07/15/2005 Ryan Leaves Greenlee

"When talking to Reggie, Danielle initially withheld the truth about what happened with Josh. Then, when they were thisclose to making love Danielle stopped. Reggie was disappointed, but he promised her he wasn't upset. He just needed to know what was wrong. "I had sex with Josh," she revealed. (Probably not what the boy was expecting!)

Over at New Beginnings, Jack freaked when Erica told him exactly how Greens got pregnant. He was worried about his daughter. Amanda was there hoping to get a job from Josh. (And just when you think Amanda's wardrobe can't get any skimpier, you're wrong!) Plus, she wanted his help with Babe. The way she saw it, he should be with Babe and she should be with Jamie. He wanted no part of it though.

Zach and Kendall stopped Ryan from hitting Greenlee. When Mr. Lavery found out Kendall had a part in all of it, he ripped her apart verbally and stopped himself from doing so physically. He ran to take one of his miracle pills, but Greenlee stopped him and told him that they were placebos. Regardless of what she thought, Ryan was convinced he was a monster. "I want to hurt you Greenlee," he spat. And to give her proof of what a monster he was, Ryan trashed the room and stormed out. He stole a motorcycle and sped off, with Greenlee, Zach and Kendall following behind him. The high-speed chase ended in disaster when Ryan drove off a cliff.

At the Chandler Mansion, everyone agreed to wait until Brooke and Joe returned to open all of the DNA results together. While waiting, Derek arrived. Adam wanted Di arrested. If she was a fake, Derek promised she'd serve the max. But that wasn't the case. Once Brooke, Aidan and Joe all opened their respective tests, Joe announced that enough points in the DNA test were matched: Di was Dixie. JR was elated about the news, but Tad walked out. He couldn't talk to her right now. Alone, David smugly told Dixie, "Well done." When she told him she didn't want to see him again, he said he had too much passion for her and couldn't let her go. Adam was still skeptical and chatted with Krystal. All the DNA tests proved was that she was a close blood relative of JR. "Dixie has a sister," he pointed out."

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