05/02/2005 Adam Has An Attack

"A drunken Maria informed the assembled guests at the awards dinner that she would not accept the posthumous humanitarian award being given to Edmund because Edmund wouldn't have wanted her to have the award. Maria lashed out as Brooke stood quietly by. When Zach arrived to be by Kendall's side, Maria seized the moment to point out how her ex-lover had poured salt into her wounds by going after Kendall. Erica spoke up, encouraging Maria to get a good night's rest and decide in the morning if she truly wanted the award or not. Ethan arrived by Maria's side and escorted off to a room at the Valley Inn where he hoped she could sleep off her drunkenness.

After Maria left, the showdowns continued. Jack blasted Ryan for his recent behavior and for having troublemaking brothers that had turned his family's life upside-down. A furious Jack said that he could only hope that the insanity would be over by the time Ryan and Greenlee had children of their own. Ryan then took turns lashing out at Jack and Mary Smythe, saying that neither one of them had the right to talk about what it meant to be a good parent. He then assured them that he would never be having children with Greenlee.

Brooke took to the ladies' room to freshen up. There she was met by a sneering Mary Smythe. Mary pointedly noted that much of Maria's current problems stem from Brooke's past actions. Mary then warned Brooke not to turn to Adam for comfort during these hard times. Despite the fact that she had showed up at the event on Palmer's arm, Mary insisted that she still had her eyes on Adam. Almost on cue, Adam started pounding on the door to the restroom demanding to see Brooke. Brooke opened the door and a valiant Adam whisked her away to get some fresh air.

Elsewhere at The Valley Inn, Zach tore into Erica for having blabbed to Edmund that he and Maria had been having an affair. Zach rationalized that the seeds of doubt that Erica had planted had eventually helped fuel Edmund's rage. Erica insisted that she harbored no ill-will towards Maria, but Zach didn't buy it and warned her to stay away from Maria. Later, Zach blasted Kendall for having invited him to witness Maria's breakdown.

JR arrived and asked Kendall to leave with him. Kendall reminded him that she had a business arrangement to marry Zach. Pulling Kendall close, JR mentioned that he believes in mixing business with pleasure.

At the boathouse, Adam surprised Brooke by making a pass at her. Brooke rolled her eyes and told Adam that even though his niceness was greatly appreciated, she would not be blinded by the moment and fall helplessly into his arms. Adam smiled slightly and assured Brooke that when she was ready to fall, he would be there to catch her. Suddenly, Adam's lightheadedness returned and he struggled to remain upright.

Back at a room at The Valley Inn, Ethan convinced Maria that she should go to bed. Maria resisted, but eventually fell into bed. When she looked up at Ethan, she imagined that Zach was there in front of her. Thinking that he was Zach, she then begged Ethan to make love to her."

- Soap Central