06/28/2005 Maria Remembers Edmund

"Zach, visibly irritated with the world around him, saw Myrtle in the casino. She told him she wanted to talk to him, but he said that he was to busy at the moment. Myrtle told him she knew why he was in such a bad mood and then reminded him that Maria was leaving today. He told her that the situation with Maria and he was just bad timing, but it hurt like hell. He told Myrtle that it was time to let go of Maria, and Myrtle told him the only way to do that was to go and tell her goodbye.

Maria, bags packed and ready to go, remembered the good times at Wildwind. Aidan came to wish Maria and Anita well in California. Maria, with tears in her eyes, took one last look and closed the door. At the airport, Joe, Brooke and Tad reassured Maria that they would take good care of Sam. Brooke and Maria said they would miss each other, and sealed it with a hug. Maria gave Sam last minute motherly instructions and told him goodbye. She looked back one last time and there stood Zach. Maria smiled at him and then boarded the plane.

Babe and Jamie went to J.R.'s for little Adam's visitation. J.R. told them that he had to put up with Babe, but Jamie had to go. Di told him that she invited Jamie, but he told Jamie to leave again. She reminded J.R. that they were brothers, but he didn't seem to care. Jamie told Di that Dixie would never have hurt Tad the way she had. She continued to insist that Jamie and J.R. sit down and work out their differences, but they both said no. Di told J.R. that he wasn't like his father, he was worse. Di told J.R. that she couldn't watch hate suck the life out of him and that she was leaving. J.R. told Di that he wanted her to stay and she told him she would stay if he was willing to fix his family.

David asked Krystal what she intended to do about Di. As Krystal scrubbed the prison floor, she thought of all the good things that could happen she went with David's plan. She fantasized of a future where she was freed from prison and everyone acted like one big happy family.

Greenlee continued to defend Ryan even after seeing him get beaten to a pulp in the fight club. Kendall told her that there was no way she could have a baby with Ryan, but Greenlee pulled an ovulation predictor out of her purse. She took the test and explained to Kendall and Simone that as soon as he knows about the baby, all will be well. The test was positive. Kendall kept trying to convince Greenlee not to go through with her plans, but Greenlee assured her that she could change him. Kendall begged her to think of the bad things that could go along with her getting pregnant, but Greenlee's mind was made up.

Ryan paid David a visit and asked for help. Ryan confessed to David that he was in a fight club and asked him to give him a drug to kill the rage. David told him to go to a shrink and get meds, but Ryan told him that he couldn't do that. Ryan told him that he didn't want to go back to the fight club, but he had too much rage. David said that it would have been best if he had blown up in the cave with the rest of his brothers. He told David that Greenlee followed him to the fight club and David wanted to know when he was going to stop ruining her life. David then said that her answer to Ryan's problems couldn't save him, that nothing could save him. Ryan wanted to know what Greenlee's solution was, but David didn't tell him about the insemination. Ryan again told David that he wanted to stop fighting for Greenlee's sake and that he would do anything to make things right. David told him that he could make a drug, but that there was no guarantee it would work. Ryan went to Fusion to see Greenlee and saw the ovulation predictor test on her desk."

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