08/16/2005 Kendall & Greenlee See Dr. Madden

"Jamie went to the bar to find out why Babe didn't come home last night. She told him that she stayed at the bar to take inventory. Again, Jamie told her that they were getting married and nothing was going to stop them. Josh told Babe that she was crazy to trash her life. He told Babe that he didn't want her to go through with her plan with some stranger. He signed on to help Babe by sleeping with her so Jamie could catch them. Babe asked Amanda to help with her plan by getting Jamie where he needed to be to catch her and Josh. She said how much she hated this plan, but Josh busted her by telling Babe that she wanted them broken up so she could help herself to Jamie. Babe again defended Amanda in front of Josh, but when he left she told her that she was nobody's fool and wanted to know if she was indeed going to make a play for Jamie. Amanda told her that yes she would scoop him up.

Tad let Dixie know that he went to Thailand to check out her old boyfriend. Tad told her that Kevin was living the high life with all his ill gotten gains. Tad also told Dixie that Kevin still had the hots for her. Tad told Dixie that Kevin was like a "Godfather" to the people offering them black market goods. Tad conceded that Kevin was not out to get Dixie, but was definitely out to get her back. She told Tad that his jealousy was wearing her out. She told him that because he didn't have control of her life, he wouldn't let her live her life. She told him to call off Aidan and stop the over protective act. They agreed to keep their hands off each other's lives.

Lily, Reggie and Jack went to the hospital to tell Greenlee that they wanted her to live with them. Greenlee explained to Jack that moving home wouldn't work for any of them. Jack asked Kendall what she did to make Greenlee smile again. Kendall told him that she and Greenlee had an amazing bond that was only going to grow. Greenlee and Kendall went to see Dr. Madden and unfolded their plan. He told Kendall that she would require a physical and psychological testing and also explained the procedure to them. He also warned that there was a chance of multiple births. At that news, Kendall started getting nervous and Greenlee told her that if she wanted to back out she would understand. Kendall said she would have a whole litter if she had to.

Ryan returned to Erin's to ask a favor. He explained that although he survived the motorcycle crash, the rest of the world thought he was dead and he wanted them to go on thinking that. He asked that if someone contacted her about his death, not to let anyone know that he was alive. Ryan asked Erin how she came out of their childhood unmarked. Erin told him that they were all marked. Erin told Ryan that she didn't need anything from him and told him goodbye. He told her that he was sorry for abandoning her and Jonathan. When she extended her hand to shake hands goodbye, Ryan noticed the bruises on her arm."

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