08/22/2005 Zach Tells Kendall She's Making A Mistake

"Jamie orders Josh, JR and Amanda from the motel room after he catches Babe in a compromising position with Josh. Once alone, Jamie confronts Babe, telling her that since she set things up to decide their future, they should do exactly that. Jamie tells Babe that she didn't need to fix what wasn't broken. He chose Babe over money but she obviously trust in that. Babe initially tries to clarify things but then realizes that it would defeat her objective. She plays her role to the hilt until Jamie has no choice but to accept that their relationship isn't salvageable. Jamie calls Amanda and JR back into the room so that they can see him end things with Babe. JR, expecting Babe to try to reconcile with Jamie, taunts Babe. Babe ignores JR and looks at Jamie as she coldly tells Jamie and JR where they can both go. Jamie leaves with Amanda close on his heels. JR stares at Babe in shock. He begins to realize that Babe set the entire scene up. He asks her to confirm his suspicions but Babe doesn't give him a direct answer. Instead, Babe propositions him to join her in bed. He doesn't take her up on the offer. He's determined to have his question answered. He gets it when Babe in near desperation reminds JR that he has to give Jamie his inheritance. In that instant JR realizes that Babe acted out of love, obliterating everything JR believed to be true about Babe. Stunned he leaves and winds up at home where he finds Di who is still rattled from the confrontation she had with her brother Del. Di tries to follow along with JR's ramblings about Babe. JR pulls Di into a hug and tells her that she and Little Adam are the only two people he can count on not to throw him a curve ball.

Amanda follows Jamie home but he's in no mood for company while he begins throwing things into a box. He yells at her to get out until Amanda reluctantly leaves. Afterwards he picks up the box and throws it across the room.

Del is furious with Di for posing as their half-sister Dixie. When he demands an explanation for her impersonating their dead sister, Di tells him about David and how she was able to explain the obvious differences between herself and the real Dixie. She justifies her lies to everyone by telling Del that she is giving Dixie's family what they desperately need and want. Del is certain that Dixie would never condone such an awful deception. He confronts Di about the kiss he witnessed between her and Tad, pointing out that Tad thought he was kissing Dixie. Di denies it. She insists that Tad was kissing her. Del switches his line of questioning and asks her how long she had been planning passing herself off as Dixie. He wonders if it was since she donated one of her kidneys after Dixie's had failed. Di denies it but Del doesn't believe her as he recalls the long hours they spent during that time talking about all the details of Dixie's life. Di reminds Del that she was in prison, so she was hardly in a position to plot such a devious plan. She suggests that Del stay in town for a while and observe how she and Dixie's family are interacting. Del doesn't give her an answer as he walks out the door.

Brooke and Tad discuss Jamie and Babe's wedding plans. Brooke feels like it's a huge mistake for them to get married and tries to convince Tad to talk to Jamie. Tad refuses to get involved because he knows Jamie will resent it and it won't accomplish anything but alienating Jamie. Brooke is suspicious about Tad's sudden enlightenment. She senses Dixie's influence and worries that it indicates that Tad and Dixie are back together. Tad immediately denies that he and Dixie have reconciled. He admits that they did kiss but that there weren't any sparks or the warm and fuzzies. Brooke isn't completely convinced. She worries that, given their history together, Tad may not survive another breakup. He tries to reassure her and directs the discussion away from him and onto Del. Brooke is surprised to hear that Del is in town. A short while Brooke leaves through the back door. A few minutes later, Tad decides to confront Del whom he finds on his doorstep when Tad opens his door.

Ryan walks in as Erin tells Kendall that Ryan is alive. Ryan rips the phone out of Erin's hand and listens as Kendall demands to know who is calling her. Zach, standing next to Kendall during the call, realizes it's about Ryan being alive and takes the phone away from Kendall in the guise of trying to determine who is calling. Ryan rips the phone out of the wall, effectively severing the call. He turns to Erin to ask her what she thought she was doing. Erin does her best to convince it would be in Ryan's best interest if he just left town but Ryan refuses to cooperate. Erin is forced to tell him that she suffered a psychotic break after she learned that Ryan had killed Jonathan. As a result of the break, Erin has been forced to take anti-psychotic medications. She pleads with Ryan to just walk away because his presence makes everything worse but Ryan is determined to help Erin. He tries to convince her to give him a chance to help her. Frustrated, Erin loses her temper and says something about her and Jonathan that draws Ryan up short. In a state of disbelief he asks her to clarify what she said, but nothing Erin says convinces him his dawning realization isn't true. He slowly begins searching the cabin, convinced there is a secret room. When he doesn't initially find it, Ryan goes outside and studies the cabin. He returns, telling Erin that the outside of the cabin doesn't match the floor plan. Certain he knows where the secret room is, Ryan goes to the closet and begins searching it. Out of desperation, Erin picks up a fireplace poker determined to knock Ryan out before he finds the secret room. Ryan turns just in time to stop Erin from using the poker. He wrenches it out of her hand and returns to trying to find the hidden door. When Ryan finally manages to find it and open the door, he's shocked at what he finds in the room.

Zach warns Kendall that if she helps Greenlee have Ryan's baby she would be making a huge mistake. Kendall disagrees but denies that she's actively trying to help Greenlee have a baby. Zach calls her bluff, telling her that because he knew she was keeping a secret he had his men follow Kendall. They reported that she was seen going to the clinic with Greenlee. There's only one reason she would be there and that is to support Greenlee's decision to be inseminated again. Zach suggests that the reason that Kendall is so determined to help Greenlee is because she is acting out of guilt for not being able to stop Ryan from killing himself. Kendall counters that the reason Zach is helping Julia is because he feels guilty for driving Maria away. Unfortunately as Kendall is talking, she says something that baffles Zach until he realizes that it could indicate that Kendall is the one who will be inseminated with Ryan's baby. He asks her if it's true but Kendall evades giving him an answer by warning him to order his men to stop following her. Zach urges Kendall to reconsider if she is planning on being a surrogate for Greenlee and Ryan's baby, telling her that if she goes through with her plans it will be the worst mistake she has ever made."

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