05/05/2005 Greenlee Asks Kendall For Help

"JR comes into his room to find an unknown girl in his bed. Before she has a chance to explain, JR jumps to the conclusion that this is part of a setup, courtesy of Jamie, Babe or Tad. Unmoved by her protests, JR races around the room to try to find evidence of this latest conspiracy. The young girl denies everything but JR demands to know how much Babe is paying her to make him look bad. Indignant, the girl introduces herself as Amanda but this doesn't ring any bells with JR. He asks her how old she is, and all she will tell him is that she is legal. Enraged, JR throws a shirt at Amanda and tells her that he is going to call the cops and have her arrested as an adult. He storms out and leaves her standing there dejectedly.

Out on the terrace, Di reminds Tad that he knows her from their run in on the mountain the night of the explosion, and the day that she was hired. Tad doesn't think those explanations fit, asking if she'd ever met anyone that she felt she had known before. She suggests that perhaps they met in another life, and they briefly explore those possibilities. Then, Di suggests that perhaps it wasn't another life where they met. Intrigued, Tad asks what she means by that. They stare at each other unwaveringly for a moment, and then, out of discomfort, Di backs down. She asks if Tad came to see someone that she can fetch for him, but Tad insists that he came to see her. He probes into her experiences thus far at the Chandler estate, believing that she would soon be giving her notice. Di insists that things are not that bad, and that Adam's bark is much worse than his bite. After a moment, Di asks what Tad's connection is to the Chandlers. Tad admits that he was married to JR's mother before she escaped from Adam. Upon hearing that, Di utters the words "Together Forever." Stunned by her choice of words, Tad quickly asks how she knew about that phrase. Di promptly covers by saying that she had been speaking with JR about Dixie, and he told her the story. She apologizes for intruding on his memories, and Tad dismisses it, saying everyone has some baggage in their closet. With that, Di realizes that Tad didn't just come over for a social call - he came to check her out. Tad makes no attempt to hide the truth from her.

Just at that moment, JR comes exploding on to the terrace. He sees his former stepfather, and feels that everything makes sense. He rants about how Tad brought up the possibility that Dixie might be alive, and then planted a teenage hooker in his bed. Tad denies responsibility for both things, specifying that the latter is not his style. His outrage is cut short when Amanda stumbles upon the conversation. She greets Tad by name, and goes to his open arms for comfort. JR takes that as proof that Tad is responsible for the set up and vows to call the police immediately. Before he can get back into the house, Tad informs him that if he follows through - the cops will be arresting Hayley's cousin, Amanda Dillon. JR is immediately apologetic and is calm enough to listen to her tale. Hayley was supposed to contact JR and let him know that Amanda would be staying there while she attended the summer session at PVU. Mortified that she simply barged in and made herself at home, Amanda insists that she gather her things and find a hotel. Tad calls out to her to stop her, and then quietly urges JR to be human and invite her to stay. JR follows Tad's advice for once and opens the house to Amanda. Di then introduces herself and offers to help her find a different room to set up house in. Amanda takes a moment to protest one more time, saying that she would be perfectly fine finding somewhere else to stay, but JR won't hear of it.

When the ladies retreat into the house, JR reverts back to his normal self, and asks if Tad received the message he sent via Jamie. Tad, none too happy that JR had his brother pinned under a motorcycle, says that he received the message but that it wasn't warranted. JR still blames Tad for the talk resurfacing about Dixie, but Tad says that he never made any claims that she was alive. JR tells him to leave the subject alone and starts to walk off. Tad follows him in short order and tells him that if he has a problem, he should be man enough to leave his brother out of it and take it directly to the source. JR, looking Tad coldly in the eye, promises that he will bring whatever pain Tad earns directly to him. Tad urges him to try his best. After a moment, Tad explains that he and Jamie are not out to get him, and couldn't have set up a trap for him today even if they wanted to. As expected, JR doesn't believe him, but Tad quickly tells him that he and Jamie were at the hospital, and that Phoebe passed away. Alighting briefly on the news, JR returns to ragging on Tad moments later. He wants to know why Tad was hitting on Di, but Tad corrects him and says that he was actually doing his own background check. JR is interested to see what Tad may have uncovered, but for the moment, there is nothing additional. JR seems satisfied, but Tad advises him to have another nanny waiting - because there is something off about Diana.

Up in the bedroom where she crashed, Di is helping Amanda repack her things before moving to another room. They briefly revisit Amanda's explosive return to town, and then Amanda admits that she feels so at home already. Di thinks that she means just in Pine Valley but Amanda tells her that it's something about the house and the room.

