05/03/2005 Adam Collapses

"Brooke called emergency services as Adam suffered another attack. After Adam got himself together, he took the phone from Brooke and hung it up as she spoke to the operator. He told her that there was nothing to worry about. He continued to deny that anything was wrong. She told him she thought he had just suffered a stroke. Adam told her to stop with the diagnosis and she told him that this was very serious. She continued to ask him health questions and he continued to fight her. She told Adam that she was going to take him to the emergency room. Brooke told him that she just lost one man she loved and was not going to lose another. She picked up an oar and threatened Adam with bodily harm if he did not cooperate. He told her he would go. At the hospital, Jamie found Brooke and told her that he and Aunt Phoebe had been playing cards when she began having trouble breathing. Jamie told Brooke that Phoebe was in intensive care and may not live.

Erica continued to appeal to Zach to save Maria from Ethan. She told him if Maria woke up hating herself because of what she did with Ethan, it would have happened because of his pride. Meanwhile, Maria and Ethan were heating things up when Ethan pulled away citing that she has had too much to drink. Maria slipped off her dress and asked him to make her feel better. Maria, still very drunk, saw Zach's face instead of Ethan's and told him she wanted him. Zach left Erica in the bar and saw Jack. Erica heard Jack and Zach and insisted to Jack that Zach had to help Maria get away from Ethan. Maria told Ethan that he was the most incredible man she ever knew, all the while she continued to call him Zach. Ethan put Maria in bed and told her that he wasn't Zach. When she realized that Ethan wasn't Zach she looked around the room and called for him. She asked Ethan where Zach was, and with the usual perfect timing, Zach was in the doorway. Maria smiled bigger than a Cheshire cat when she saw him and told him she was glad he was there. He told Ethan that Maria had been through enough tonight and to get away from her. Ethan made sure to bait Zach and asked him what he cared about Maria anyway. Ethan then went to the bed and put his arms around Maria. Ethan, not about to stop playing Zach told him that it was Maria who wanted him and came onto him. Zach threw Ethan (physically) out of the hotel room. Maria told Zach that she dreamed that he told her he loved her and they start all over again. Professing her love for him, she asked if they could make love. Zach told Maria to get some sleep. Zach watched her sleep for a while, and when Maria awoke she tried to coax him into bed.

Ethan saw Simone in the bar and asked where Kendall was. Simone in her own way let Ethan know that Kendall was somewhere else. After the typical cat and mouse conversation, Simone let it slip that Kendall was with J.R.

Kendall told J.R. after a session of passionate kissing that she didn't want to be stupid and make another mistake. She asked J.R. if she would ever be normal and he replied that he hoped not. J.R. flattered Kendall again and she told him not to try to make her feel better. Kendall said that he has had a front row seat to every one of her stunts. He said he got a rush watching her in action. She told him it might be easier to be ordinary. He continued the seduction routine, suggesting a dip in the hot tub. He told her that he would go with whatever she wanted and with no obligation. After the hot tub, J.R. took Kendall in his arms and carried her inside. Ethan showed up on J.R.'s patio and saw Winifred the maid. She told him that J.R. didn't want to be disturbed."

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