05/13/2005 Lily Asks Jack About The Wedding Being Called Off

"Sam comes home and tells Maddie that Aidan found him. Maddie says that she was going to meet him at their location until Maria walks in and embraces Sam. Maria asks him if he came to get Maddie and Sam responds Aidan dumped him at the door. When Maria talks about her anger and punishment, the kids say she can't do anything because their dad is dead. Maria asks why they ran away and the kids make reference to her being wasted at the party. Maria asks for their forgiveness and says she wants to go to family counseling. Maddie tells her mother she hates her, hates living in the house and hates her life. Sam asks Maria who his biological parents are, which stuns her. Maria tells him that she and Edmund are his parents, but Sam asks again. Maria says she knows who they are, but it does not matter right now, and she is his mother in every way that matters. Sam threatens to end their relationship unless he tells him who his real dad is. Maria says it is someone who used to be family - Bobby, Anita's ex-husband. Sam is shocked and Anita assures him that she is not his mother. Maria explains that Bobby was a teen-ager when Sam was born and his mother is Kelsey Jefferson. They agreed they could not be good parents and Bobby was happy Maria and Edmund adopted him, Maria says. Anita says that Bobby loved him, but he realized he was not fit to be a parent. Sam wonders what Bobby would think about his parents now, that one is dead and another one is in love with Zach. Sam asks about his mother. Maria says Kelsey is a Martin, she is Joe's granddaughter and Tad is his great-uncle. Sam says that is cool and complies when Maria asks him to get Maddie before the counselor arrives. The counselor arrives and Maddie comes down, but says Sam has run away again.

Jamie, Babe and JR gather back at Tad's home after the funeral. Jamie tries to kick JR out, but he insists on staying to hear Phoebe's will read. Babe tells Jamie that Ethan fired JR, so he hoping to get a cut of Phoebe's wealth to buy back Chandler Enterprises. JR leaves and tells them to page him when the lawyer arrives. Jamie tries to go after JR, but Babe stops him. Brooke, Tad and the lawyer arrive before JR can get out the door. Brooke asks him why he is there and JR says Phoebe invited him to the reading of the will. Back inside, Babe tells Jamie that making JR think Dixie is alive then ripping it away is as bad as when they told JR his son was dead. Jamie says it is worth it, but Babe says she is not about revenge and the only way to beat JR is be better than him. Everyone else comes inside. The lawyer starts reading the will, with the first words to Tad, citing that if he looks for love again, don't be a blooming cad. For Brooke, Phoebe says, she filled her life with more laughter than tears and is grateful for every fight and every embrace. To Jamie, he has passed and failed some of life tests and now, he has to pass one of his toughest tests yet, probably with JR's approval, Phoebe says. She says she leaves the bulk of her estate to Jamie so he can fulfill his dream of going to medical school to become a doctor. Everyone is surprised that Jamie wants to be a doctor, but JR cuts in and tries to leave, but the lawyer tells Phoebe has something to say to him too. Phoebe says that she wants to see Jamie and JR together again, but before the lawyer can continue, Sam comes over. Tad asks what is going on. Sam tells him he knows who his real father is and wants to live with him. Phoebe says that, Jamie must dump Babe to get all claims to her estate, the lawyer says.

Kendall calls Ryan a liar and says that she called all of the Dr. Cooper's in the county. When she got the right one, she identified herself as his wife to find out how Ryan should be taken care of after his procedure, Kendall states. Ryan tells her she has crossed the line, but Kendall twists it around on him. She says he is the one who has gone too far by making sure Greenlee can never have a child with him behind her back. Kendall threatens to tell Greenlee about Ryan's betrayal, but he stops her from leaving. Ryan says it is not her place to interfere with their marriage, but Kendall says Greenlee is her friend. She says that he is tricking Greenlee and hasn't even gotten her opinion. Ryan says Greenlee tried to get pregnant and lied to him too. Kendall agrees it was stupid, but his choice is even dumber and he is snatching away Greenlee's dreams. Ryan says the Lavery blood is inside him and he won't pass that onto an innocent child. Kendall tries to tell him he is nothing like his brothers or father. Ryan said he shot his own brother. Kendall reminds him he did it to save them and that she knows it broke his heart. Ryan says when Jonathan threatened to kill them, he forced him to take his father's way out and shoot him. From that day, he promised to do whatever it takes not to hurt the people he loves, Ryan says. He says that he is worried he might get violent if a child gets on his nerves because it is inside of him. Kendall says that she knows him better than anyone, but Ryan admits he is closer than she knows to breaking her jaw. He thinks he could punch her, but she has done things that really hurt him, and he never raised his fist to her, she says. Ryan says that if he tells Greenlee, she will try to stop him and he will tell her after the procedure is done. Kendall says when he tells Greenlee after the operation, she will be even more upset with him. Ryan says Greenlee knows this is their only chance to be happy or the future they want will be dead. He asks her not to mention anything to Greenlee just as she walks in.

Greenlee greets Jackson as he walks into his apartment. Greenlee apologizes about his wedding shower going sour, but that she wants him to marry Erica. Jackson thanks her for the support. Greenlee says she never meant for her problems with Ryan to interfere with his relationship with Erica. Jackson tries to ignore the conversation and wonders why she has become Erica's supporter. Greenlee says that as much as Erica makes him crazy, she is right for him, like Ryan is right for her. Jackson says he is fresh out of ideas to salvage his marriage with Erica and asks what Greenlee thinks he should do. Greenlee says Erica wants to marry Jackson, her feeling are out of whack, so she called off the wedding to make a point. She suggests sweeping Erica off her feet because he loves her. Lily walks in and says that he has to marry Erica. Jackson says he know Lily does not like change, but Erica does it a lot. Lily tells him that Erica said she would be his mother and helped her understand how to make butterflies go away, but that day, she got her first kiss and the butterflies came back. When she tells him the boy was Sam, Jackson looks unhappy. Greenlee leaves to go home and Lily begins asking questions about butterflies, love and sex. Lily starts figuring out all of the negative things that will happen if Jackson does not marry Erica and tells him to go find Erica. Jackson says that he and Erica's situation is complicated, but Lily does not understand and goes to her room.

Erica goes to see Zach to talk about his marriage proposal to Kendall. She tells Zach to leave Kendall alone and marry her instead to get his gambling license back, steal Cambias Industries from Ethan and protect Bianca and Miranda. Zach thinks she is joking, but Erica says she is serious. Zach jokes that Erica wants to marry him to get back to Vegas, but she says she won't allow him to use Kendall as revenge. Erica says the marriage would exist under the same terms he offered Kendall. Zach says her sacrificing herself for Kendall is admirable, but what would Jackson think? Erica says Jackson's feelings do not matter because she called the wedding off. Zach says she is not better than him if she marries him for revenge also. Zach says he is tempted to take her offer, but Kendall will only be angry at Erica for stepping in. Of course she will, Erica says, but it is only for her benefit so Kendall can have a real marriage, not a business arrangement. Zach declines her offer, saying its Kendall or no one. Erica leaves, but not before saying she will make sure Kendall never marries him. She lets herself into Kendall's apartment and someone knocks at the door. When she goes outside to answer it, someone puts a sheet over her and walks off."

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