JR notes that he and Tad were never really related, and that Tad would do well to stay away from anyone in or connected to the Chandler family. He starts to walk away, but Diana comes running back out to the terrace to try to help mend fences. She asks JR not to blame Tad for doing what he felt was best in light of the fact that both he and Babe love Little Adam. She adds that she doesn't want to be the cause of any trouble between the two of them. JR assures her that Tad does that very well all on his own, and demands that Tad get off his property. He storms off, leaving Tad and Di alone. Tad vaguely details some of the things that have happened in the house, and she asks if he is trying to scare her. Tad simply tells her he is just trying to be truthful. He offers her lesson number one: never defend him, Babe, or Jamie to JR. It will only get her on JR's bad side.

Babe arrives at work as the night shift bartender is preparing to leave. They exchange pleasantries, and Jim points out that the man at the bar had been there all night and had a tab. When Jim leaves, Babe greets the patron with an offer of a less than appetizing breakfast. The man that turns around to face her is Ryan, and he's not interested. Babe tries to coerce Ryan into some small talk, but after several clipped responses, she realizes that perhaps she is the last person he would want to talk to. Ryan tells her that he is in no position to judge, so she sees a small opening that she might be able to use. She wonders aloud if she can ask Ryan a question, and he gives her permission to do so. She asks how the baby is, and Ryan, misunderstanding, scathingly tells her that she is never to bring up the subject of a baby around him again. Babe, not realizing that anything is amiss, offers up the only breakfast they have as a peace offering. She further explains that she will never forgive herself for what she did to Bianca and Miranda, but that she thought perhaps he could tell her how they are faring overseas. It then hits Ryan that he completely misjudged what Babe was asking, and takes down his attitude a few notches. He tells her that Bianca and Maggie are doing fine, and that although they hadn't talked about Miranda much, he was sure she was doing just fine. Babe starts to prattle on randomly, and Ryan can only put up with it for a few moments. She tries to reverse the table and be the listener, but fails miserably. Ryan finally asks her to just be quiet and get him another beer.

Kendall and Zach sit in the dining room at the Valley Inn, and she wonders aloud about what could possibly stop them from getting married that day. Assured that anything that would come up would be surmountable, Kendall accepts his proposal. When her answer doesn't elicit a response, she realizes that Zach's eyes are fixed at a point behind her head. She turns around to find Ethan and Maria standing behind her, having heard every word. Without missing a beat, Kendall launches into an attack on both parties - feigned surprise that Maria is even allowed in the dining area after the fiasco last night, and a suggestion that perhaps Ethan could continue their date and cook her breakfast elsewhere. Before she could get a solid foothold in her assault, Kendall spies Greenlee waving her over from the door. Before she excuses herself, she asks the groom to be not to start the wedding without her.

With Kendall gone, Ethan, ever the gentleman, confirms that Maria is all right and unhurt. Zach looks on with amusement for a moment, and then starts to goad his son. Ethan readily takes the bait but before they can start another all out war, Maria pleads with them to stop. She lays out what all of them did in the last 24 hours to hurt each other, and then tells the boys that it needs to stop. She notes that they are both good guys, but that when they are in a room together, they combust. She further notes that while she is in no position to preach to anyone, she believes that they need to find a way to call a truce. She reminds them that in the beginning, both of them were actually looking out for each other's best interest - but because things didn't go as they envisioned, now it's all about the challenge and besting one another. Maria admits that not only does she not want to see them that way, but also that if they keep going down that road, they will end up right where she is. She notes that they can destroy each other if they like, but the better option would be to find a way to resolve their differences amicably. She walks out, leaving them to consider all that she said. Ethan folds first and says that perhaps Maria is correct: perhaps they should call a truce now while they're both still in one piece. Ethan thinks that they can cut a clean business deal where they both come out ahead, now that both Kendall and Maria are out of the way. Zach reminds his son that he offered Kendall a business deal, nothing more. He admits that he would gladly withdraw his proposal if Ethan would sign everything over. Ethan then tells him that while Kendall may be off the table, Maria is not. Ethan knows, after last night, that Maria is still in love with Zach - and Ethan is willing to help out. Instead of immediately taking him up on his deal, Zach points out that the women they love are not the point. The real prize, at least to Ethan, is the Cambias fortune - the very thing that Zach is intent on taking away. Ethan asks if they can draw up a treaty, but Zach is unwilling to bend. He will only agree to a truce if Ethan gives up everything. If not, they will have to settle everything in court. This enrages Ethan, and he declares the match far from over.

