07/19/2005 Brooke Is Done With Adam

"David gets back to his cabin after a run. He grabs a bottle of water and makes a face at the way it tastes. He then collapses. David awakes to find himself tied to a chair by Tad. Tad tells David that it is time to pay the piper and that Tad is the piper. David tries to convince Tad that he did a great thing for Tad by bringing Dixie back and that it is not his fault that Dixie wants nothing to do with Tad. Tad says that David did not intend for Di to really be Dixie. He is going to make David pay for setting out to hurt JR and Tad. Tad is going to make David pay for what he intended to do. Tad then starts talking about the well in front of the cabin. How deep and dark it is. Tad tells David that he is going to throw him down the well. As Tad duct tapes David's mouth shut in walks Dixie. "Are you out of tar and feathers?" she asks while admiring the sight of a tied up David. Tad informs her of the plan to put David in the well. Dixie says "All's well that ends well." She lets tells Tad that she wants to help him pay David back for all he has done. She will help Tad get rid of David. Tad looks on while Di draws big red lips on the duct tape on David's mouth. Dixie tells Tad that she never called or contacted David. She had already hurt Tad and JR enough. Tad rips the tape off of David's mouth. David says that he has pieces of the puzzle that Tad doesn't and that only he David knows what Dixie's real secret is. Dixie tells David that after all he has done no one will believe anything he says. Tad leaves saying that Dixie just got out of prison and he doesn't want to get her in trouble. David tells Dixie that she has Tad duped but not him. He knows what he knows. She leaves David still tied to the chair.

Krystal eats several shrimp cocktails while she and Adam discuss who Di(xie) really is. Adam is convinced that she is Dixie's sister Lani. Brooke joins them and proceeds to tell Adam that he is just jealous and that he doesn't want to have to share JR with Dixie. Brooke reminds Adam that he said he was trying to change but maybe that was just a line to get her into bed. She then leaves. Krystal warns Adam that if they reveal that Di isn't Dixie they won't be very popular. Adam then gets a call from his squad of investigators that he had searching for Lani. They had found her alive and well. Adam hangs up and says that Dixie must be who she says she is. Lani was their only shot.

Danielle and Mimi fight over Danielle sleeping with Josh. Mimi can't believe that Danielle would sleep with someone she doesn't even know. Danielle says that it must run in the family since Mimi had an affair. Garret convinces them to sit down and talk about everything. Mimi explains how she was sad and confused when she had her affair and didn't know she was pregnant with Danielle until after the affair was over. Garret points out that Mimi's reasons for her affair are no different than Danielle's reasons for the Josh encounter. Mimi tells Danielle that she is glad that Danielle is ok. After Danielle leaves the room Mimi tells Garret that she is a bad parent. Garret tells her that there are no instructions with kids. She wonders how long Garret has known about Danielle having sex with Josh. Garret says that he made Danielle tell him about it the morning after it happened and that he couldn't tell Mimi because he wants Danielle to trust him.

JR breaks up the fight between Reggie and Josh. He gets the two to talk instead of punch. Josh tells Reggie that he would have never slept with Danielle if he had known about Reggie. The last thing he needed was a jealous boyfriend decking him at work. Erica walks up and wants to know what is going on. While she waits for them to explain her cell phone rings. She rushes out having been informed of Ryan's accident. Josh tells Reggie to go talk to Danielle.

Greenlee thinks that Ryan is dead. She is ready to give up. Simone tries to get her to keep hoping but Zach tells Greenlee to sit down. He says that he respects Greenlee too much to give her false hope. He then explains Search Teams were now calling it a recovery not a rescue. They had found Ryan's bike destroyed on the rocks and the divers say that the rip tide is so bad it would keep him from swimming to shore. Greenlee thinks that she killed Ryan by getting pregnant. He didn't want a baby and killed himself when she told him about it. It's all her fault. Kendall tells Greenlee that it was an accident not a suicide and that Greenlee has kept Ryan alive by being pregnant with his baby. Simone and Kendall try to convince Greenlee that the baby is a part of Ryan that she has left with her. Jack and Erica show up to offer their support. Greenlee tells Jack to get away from her. She says that he got what he wanted and asks if he is happy now that Ryan won't be around her anymore. She then runs from the room. Erica tells Jack to stay and that she will talk to Greenlee. Zach tells Kendall that she is the best friend that Greenlee can have and that she said exactly the right things to her. Kendall says that she wanted happy endings for Greenlee and Ryan and that she should have listened to Zach when he told her Ryan would never be happy about a baby. Zack says that Ryan going over the cliff is what Ryan said he would do if he ever wanted to hurt Greenlee. Zack then leaves saying that this was a time for family. Meanwhile Greenlee tells Erica that Jack didn't know the real Ryan. Erica tells her that Jack didn't hate Ryan he was just trying to protect Greenlee. Erica pleads with her to talk to Jack. Erica points out that the baby will need a family to love it and urges Greenlee not to make this tragedy worse by turning away from Jack. Greenlee agrees to talk to Jack and Erica goes to get him. Jack tells Greenlee how sorry he is. She asks him if he is sorry that she is bringing another Lavery into the world.

In the darkness at the bottom of the cliff, Ryan watches the searchers from his hiding place behind some rocks."

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