08/01/2005 Kendall Surprises Greenlee

"Krystal and David chatted about her belief that he has the goods on Dixie and is withholding it from her. He then downed some of his own truth serum to prove that he knows nothing. He became woozy and invited her to interrogate him. "What are you hiding?" she asked. David made it clear that he'd only faked the self-medication when he said he was over Dixie because he wanted another shot at her, so Krystal stormed off — but before she left, Hayward insisted he wasn't lying about his desire for her.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam defended himself to JR for having nursed suspicions about Dixie's true identity and begged his son not to move out. Adam then offered JR the house because without him and the baby, it wouldn't be a home. JR didn't buy the sincerity of the gesture at first, but Adam eliminated his doubts with a heartfelt speech. So JR told him to go pack his bags. When Adam didn't fight it, JR backed down and told Adam he'd continue to live with him. JR left and Adam began to cry. Later, Krystal returned and reported to Adam that she'd been unable to pry info from David — at least not yet.

At the hospital, Tad and Dixie's old style of banter was on full display as she berated him for his stubbornness about seeing a doctor about his bank robber-inflicted wound. Joe took Tad in for an examination. Dixie became discombobulated when she saw that the cardiac care unit in the hospital had been named in her memory. Tad returned and reported that he'd gotten a clean bill of health. Dixie expressed to Tad how frightened she'd been at the bank at the prospect of losing her life when she'd finally gotten it back. She also told Tad that she couldn't bear to have watched him die. Tad promised not to jump into the line of fire again.

At the gazebo, Lily marveled at the sight before her. "Ryan!" she gasped. Ryan encouraged Lily's assumption that he was a ghost. Zach arrived and convinced Lily not to tell Greenlee about what she'd seen. At Zach's urging, Lily described to the "ghost" how Greenlee feels in the wake of his "death." When Ryan slipped off, Lily believed that she'd set Lavery's spirit free. In reality, Lavery found a spot to hide while Zach continued to stress to Lily how important it is that Lily not tell Greenlee about her ghostly encounter. Lily then reported to Zach that she'd seen a ghost at Wildwind who she thinks is Edmund. Zach volunteered to go check it out. Ryan then returned to the shed for a nice, long series of flashbacks about his romance with Greenlee. Zach then joined Ryan, who promised Slater he wouldn't return to Pine Valley.

Greenlee surveyed her suite, which Kendall had filled with baby items in the hopes of helping her pal focus on the future. Greens was moved to tears by Kendall's gesture and the two discussed how far their relationship had come. Kendall was touched when Greenlee asked her to be the baby's godmother. "I love you, Kendall," said Greenlee. "I love you, too," she replied."

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