Greenlee quickly informs Kendall that they have a huge problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Kendall initially protests, saying that she was just about to go off and marry Zach. Greenlee knows that Kendall's plans can wait, and drags her off to the bathroom so that they can talk without interruption. They burst into the bathroom, and after locking the door and making sure there were no other people inside, Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan is missing. She further informs Kendall that Ryan has now stayed out for two consecutive nights. Kendall, not exactly up-to-date on the details, asks for more information. Greenlee tells her that she is afraid that she has finally pushed Ryan away for good, and needs her help. Greenlee then tells Kendall that she is her secret weapon that will help her get Ryan back. Kendall realizes that the door is now open to get Greenlee to admit that she was wrong, and starts listing all of the wrong tactics that Greenlee chose to use instead of asking for help in the beginning. Exasperated, Greenlee pleads with Kendall to just figure out a way to close the chasm between her and her husband. Kendall agrees to help, but wants to know one thing before either of them make a move: Is Greenlee truly sorry for trying to trick Ryan into having a baby, or is she just sorry that she got caught? Greenlee says that she will never be sorry for wanting a baby with Ryan, and Kendall explains that the point was how Greenlee went about it. Kendall believes that Greenlee's tactics are what push Ryan farther away. Greenlee tells her that Ryan wanted a baby as well, before he started believing that he was like his brothers and his father. Kendall is slightly taken aback that Ryan would subscribe to that line of thinking. Greenlee then tells her that his thought patterns are eating away at him and she no longer knows how to reach him. She confirms that he won't go to therapy because he isn't up to talking to anyone these days. Kendall is certain that Greenlee has a way to get through to him, but Greenlee is at a loss. She admits to Kendall that she is terrified that she is looking at the beginning of the end of her marriage. Kendall urges her to keep fighting, and Greenlee tells her that even Jonathan couldn't split them up - so she will keep fighting until her last breath. Whether she wants the truth or not - she has to find out what's going on. She asks Kendall if she is on board, and this time, Kendall agrees completely.

Greenlee and Kendall start to plot out ways to find Ryan when Greenlee's cell phone rings. She answers it and finds that Babe is on the other end. She starts to hang up but Babe manages to tell her that Ryan is at the Roadside Bar, where she works, and that he's in a dark place. She thinks that he needs help, and she thought it best that she call. Greenlee quickly gets off the phone and starts to dash out the door but Kendall stops her. She tells Greenlee that she can either rush over to the bar without thinking and push Ryan even farther away, or she can stop for a minute and listen to the advice Kendall is about to give her.

A short time later, as Babe is trying to keep Ryan at the bar, Kendall swoops in and descends on Ryan. Immediately suspicious as to the reason why Kendall showed up, he eyes Babe warily and tries to settle his bill so that he can make a fast getaway. Still trying to stall, Babe tells Ryan that she needs to go through his tab to make sure everything is in order. Kendall tries to order a drink for herself and one for Ryan, but Babe tries to intrude by telling Kendall that Ryan doesn't want company. Knowing that Babe is unaware that she is working with Greenlee, Kendall invites Babe to get lost so that she can talk to Ryan. Just then, she sees Greenlee hiding underneath the bar and realization dawns. She falls in line and goes to retrieve the requested drinks. Meanwhile, Kendall tries valiantly to get information about Ryan's feelings out. When her first tactic fails, she attempts to neutralize the situation by turning the conversation around on herself and her impending nuptials. Ryan urges her not to do it, but Kendall brushes his advice off. She makes another attempt to find out what's going through Ryan's head but he declares the subject off topic. Kendall says that if things between him and Greenlee are bad, Greenlee will take it out on everyone in the office. Still not making any headway, she takes a different tack and offers herself up. While Greenlee listens in, Kendall tells Ryan that they were really good together and that if he is really done with Greenlee, they should try to be together again.

Maria returns home, and audibly flashes back to things that were said the night before during her drunken binge. Before she can wallow for too long, the doorbell rings. She opens it to find Myrtle on the other side. Without a word from Maria, Myrtle announces that she knew Maria would be feeling low and that's why she came over - to be a friend. They settle down in the living room, and Myrtle commiserates with Maria over getting drunk and causing a scene. They get a good laugh out of Myrtle's old stories and then Maria takes the opportunity to ask how Myrtle feels about Zach. Myrtle admits that she likes Zach very much, and Maria wants to know why. Myrtle admits that while Zach is a complex person, he's very fascinating and a good person. Then, Myrtle addresses how Maria is dealing with all that happened, and Maria admits that her stunt last night didn't help. Feeling badly for her, Myrtle tries to break some news to her gently before anyone else could. She shows her the front page of the newspaper, which details all of the antics from the night before. She then tells Maria that she'll need to brace herself because the kids will probably see the story. Just then, the phone rings and upon answering, Maria finds a teacher from the kids' school on the other end. She finds out that Sam and Maddie didn't show up at school. She then looks down and sees a piece of paper by the phone. She opens it up, and finds a note saying they ran away from home.

Amanda visits JR in his room, and he asks if she's settled in. She tells him that she is, but what she really wanted to do was apologize again for crashing without notice. She tells him that if he ever changes his mind, all he needs to do is let her know. He tells her that she is more than welcome and that he would like to do something nice as an apology. She tells him she'd like to do something nice for him as well."

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