sparred at the hospital showing their contempt for each other. Jamie told David to stop his daughter from marrying J.R. Jamie let David know that Babe was planning to marry J.R. to get full time with Little Adam.

Danielle and Josh were having dinner when Amanda showed up wanting to know why he hadn't hooked Babe yet. Josh told her that Babe and Jamie still loved each other and the best that they could hope for would be a rebound affair. He said he wouldn't be Babe's rebound boy. Amanda said that she deserved a chance at a real life with a big house, pool and a maid.

Tad again demanded that Dixie tell him who the dragon is. Zach was at the police station and Tad told him that Julia was on her way to a federal facility. Mimi got the phone call that informed her Julia was missing. Zach told Mimi that Dixie knew the name of the "Dragon." Tad told Mimi to ignore him but Zach let Mimi know that Dixie had been in jail for protecting Kevin Sturgess. Dixie again said that she didn't know anything. Dixie made a phone call to Garrett and asked him who was going to be killed next. She told Garrett that if Julia was hurt she might tell that he was the "Dragon." Mimi arrested Zach for killing Jimmy and stashing him at Wildwind. Tad and Dixie were about to leave the station when Mimi told them that they would be sharing a cell with Mr. Slater for obstruction of justice.

In the car with Garrett, Julia was still unaware that he was the "Dragon." She told him that she changed her mind and she wanted to get out of the car. She pulled the gun from her bag as Garrett told her that he was a good friend of Noah's. Garrett continued to make Julia think he was a friend and wanted to help her. He told her that he couldn't save Noah but he wanted to save her. He told Julia that he sabotaged the Fed's car because he knew she would run and he could catch up with her. She told Garrett that she didn't have a clue who the "Dragon" was. Feeling safe, she slid the gun back in her bag. He told Julia that he would let her out at the next rest stop if she didn't feel safe and she told him that she would stay with him. Julia asked if the phone call Garrett got was his contact and he told her that they were going to meet the "Dragon" in New York tomorrow."

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