07/22/2005 Ryan Finds Out Erin Is Alive

"Di thanks JR for going ahead with the Christening, despite the drama that has surrounded them. She tells him that she is proud he wants to build a relationship with Tad, but questions if he will ever forgive Jamie and Babe. JR says he will not forgive them and he has already given them enough, such as extra time with little Adam and an invitation to the family picnic. Di tries to get him to see past his anger, but it fails, and he goes upstairs to bed. When he gets to his room, he finds Amanda sitting on his bed with tears streaming down her cheeks. She starts apologizing to JR for hurting him, but he says he won't give her another chance. JR calls her a piece of trash, but she continues to plead that he knows her better than anyone else. She tells him that she is jealous of him because he has a mother who loves him, something she does not have. When Amanda kisses him, he pushes her away at first, then gives in to temptation. After they make love, JR turns against Amanda and tells her to get out of his bed and his life. Amanda puts on her robe and scolds him for tricking her into bed. JR continues to insult Amanda and when she goes to hit him, he holds her back. She tells him that she hates him.

Adam walks in and confesses that he was not happy he thought she had died. Di does not believe it, even when Adam, pours himself a drink and says that he accepts she is Dixie. She tells him that she does not expect JR and Jamie to become best friends, but they are relatives. Adam says that he is the last person JR should forgive because he chose Babe over him. Di thinks Adam wants JR to keep hating Jamie, but he counters that he just being realistic. Adam admits that he is scared she will take JR and his grandson away from him. When Di asks him to continue, Adam tells her that he has changed since she almost died. He also brings up his strokes and admits that they have made his realize how important JR is because his other children are no longer around. Di tells him that he has to stop controlling his son and Adam asks her to stay and show him how to change his controlling ways. Di is not sure if they can all live together peacefully, but agrees to talk to JR about it. After she goes upstairs, Adam says that she is not Dixie.

Josh runs to Babe's side as she is being over a car door by three men. The men drive off when Josh grabs her and instead of thanking him, she scolds him for interfering. Babe tells him that she was trying to stop them from stealing Jamie's car. Josh tries to look on the bright side by saying she is lucky she is alive. Babe tells him that they stole the car because she would not give them any booze at the bar. When she tells Josh they should follow them in his car, he agrees and they leave. Babe and Josh find the boys chugging beer on the beach. She decides to get revenge instead of calling the police on them. Josh agrees to help and they start planning. Josh introduces himself to the drunk boys and he starts pushing them around. Babe comes out and tells "Vinnie" to kill the boys because they messed with their family. Babe and Josh keep up their act until the boys are so scared that they run away.

Dr. Madden tries to give his sympathy for Erica's loss, but she asks to be alone. Dr. Madden asks how Greenlee is, but Erica takes it as a way of thinking he can lock Greenlee up for stealing Ryan's sperm out of his clinic. He tells her that he is not out to hurt Greenlee and apologizes for pressuring her to fire his son. He asks if he can help her and Erica begins to tell him about her friendship with Ryan. She admits that she wished she could have helped Ryan, like he always helped her. Before leaving, Dr. Madden asks Erica if they could start over and she agrees.

Kendall pressures Zach to tell him what he has hiding in the building, but he does not answer her. Aidan cuts in and tells them that he needs to speak to Greenlee about Erin Lavery. When Kendall and Zach ask what the news is, Aidan tells him that Erin is alive, as Ryan listens inside the building. Kendall says that Greenlee does not need to hear the news, but Aidan tells her what he has found out. He says that Erin was spotted in another state four weeks after Jonathan died. She has used her ATM card recently and plans to go to Canada, Aidan says. Kendall and Aidan leave and Ryan tries to break free as soon as Zach opens the door. Ryan wants to go to his sister, but he remembers that he is supposed to be dead.

Aidan and Kendall go back to the spot where he was shot and she recalls the past. She tells him that if he survived a bullet, Ryan had to have survived the wreck. Aidan reminds her that although he is tough, you cannot cheat death forever. Kendall realizes that if Zach faked his death, then maybe Ryan is doing the same thing. She does not tell Aidan her theory, but they break into the building."

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