05/16/2005 Phoebe's Will

"When Greenlee got home, she asked Kendall what she was doing there. Kendall told Greenlee that she and Ryan had talked about his visit with the doctor. Ryan told Greenlee that he would do anything he had to do so that nobody else gets hurt by the Lavery legacy. Kendall and Greenlee bantered back and forth about who knew Ryan best and Kendall told Greenlee that she didn't know what was going on with him. Greenlee told Kendall that although she and Ryan had a history, their marriage was a completely different relationship. Greenlee told her that there were no secrets in their marriage. Ryan said that he and Greenlee had talked through everything and Kendall said she was relieved that he had told Greenlee all about his visit to the doctor's office. Greenlee asked what the problem was and Ryan told her that the doctor clarified some things for him and he felt better. Kendall, not about to let it go, told Greenlee and Ryan that she wished them luck with their new and improved totally honest relationship. Greenlee poured her and Ryan a glass of wine and began telling him what she had told Jack to convince him to get back with Erica. Ryan then told her that Kendall was not trying to cause trouble between them and that he had told the doctor that he could not risk bringing a child into the world. Greenlee, still under the impression that the doctor to whom Ryan referred was a counselor and not one who performed vasectomies, told him she would stick by him no matter what. She continued to talk about how their children would not be twisted, but would be like them. He told Greenlee that every decision he made was to protect her and for their marriage.

Sam asked Tad if he could live with him. Tad asked Sam when he found out that he was part of the Martin family. Maria followed her hunch and called Tad to find Sam. He told her that he would take Sam home. Anita told Maria to stop blaming herself. She told Maria that both she and Sam needed time. Sam continued to insist that he wanted to find and live with either of his biological parents. He told Tad that if he wouldn't help find his parents, he would do it on his own. Tad told Sam to be honest and admit that this wasn't about being adopted but about being mad at his mother. Maria told Sam that she knew she made mistakes and she took the blame for her mistakes. She also told him that she understood that he was mad but not to give up because she loved him more than life. Tad told Sam to face his problems and deal with them but no to run from them. Tad told Maria that Sam didn't hate her, but that he was just angry and confused.

J.R taunted Jamie about the details of Phoebe's will. Not only would Jamie have to give up Babe to get his inheritance, but Phoebe also put J.R. in charge of Jamie's trust. Phoebe further instructed that J.R. is to monitor Jamie making sure that he dumped "that floozy" and at that time J.R. is to make opportunities available for Jamie at the best schools. Babe apologized to Jamie and he told her that she had no reason to be sorry. J.R. called Babe a loser and Jamie told him he could take the money straight to hell. Brooke told J.R. that he didn't hold all the cards and J.R. told Jamie that it was only a matter of time until he sees Babe for the dish rag she really was. Tad told Jamie that whatever he decided, he would be behind him one hundred percent. Jamie told Brooke that there was no way he was leaving Babe and that he didn't want the inheritance. Brooke and the attorney left Jamie and Babe alone to talk. Brooke assured Jamie that there were ways around Phoebe's will and they would find it. Babe told Jamie if she had known that he had ambitions of being a doctor that she would have never let him help kidnap little Adam or go into hiding. Jamie told her that he didn't care about the money and Babe told him that everyone cared about money. She told him that his Aunt Phoebe had made it so easy for him to go to school and become a doctor and he told her that she might as well have asked him to rip out his heart. Babe told him that she loved him as much as he loved her but he needed to seriously consider Phoebe's offer.

Jack kidnapped Erica and took her to a yacht. He told her that he put seventeen years into loving her and he was not going to walk away without a fight. She asked Jack what he expected to gain from kidnapping her and he replied, "an apology." Erica told him the only thing she was sorry for was trusting him. Jack offered Erica her favorite, penne putanesca. Erica ambled to the table, picked up the plate of pasta, opened Jack's jacket and dumped it in. Jack then picked up the dessert plate and just when it looked like it may be a scene from "Animal House", he put the plate down and told her he wouldn't stoop that low. Erica told Jack that she would not put up with such tyranny and he replied that she would put up with it until she apologized to him and he would then decide if it would be worth continuing their relationship. He told her that she loved him until he wouldn't obey her orders. Jack continued to try to get Erica to say she was wrong. Erica told Jack that he too was to blame. Jack told her that she was looking for a yes man and she told him that she was looking for someone who would support her. She told Jack that she had to resort to desperate measures. He asked her what she meant and she told him that she had offered to marry Zach instead of Kendall. Jack told her that he needed some air and to put some distance between the two of them before he did something he regretted for the rest of his life. Erica, resourceful as always escaped from the locked cabin through the window.

Kendall went to Zach's house, told him to get a bottle of champagne and his car keys because they were driving to the nearest justice of the peace to get married. She told him whatever doubts she had about marrying for business were over because coupling for love sucks. She listed the dysfunctional couples of Pine Valley and said she wanted vows that stood for money, power and revenge. He told her that she and Ethan still had a shot at happiness and she needed to think about that. She told Zach that she didn't give a damn about Ethan and he asked her if she would be that flip when Ethan looked at her as if he wanted to tear her heart out. He told Kendall that Ethan will hate her and she needed to prepare for that. J.R. overheard and told Kendall not to worry because he would be there to help her through it. Zach told "Junior" to go inside because the grownups were talking. Kendall told Zach to be nice to her lover. J.R. offered to stand up for Zach at his wedding and went inside to wait for Kendall. Zach told her that their open marriage went both ways and he too had a proposal earlier. Kendall asked who the lucky lady was and he told her it was her mother. He told Kendall that Erica offered her hand in marriage so that she wouldn't have to marry him. He also told Kendall that he turned Erica down. Zach told Kendall to consider the fallout their marriage would cause. J.R. then entered and told Kendall that she thinks too much, and kissed her passionately."

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