04/06/2005 JR Frames David

"Erica leaves Kendall a message, asking her to call back when she returns from "thinking things through" about Ethan. Her doorbell rings and it's Adam. He jokes that he will not marry her again when he notices an arrangement of flowers in her hands. She asks why he is there. He tells her that he wants revenge and explains what happened with David and their botched agreement. Adam tries to convince Erica to befriend David, make him believe that she has forgiven him to get Liza's whereabouts and then double-cross him. Although Erica believes in Adam's cause, she wants to know what is in it for her. When he asks her what she wants, she tells him that she would love to have her own television show. She goes on to say that it would be called "New Beginnings" and would be a reality/interview show, which will help women who are stuck in their current lives. She jokingly adds that she'll match her knowledge of marriage against Dr. Phil, anytime. Adam laughs and after some stroking of each other's egos, they make a deal.

Maria finds Brooke waiting in her living room. She tells her that she is not in the mood to deal with her and tells her to go home. Brooke replies that she can't go because Edmund's lawyer asked her to be there for the reading of Edmund's will. Maria is surprised that she forgot about it and wonders why Jackson did not contact her. The doorbell rings and Livia is let in with a man and tells Maria that Jackson is in the middle of a family crisis and has asked her to take over for him. Livia introduces the man with her as Lloyd Nutley, Edmund's divorce attorney, and tells Maria that he contacted them. Lloyd informs them that after Edmund filed for divorce, he contacted him to draw up a new will. Confused, Maria tells him that they dropped their divorce petitions and that the old will should still stand. He tells her that he contacted Edmund immediately after she dropped her petition and Edmund was insistent on proceeding with his own petition. Maria doesn't understand and says that it may have been that way in the beginning, but they had reconciled and were committed to working things out. He tells her that he spoke with Edmund the day before he died and that he was still determined to proceed with the divorce. Maria is stunned. Livia tells Maria that Edmund left all of his properties and money to Sam and Maddie. Maria asks if he even mentions her in his will. Livia says yes and reads, "To my ex-wife, I leave my best wishes. May she be granted conjugal visits with her lover, Zach Slater." Hurt by his words, Maria asks what he left Brooke. Livia reads that she is to receive all of his Fusion stock, his library of first editions, his Pulitzer Prize and the rights to the publication of his authorship. She goes on to say that Brooke has been made the executor of his will and the trustee to the children's estate. Maria is in shock and disbelief. She lashes out at Brooke and accuses her of setting this up and trying to ruin her marriage since she and Edmund were reunited. She tells Brooke that she will not let Edmund reward her for it. She informs Edmund's lawyer that since the will stated that Maria was his ex-wife and that they were still legally married at the time of his death, she will fight it. He starts to object, but Livia agrees that they have a case. Just then, Sam and Maddie walk into the room. Maria tells them that are interrupting something important and asks that they go upstairs. Sam asks Edmund's lawyer to confirm that she can't order them around anymore. Maddie adds that this is their house now. They walk over to Brooke and tell her that their dad trusted her, not their mother, and they know that she is in charge now. Maria objects and says that it is a misunderstanding. Sam says that their dad made it very clear. Brooke looks very uncomfortable as they ask her to make Maria leave.

