07/26/2005 Ryan Spies On Greenlee

"At the hospital Jamie told J.R. what happened to Amanda and accused him of being the cause. Joe told Amanda that she had an episode of arrhythmia and that he needed to find out what caused it. J.R. walked into Amanda's hospital room and told Babe that he and Amanda had sex that night. He also added that he knew he was good, but didn't know he was that good. Amanda confessed that she did sleep with J.R. of her own free will. She told Babe and Jamie that she was desperate. She said that he said what she needed to hear and she slept with him. Babe told J.R. to back-off her friend. Joe reported that Amanda was doing fine and he told Jamie that he would make a very fine doctor. Amanda, basking in the glow of her performance, told J.R. that she would grind him into the ground. J.R. told her to get out of town or he would expose her to Jamie and Babe. Amanda told them that J.R. paid her to break them up. Amanda played the poor, poor pitiful me routine to the hilt and Babe forgave her. Jamie told J.R. to steer clear of Amanda and J.R. told him that he was a fool if he bought her lies. Babe told Jamie that she told Amanda she could stay at their apartment. Jamie told her that Amanda had to go and that he didn't believe either Amanda or J.R. Again, J.R. threatened Amanda and in return she grabbed him (in what looked like a very "sensitive" area) and told him that she would go after him with a crowbar.

Ryan, still hiding in Zach's office, continued to watch Greenlee on the security monitor. She looked up at the monitor and told Kendall that Ryan was there. As she continued to stare into the monitor, Ryan asked Zach if Greenlee knew he was there. She told Kendall that she wanted the surveillance disks from their last night together. Zach gave Ryan money, papers and a passport and told him that he would be able to leave the country if he wanted to. On the monitor in Zach's office, they saw Dr. Madden in the suite with Greenlee and Kendall. He told Greenlee he was there to extend his condolences and to help her if she would let him. She asked Dr. Madden to give her a complete exam so she would know the baby was fine. Zach went to the suite to find out for Ryan what Dr. Madden wanted. Ryan called Zach to find out, but Zach said he would call him back. As Dr. Madden was about to examine Greenlee, Zach had the camera to the VIP suite disconnected. He told Greenlee that everything with the baby looked good and that he would schedule an appointment at his office as soon as possible. Kendall asked Zach for the surveillance disks from the last night and he said he would have them within the hour. Kendall told Zach that she was beginning to think she really could count on him. As she was leaving, he told her that she could count on him Ryan, pacing like a caged animal, broke the code to Zach's office. He reached for the handle as Erica approached the door of the office.

Erica told Josh how upset she was about Ryan's death. Josh assured her that he would handle the details at New Beginnings and that she should go and be with Greenlee. Erica asked him what the real reason was his father didn't want him to work for her. Josh explained that he and his dad were very different. He said he respected his dad very much, but he didn't want to be a doctor. Josh told Erica that his dad played it safe, but he didn't want to. He said he wanted to live large and make a noise. Erica told Josh that it seemed that Dr. Madden was nervous when he was around her. Dr. Madden then stopped by New Beginnings to tell Erica that he examined Greenlee and she was doing fine. Erica thanked him and she left to go see Greenlee. Josh told his dad that he knew he still had a thing for Erica. Dr. Madden denied any such thing, but Josh wanted him to admit he still has a crush on Erica. His phone rang and he got the results of the tests he ran on Greenlee."

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