05/11/2005 Myrtle Consoles Maria

"Ethan arrives at the Chandler Mansion to talk to J.R. He wants him to stay away from Kendall. J.R. refuses to do so and jokes that he's in love. J.R. reminds him that he would move in on her if Ethan hurt her and starts to reminisce about them making love. Ethan tells him that he was only a convenience and it will take more than that to break them up. He says that he still loves Kendall and plans to marry her. J.R. tells him that he isn't giving Kendall up. Ethan replies that every man has his price and he thinks he knows what J.R.'s is. He hands him ownership papers to Chandler Enterprises and tells him that he'll sign it over...if he leaves Kendall alone. J.R. tears the papers up. Ethan gets on his phone and orders a bad business deal, that J.R. had dropped, to go through. The deal will make J.R. look bad and lose Chandler Enterprises millions. Ethan threatens to continue to make such deals and flush the company down the drain.

Jamie introduces Amanda to Babe and explains that she is staying with the Chandlers. Babe warns her about J.R. Amanda tells them about J.R. being livid that Jamie had stopped by. She can't believe how they hate each other now when they used to be so close. She tells Jamie that they have to make up. He replies that it isn't going to happen. She is shocked when they tell her about Babe's three-hour visit a week with her son and how J.R. is trying to take that from her, as well. Babe admits that she has made many mistakes. Jamie is paged away on a job. After he is gone, Amanda tells her how her own mother has also made many mistakes and she was kept from her for a long time because of it. She relates to Babe's situation and thinks it is wrong to keep a mother from her child. They talk for a while and the conversation turns to Krystal. Amanda tells her that she'd like to meet her. Babe explains how Krystal is in prison. Amanda says that they should go visit her the next week. Babe is surprised that she'd offer to go with her. Amanda confides that her mother has also gone to prison, but that didn't stop her from loving her. They realize that they have a lot in common and are going to be good friends.

At the Valley Inn, Greenlee and Kendall start to argue about who is responsible for Jackson and Erica's problems. Each blames the other. Kendall tries to convince her to give Jackson a break. Greenlee is too angry to consider it. Kendall tells her that if she wants to punish him, do it after the wedding. She goes on to say that it's up to them to help Jackson and Erica because if they don't go through with this wedding, they never will. Greenlee says it isn't her problem and she isn't interfering. Kendall replies that it is their problem...if Erica doesn't have Jackson, she'll put all of her focus into Kendall. Kendall has a daydream of Erica ordering her around on the set of "New Beginnings" and putting her on the spot, telling the audience that they will be working together and moving in together. They have on the same dress. When Erica mentions an on-air bikini wax, Kendall screams "no!" into the camera. Greenlee snaps her out the daydream. Kendall tells her to think about the extra time Jackson will have to control his children, if Erica isn't around. Greenlee has her own daydream. Jackson is ordering her, Lily and Reggie like a drill sergeant. They are all dressed in traditional Nordic costumes. After running through their list of duties, including signed divorced papers from Greenlee, Jackson tells them that they are going to travel around the world on foot, starting with Austria. As yodeling starts to play, Greenlee starts to scream. She comes out of her daydream and tells Kendall that she is right. She agrees to help them and they leave immediately.

Lily stashes Sam at Bianca's old apartment. She tries to convince him to flee to New Zealand, by taking a bus to an airport far from there He asks why there. She tells him that her mother used to read her a book about it and she always been fascinated with it. He asks her if she would come to visit him there and she tells him that she would like that. He asks her what happened to her mother. She tells him that she was killed...like his father. They also discover that they have being adopted in common. Lily gets a call from Reggie to come home. She leaves.

Jackson confronts Erica about having second thoughts. She admits that she is. He is upset that she hasn't said anything about it. She wants to talk about it now and hash it out right there. They are interrupted by Reggie, who says that he has plans for them. They try to get him to leave, so they can talk in private. Not realizing that they are fighting, he tells them that he wants to stay home and spend some quality time with them before the big day. After going on about the wedding, he catches on that they are not getting along. He gets angry and goes to his room. Erica is relieved that they can finally talk. Jackson angrily tells her that he is sick of talking and when she makes up her mind, to let him know before he gets to the alter. Lily comes home and they ask her if she's seen Sam. She admits that she has, but won't tell them where he is because he is her client and she won't betray his confidentiality. She goes to her room to avoid further questions. Erica mentions that Sam must be safe and needs some time to himself. Jackson attacks her, saying that she thinks she knows her kids, his kids and now Maria's better then anyone else. She warns him not to go there as he hurtfully says that she thought she knew Maddie the best as an infant, when she wanted her for her own. Erica is stunned at his words. At that moment, there is a knock at the door. Reggie and Lily come out to answer it. Opal, Myrtle, Livia, Danielle, Greenlee, Kendall, Palmer and Joe have all arrived for a surprise wedding shower. Erica looks helpless as they put a veil on her head and give them gag gifts to open. Greenlee and Kendall notice the tension between Jackson and Erica and agree that they have to do something. Lily answers the door and accepts a cake from the caterer. She slips out unnoticed. She takes the cake up to Sam and tells him that Reggie said the cake was for friends, so she thought he'd like some. She also gives him a picture frame for his photo of Edmund, saying that it made her feel better to wake up to one of her mother and thought he would like to do the same with this one. He is touched. She offers to help him find his biological father. He declines. She wonders if he thinks she isn't smart enough to find him. He tells her that he thinks she is very smart. He tries to kiss her, but she tells him not to touch her and she runs out of the apartment. Lily returns home just as Kendall and Greenlee get everyone's attention to make a toast. Greenlee tells Erica that she makes Jackson very happy and although they haven't got along well in the past, she is sure that she will grow to love her. She chokes out that last part. She then tells Jackson that she knows he is only trying to protect her and that she loves him and can't wait to stand up for him at the wedding. Kendall apologizes to them for all of the trouble she caused them in the past. She tells Jackson how great he is and that the Kane women sometimes are afraid to embrace what they want because they think they don't deserve it. She says that Erica does deserve to be happy and that means marrying him. She tells them that their marriage will create a big, happy family. Greenlee and Kendall acknowledge that they are sisters and awkwardly say that they love each other. They toast to Jackson and Erica. Kendall asks to hear from the happy couple. There is a silent pause and Erica gets up to say something. She tells Jackson that the wedding is off and leaves. Everyone is stunned."

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