06/20/2005 Zach Gives Ryan A Warning & Advice

"Ryan is sure he has killed David. Zach walks in on the scene and suggests that they bury the body in the town dump. A revived David threatens to go to the police and Zach claims to have seen David with a hypodermic in his hand making what Ryan did self-defense. David threatens Ryan telling him that if he doesn't get himself under control David will go to his mad scientist lab and fix up something to control Ryan permanently. He then leaves. Ryan is suspicious about Zach's motives for helping him with David. Zach says that it was worth it to see David flat out on the floor. Zach tries to give Ryan some advice as well as a warning. Zach wants Ryan to treat Kendall better. He witnessed Ryan ripping into Kendall and claims that since she is Zach's wife he wants her treated with respect. Ryan laughs and says he wants to know when Zach became such an expert on how to treat women. Zach repeats that he wants Ryan to promise to treat Kendall with respect. Ryan agrees to treat Kendall with respect because she deserves it not because of what Zach has said. Zach then tells Ryan that he knows where Ryan has been going at night what he is doing and who he is doing it with. Zach says that one of the high rollers at the Casino recognized Ryan and told Zach about what he has been doing. Zach asks Ryan if his release pastime is helping and points out that it obviously isn't considering what Ryan had just done to David. Zach suggests to Ryan that he shouldn't go to his nighttime hangout anymore. Ryan wants to know why Zach is so interested in helping him accusing Zach of feeling guilty about claiming to be Edmund's murderer. As Zach leaves he tells Ryan to get help before someone really gets hurt.

Meanwhile, Greenlee, Kendall and Simone avoid being discovered in the fertility clinic with the help of Pine Valley's newest citizen. Josh Madden distracts his father long enough for the girls to escape with the three samples and head to David's cabin. Once at the cabin Simone leaves Kendall and Greenlee to wait for David to return. Kendall warns Greenlee that what she is doing is a huge risk. Greenlee accuses Kendall of planning to tell Ryan about the baby scheme. Kendall says she is worried that Greenlee could get her heart broke to pieces by lying to Ryan. Kendall wonders how Greenlee can be so strong about all of this and Greenlee comes back saying she is doing what she is doing because she loves Ryan and thinks a baby will help him. Kendall grudgingly admits that she envies and admires her for her strength. After Kendall leaves to meet Erica, David finally shows up. Announcing that she is the "Liberator of frozen wigglers" Greenlee asks David to figure out which of the vials holds Ryan's wigglers. David tells Greenlee that he is starting to wonder if Ryan is right about his genes and not wanting to pass them on to children. Greenlee replies that it is too late for David to be getting a conscience and wants to know how long it will be before she is pregnant. David informs her that he will not help her conceive Ryan's child.

Amanda is trying with all her might to attract Aidan flirting and crawling all over him. Just then who shows up but Anita. "Oh, you must be the girlfriend" Amanda says as she beats a hasty retreat. Once Amanda is gone Anita tears into Aidan asking him if he enjoys young girls throwing themselves at him pointing out first Lily and now this one.

Aidan points out that he is not Bobby. Anita admits that she thought the jealous suspicious side of her left when Bobby did and she is realizing that it didn't. She says that Aidan is kind, sweet and sexy and that she thought that it was the problems that her family had been going through that was keeping her from letting herself get closer to him. Now she realizes that she rushed into her relationship with him and that she needs to deal with her anger. Anita announces that she is leaving with Maria and Maddie. She says that she needs to get her head together and she wants to help Maria and Maddie settle into their new home. Anita says that she has to get past all the "Bobby stuff" and she really isn't ready for a relationship with Aidan right now. Aidan tells Anita that he understands and after making her promise to call him if she needs anything they share a goodbye kiss.

JR is ready to accept Di as his mother but it seems that Adam isn't so trusting. Adam wants a DNA test and to get the two Chandlers to stop arguing Di agrees to any test that Adam wants to give her. The victorious Adam leaves the newly united mother and son alone. JR says that nothing has changed and that Adam is still trying to get between JR and his mother. Di and JR talk about how they both have changed and wonder where to go from here. Di says that she wants to get to know her son and grandson. Di wants to take the baby on a park date. During this touching scene in walks Amanda, "Cue the violins", she sneers, "I think I'm gonna puke." Amanda proceeds to attack Di about going on the lam for three years for a nip and tuck. After Di leaves JR warns Amanda that she is about to lose her meal ticket. Amanda thinks not and threatens to tell Di about all that JR has been doing. JR asks if Amanda really wants to play this game with him. He tells her to stick to seducing Jamie. Amanda tells JR she needs more money....a lot more. JR replies with, "The bank of JR is closed." Amanda then threatens to tell Di how much JR has paid to break up Babe and Jamie. JR warns her that she stole $10,000 from him and hid it in the "nanny's" mattress. He lets Amanda know that if she pushes him he will have her arrested.

Erica is not happy with how the plans for the show are going and the shows supervising producer of lack there of. While she is complaining about the lack of preparation in walks fertility specialist Dr. Greg Madden. Erica introduces him to her staff as the guest for her first show. While she is talking to him Kendall arrives. Erica introduces her to Dr. Madden as Kendall ‘Hart'. Kendall reminds Erica that it is now Kendall ‘Slater'. After a few smug remarks about Kendall's new last name Erica sends Madden to the green room to wait for her. Erica then tells Kendall that she has had a stroke of genius. She wants Kendall to be her supervising producer. Kendall wants to know if the idea is a trick to get her away from Zach. Erica says that apart from a bogus wedding and Fusion what else does Kendall have to do. Just as Erica is pushing Kendall for an answer in walks Josh Madden announcing that he is Erica's new producer."

- Soap Central