07/25/2005 Kendall & Aidan Check The Shed

"Babe and Josh revel in their victory over the frat boys. While they enjoy the beer the boys left behind Josh tells Babe that he has never met a woman like her. Josh says that he is very impressed by Babe. Babe replies that she is just a blond bartender. Josh says that he has known plenty of blond bartenders but she was the first one that stood up for herself. Babe thinks Josh is just hitting on her. He quickly denies the accusation and they start to reminisce about how they scared the frat boys with their mobster act. Josh then asks Babe if he was hitting on her would it work. "No a chance in hell" she smilingly replies. She tells how she met a great guy on the same beach they are standing on and he has her hooked. Josh mentions that he met a girl on the same beach and all it got him was punched in the face. Babe doesn't think that Josh is a one woman man and he agrees. He says that women fascinate him. Josh clarifies that the guy Babe met on the beach was Jamie. Babe assures him it is and how Jamie stops the loneliness of her missing little Adam. She can't imagine her life without Jamie in it and how amazing Jamie is for giving up his shot at his dream to be with her. But Babe knows the perfect girl for Josh and proceeds to try to set him up with Amanda again. Josh doesn't seem to be too enthusiastic about the idea. Babe leaves to get Jamie's car back to him.

Seeing Jamie standing by her already packed suitcase Amanda is sure she is getting kicked out onto the street. She thinks Jamie wants her to leave because she admitted to falling in love with him. Jamie explains that it is just crowded and uncomfortable for all three of them to be living in the little apartment. Jamie tells Amanda that he is ready to marry Babe. He hands Amanda a key to a room at Myrtle's boarding house. Amanda though is not giving up without a fight. While Jamie is outside getting the bike ready Amanda swallows some of her crazy mother's prescription pills. Jamie notices that Amanda is acting oddly when he comes back inside but Amanda plays it off saying that she is just embarrassed. Jamie starts to realize that something seems to be really wrong with Amanda and goes to get his doctors bag. When Babe walks in he tells her to go get the car ready that they are taking Amanda to the hospital.

Dixie wants to know what is going on between JR and Amanda. Dixie doesn't trust her and warns JR not to either. JR says to keep sanity in the family he will not allow Amanda back into the mansion. Dixie then suggests that they give up their plan to move out of the mansion and try living there together. JR wants to know what changed her mind and Dixie says that Adam Sr. loves his grandson and that JR loves his father. She tells him how important it is to show the love that you feel for other people. After all you never know if the world might blow up tomorrow. She asks JR if they are going to stay and he says he will think about it. Dixie says she has an overwhelming urge to tell JR to go brush his teeth. JR says that she will have to get used to having an adult child then proceed to tell Dixie to go to bed. As Dixie gets ready to go upstairs JR stops her in her tracks. "You made me remember how to feel happy" he tells his mother. "I love you."

Zach makes Ryan hide in his office at the casino. Ryan doesn't think that Zach's office is secure enough. Zach points out that the office security has been put on lockdown to everyone including Kendall. Ryan doesn't want to wait in the office but wants to leave immediately to go look for his sister Erin. Zach points out that he wants Ryan gone soon before he has the chance to hurt anyone else. Zach leaves and Ryan tries to call his sister again hoping for an answer.

Aidan succeeds in getting the storage shed door open for Kendall. Kendall admits how she thinks that Zach is hiding Ryan in the shed. Finding the shed empty Aidan tells Kendall that she is just hoping for the impossible by thinking that Ryan is still alive. Kendall says that the coincidences are just too many. She says that Ryan said that if he ever came near to hurting Greenlee he would throw himself off of a cliff and that is what he just did. Aidan says that he thinks that everyone is better off if Ryan had gotten that bad. Kendall also thinks that her husband, the knowledgeable one about faking your own death, has been acting extremely suspicious. She thinks that her false hope was caused by Zach's secretive actions and she wants to know why he didn't want anyone in the shed. "I think I can answer that" Zach says as he walks into the shed. Kendall asks if had something to do with Ryan and Zach tells her she is exactly right. He then walks over to some shelves on the other side of the shed and pulls out of a crate the helmet that Ryan was wearing when he went over the cliff. Kendall is crushed and Aidan asks if there is anything he can do. Zach tells him to leave that he Zach can take care of his own wife. Aidan leaves. Kendall tells Zach that if he thinks that he can help her that he has no idea what she is feeling. She then goes to check on Greenlee.

David wants to see Greenlee but Simone won't let him wake her up. At the same time, in Zach's office, Ryan finds the monitor for the security camera in Greenlee's suite. Ryan watches as Simone takes Greenlee some tea. Ryan starts talking to himself about how it would be chamomile tea because Greenlee loves how it smells. He also thinks that Greenlee has her special blanket with her. As Simone brings the supposed blanket to Greenlee Ryan realizes that what he thought was a blanket is actually one of his shirts. He guiltily watches from his hiding place while Simone comforts a destroyed Greenlee. David comes in to see Greenlee. She wants to know if he is happy that Ryan is gone. David tells her that he is sorry that Ryan is gone and that he loves her. Greenlee wants David's reassurance that she did the right thing getting pregnant with Ryan's baby. David tells her how grateful he is that Greenlee talked him into helping her get pregnant. He convinces her to let him check her out and leaves to go get his bag. As David checks Greenlee's health Ryan yells at the screen for David to "Get his hands off of his wi...widow." "Dead men don't have wives" he reminds himself. David tells Greenlee to get some sleep and he goes into the other room to thank Simone for being there for Greenlee. Simone is not who Greenlee needs she tells him while in Zach's office Ryan reaches toward the screen that shows him his grieving wife. Kendall checks on Greenlee who she thinks is asleep but as she turns to leave the room Greenlee pulls back the covers next to her on the bed. Kendall climbs in to comfort her. Greenlee says how dead she feels. How is she supposed to go on breathing and getting up in the morning without Ryan there beside her? Kendall reminds Greenlee that Ryan will always be with her because of the baby and that when the baby is born and Greenlee can hold Ryan's child in her arms it will be easier still. Ryan watches it all on the video screen in Zach's office, with tears in his eyes."

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