J.R. and Palmer are at the hospital, discussing the plan to have J.R. replace Adam's position on the Board. Palmer assures him that it will not be a problem, but asks why he would want to replace his father. J.R. explains how Adam betrayed him by cutting a deal with David and now he will pay for it. David walks into the room and makes a remark about J.R. biting the hand that feeds him. J.R. notices Babe walk up behind David and tells him to take out the trash. David asks her why she is there and she tells him that she thought that she knew him, but she was wrong. Palmer jokes with J.R. about the joy of watching David's custodial duties and J.R. tells him that he has much worse planned for him. He notices Joe give Anita a key to the E.R.'s medicine cabinet. He comes over to her and distracts her with an apology about his actions towards her and Bianca. When he mentions Edmund, she gets upset and he grabs the key as he comforts her with a hug. Babe tells David what she knows about his past. He says that he is not proud about what he did and assures her that she is the most important thing to him and he promises that he will not betray Liza to Adam. J.R. walks up to them and makes a snide remark that angers David. Babe drags David away from him and reminds him that hitting him won't help them. As they talk, J.R. strolls up to David's cleaning cart and plants a bottle of pills in it. Babe and David walk back over to J.R. and he makes another remark. This prompts Babe to shove J.R. into David's cart and the bottle of pills fall onto the floor. Joe notices the bottle and picks it up. He reads the label and tells David that he has some explaining to do. David replies that he has never seen the bottle before and adds that he would need a key to get access to the E.R.'s medicine cabinet, anyway. Joe then inspects David's cart and finds the key in it. Babe asks what it is and David replies that it's all J.R. needs to frame him. Joe asks him if he stole the key and pills and David asks Joe why he would do such a thing. J.R. makes a comment about the street value on the drugs and says that he'll call the police.

Ryan is shaken by the dream that he had of his father. Tad walks into the room and asks him what is wrong. He tells him and says that he needs to be alone to figure out the clues. Tad reminds him that Braden is very dangerous, so don't go off alone to be a hero. Ryan can't figure out why Braden wants him dead. Tad tells him that he is psychotic and irrational. He goes on to say that one thing is certain, the last line of his clues stating that "three brothers equal zero" means that he plans to kill both of his brothers and then himself...or he'll have the police do it. Ryan suspects that they are being purposely distracted by their location and starts to worry that he should go back to Pine Valley. As they get ready to go, he hears Greenlee shout out. Tad doesn't hear it. Ryan is convinced that she is in danger. Tad tries to assure him that she is safely at Lily's school and leaves the room to check in with the police. When he returns, Ryan is gone. He hears someone approaching and hides behind the door. It turns out to be Aidan, who has some important news about the prescription that he found in Braden's shrine. After he tells Tad what he discovered, Tad says that they need to find Ryan and they run out of there.

Jonathan yells at Greenlee that he can't trust her and killing them is the only way. Greenlee pleads with him and says that if he harms her, Ryan will be devastated and would never forgive him. She goes on to say that Ryan loves her more than his own life. Jonathan tells her that Braden's new plan is to kill her because Ryan would suffer more if he had to go on without her. Lily starts to ask Jonathan where Braden is, saying that it doesn't make sense for him to hurt Ryan just because Braden wants him to...unless he also wants to hurt Ryan. Jonathan starts screaming at her to shut up and slams his gun into the bars. Lily gets scared and starts to cry. Greenlee tries to comfort her and tells Jonathan to calm down. Kendall interjects that she is not part of Braden's plan and asks him to let her go. She tries to convince him that Ryan would be happy if she was dead and she is of no use to Braden. She goes on to say that Lily should be allowed to leave with her and that he can keep Greenlee and kill her. Greenlee and Kendall start to argue with each other, while Jonathan tells them to stop. Their argument turns physical and they start to wrestle, as they loudly trade insults. Jonathan unlocks the gate and enters the "cell" to break them apart. When he pulls Kendall off of her, Greenlee grabs a wooden board and hits Jonathan in the stomach. He is winded and they both grab his head and slam it into a crate, knocking him unconscious. Kendall jokes that she doesn't believe Greenlee when she tries to assure her that she didn't mean what she said. Lily is very upset by the whole scene and starts to lose it. They run over to her and try to explain that they were only acting to trick Jonathan. Greenlee starts to count with her, which calms her down. Lily and Greenlee get past Jonathan to escape. As Kendall tries to do so, Jonathan comes to and grabs her leg. He makes all three of them go back into the cell. He yells at Greenlee for trying to escape. She tells him that Braden will do much worse to him and calls him stupid. He hits her and she falls down. He starts yelling at her again and she tells him that if he kills them, he has nothing. Lily tells them that he cannot kill them because he doesn't have the shovel that he used to kill Edmund. They are shocked by her revelation."

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