07/08/2005 Greenlee Is Sick At The Press Conference

"At the memorial service, JR accuses Babe, Krystal and Adam of disrespecting his sister's memory and thinks his father is up to his usual "Dixie is a fake." Adam tells JR that she is fake and Jamie pipes in by threatening Adam if he took advantage of Babe and her mother. Babe tells JR that Adam did not use them and Dixie is a fake. Still refusing to believe them, Krystal tells Tad and JR that Dixie was her inmate and her real name is Di Kirby. Tad tells JR to be quiet after he rattles on about their scam and when Tad asks Di if Krystal is telling the truth, she says yes. JR immediately begins attacking Adam by telling him that he blackmailed Di somehow. Adam tells JR that David made up the entire plan with Di, from the planted fingerprints to the European make-over. Tad is shocked and David comes in and admits that Adam is telling the truth. JR tells everyone this plan is some type of set up and continues to defend Di. David tells JR about the first time he saw Di at the prison and her resemblance to Dixie. He says that Di said that she was Dixie and needed his help. Krystal tells David that he is lying and that he told her his whole plot. David says that Di used him and when he found out the truth, he had to go along with it. He even says that Di made him open up about Dixie and by the time she left prison, she had everything she needed to convince everyone she was Dixie. David even claims that Di stole the compact from him and convinced him to pretend to be a nanny before telling everyone the truth. David denies knowing anything about the European trips and other information. Di admits that she was in jail and did seek David's help, but that he paid her to get JR to give Babe more time with her son. David planted all of the clues and she told him that she was Di Kirby, not Dixie, she says. Tad asks her exactly who she is and the woman in front of him says that she is Dixie.

Erica's launch party for her television show is off to a success, although Lily stays in the corner to avoid the noise and crowd. Danielle walks in and Reggie eyes Josh greeting her. Zach tries to be friendly to Erica, but she threatens to take him down as Ryan steps over and volunteers to help her. Jackson leads Ryan away and reminds him not to do anything crazy to mess up Erica's party. Ryan promises to control his emotions, while Greenlee shows Kendall another pregnancy test that she wants to take. Kendall tells Greenlee that it might be too early to take the test, but Greenlee says she is right on time. Josh says hello to them and asks about Simone, but she is not at the party. Kendall tells Greenlee that Josh is the new producer for Erica's show and Kendall thanks him for keeping his mouth shut about their fertility clinic bust. When Kendall holds a plate of food in front of her, Greenlee starts to get sick and rushes off with Kendall at her heels. Danielle comes over to talk to Reggie and he asks her how she knows Josh. Danielle says that he is just someone she met at the beach party, but Reggie seems distracted. The photographers overwhelm Lily when they take her picture and Erica gives her permission to go home if she is uncomfortable, but Lily refuses and stays to support her family. Erica seems touched and prepares her for the press conference. Ryan finds Kendall in the powder room as Greenlee steps out of the bathroom, looking pale and unwell. Greenlee tells him that she is just nervous about the press conference. When it is time for the conference, Erica finds Lily very panicked and uncomfortable. Erica puts her sunglasses on Lily and she immediately calms down. Kendall tells Zach that she is worried about "Greenlee's condition" and Zach tells her that they will try to keep the focus off her during the press conference.

Erica takes the stage at the press conference and talks about her many careers or "new beginnings." She introduces her family and everyone stands at the podium with her. Zach takes over the microphone and gushes about how wonderful Erica is. Erica mentions Bianca and Miranda briefly before Jackson begins talking about their intimate wedding ceremony. Reggie jokes that it was about time they got married and Lily says that her favorite part of the wedding was the sneaking on the honeymoon boat. Erica calls Greenlee and Ryan newly weds but Zach steps in and counters that he is the newly wed. He even plants a big kiss on Kendall before Greenlee rushes off because she feels sick. Zach and Ryan follow. Kendall tells Ryan that Greenlee had some sushi before coming to the party and it is making her sick. Kendall tells him not to worry and goes off to care for Greenlee. Ryan tells Zach to back off when he asks him how his anger management is going. Greenlee emerges from the bathroom and tells Kendall that she is waiting for the results of her test. Erica comes and joins Ryan and Zach, then rushes off after she refuses to make peace with Zach. Greenlee gets the results of the test, which says she is pregnant. When she shouts it out loud and hugs Kendall, Erica walks in. Reggie tries to find Danielle, who is outside of the party talking to Josh. When Josh asks her what is wrong, Danielle tells him that she was a virgin before they slept together and Lily overhears. Erica is overwhelmed with joy about Greenlee's news and asks her how she will tell Ryan. Kendall tries get Erica to back off, but it does not work. Erica offers to get everyone together and tell Ryan the news, but Greenlee screams no. Danielle admits that she has a boyfriend to Josh when he tries to kiss her. She tells Josh that she is not going to mention their affair to Josh and he agrees. Lily tells Reggie that she saw Danielle hugging another man and that he almost kissed her. Greenlee tells Erica that she will tell Ryan about the pregnancy privately when the time is right. Kendall tells Erica to back off, but Erica persists that the entire family should be there to support Ryan. Erica rushes off to round up everyone for the news and Greenlee and Kendall rush after her to stop it. They get Erica and Lily, Reggie, Jackson, Zach and Ryan come in to hear Erica's big news."

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