03/31/2005 Zach Checks On Lily

"Maria walks into Ethan's office and finds Zach there. She inquires as to how he could be there when he is supposed to be in jail, and whether or not they dropped the charges. Zach tells her that the charges are still pending, but that they will be dropped because he didn't kill Edmund. Not surprisingly, Maria doesn't believe him. She tells him that his retraction is meaningless because he already confessed in gross detail how he killed Edmund. Zach tells her that he told her what she wanted - what she needed - to hear. Maria then asks him what the breaking point is - when will she have lost enough to satisfy him? He tells her that it isn't about her - but she refuses to believe that, because it's been about her since he arrived in Pine Valley. He takes that in for a moment, and then tells her that he learned a couple things in prison: who his friends are, and that the truth doesn't matter. Maria retorts that the truth does matter - and not only is it what landed him in jail, it's what will put him back there. Zach asks her why she still needs him - the man she shared a bed with - to be a cold blooded killer and a liar. Unprepared, Maria blows off the question and asks where Ethan is. Zach thinks that she needs Ethan to reassure her once again that Zach is the one who committed the crime. She admits that she needs to see him so that she can obtain the disc Zach was originally going to give to her. He tells her that the disc has been destroyed and that Ethan is the one who did it - because he needs her to hate Zach. Maria again says that she doesn't believe him - and Zach, who seemed to know this was coming, says that she never did. Just then, Ethan appears at the door to his office.

Zach takes the liberty of catching his son up to speed by saying that Maria came for the disc. Ethan is forced to admit that he destroyed it, and Zach quips that they should make a note of that - it's something he didn't lie about. Ignoring her old flame, Maria asks Ethan why, and if there was another copy. Ethan reminds her that she asked him to get rid of it, because she had no need for it. Zach pipes up from behind her and asks his son if he revealed everything that was on the disc. Trying to cover his trail, Ethan admits that there was more on the disc than he originally revealed. Ethan launches into another story about how Edmund was in the wheelchair but that he wasn't alone. There was a casino employee with him and she was all over him. According to Ethan, the last thing that was on the disc before it went to black was the employee trying to kiss Edmund. Ethan believes it ended that way because Zach didn't want her to see Edmund pushing the employee away. He says that Zach's goal was to set the scene and make it appear as if Edmund was deceiving her. He goes on to extol Edmund's virtues, and says that he didn't tell her everything because he didn't see the need to pile garbage on top of her heartache. He tells Maria that he wanted to help preserve her husband's memory, and he insists that she not let Zach's ploys destroy that for her. Zach, who had been sitting by, quietly for the most part, applauds his son for his brilliant deception. Maria asks if it's true - and Zach tells her to make that the last time she asks him that question. Zach tells Maria that she always asks that question - but it's useless because she only agrees to what she wants to be true. Edmund the saint - because Maria said it was true. Zach the killer, and Ethan the eye witness - because Maria said it was true. He asks her what she wants the truth to be about the disc - because in the end, that's all that matters. Ethan starts to step in and come to her rescue, but Zach soundly shuts him down by saying that he wasn't speaking to his son. He tells his son that he has done the Cambias name proud and then he politely excuses himself from the room.

In the library at the Chandler mansion, Kendall's feathers are ruffled because JR effortlessly takes his place at the end of a long line of people that believe Ethan lied to her. She stands by her man and repeats the story of what Ethan saw the night Edmund was murdered. JR is perfectly willing to let her do that, but admits that he wants what is best for her. She insists that she doesn't need a protector, and he counters by saying that he isn't trying to be one. He claims to be looking out for her best interests, and seals it with a kiss. She lets the kiss linger for a moment, and then wrenches out of JR's embrace. She expresses her outrage at his attempt to derail her from the accusations that he laid before her moments before. She calls him out as a liar, which JR doesn't deny. He goes farther and says that not only has she rearranged a fact or two when it was convenient, but Ethan has done his fair share of lying - and he has done it well so far. He is surprised, however, that Kendall hasn't picked up on Ethan's indiscretions. Kendall is indignant over the fact that JR won't let up. She then says that JR's motive is that he wants her. JR doesn't even bother to deny that. He then says that she can defend Ethan all she wants - but that one day she will wake up and find that she fell for another man she couldn't trust. When that day comes, he'll be waiting for her. Infuriated, Kendall storms out.

At the jail, Di listens in as Krystal tears into David for his plan to work with Adam. She reminds him that if he plays a hand with Adam, nothing good will end up happening. Further, she tells him that if Babe gets hurt by any deals that he makes, David will have to contend with Krystal. However, nothing seems to be sinking in because David's attention is fixed on Di. Krystal tries to redirect his attention to the subject at hand, but to no avail. He starts to give Krystal the third degree about the mysterious prisoner, but only gets a first and last name. After that, Krystal suggests asking Di the questions directly. She asks if David knows her, but he admits only that Di looks like someone he used to know. Krystal reminds him in a not so gentle way that all the women in orange are doing hard time - so if he wants a girlfriend, he should look elsewhere. He responds by saying that that he made his choice, and looks at her pointedly. She brings on another reminder and tells him that her heart belongs to Tad, but that she told him to stay away because she's off the market. David tells her that she won't be in there forever, and that he will be waiting for her with Babe, Little Adam and champagne when she finally emerges. Mildly exasperated, she tries to get him back on track by admonishing him for the plot he hatched up with Adam. She tells him that he should have felt badly for offering up Colby in exchange for Little Adam. David tries to tell her not to worry about it, but Krystal wants details. Just then, the guard tells them that their time is up. Krystal wants him to give her a quick breakdown, but David uncharacteristically says that he can't break the rules. He starts to walk out, and Krystal looks over her shoulder to see Di watching everything. A short time later, Di joins Krystal in a game of Rummy. They talk briefly about David, and how he recognized Di - but she blows it off as having a recognizable face. Krystal tries to dig for more info but Di expertly skirts the issue. Krystal comments on how Di knows how to keep things private - even after Krystal laid her soul bare. Unwilling to let one morsel drop, Di just asks for the cards so that she can pick their next game.

Jack opens the door at his apartment and finds Greenlee and Aidan on the other side. After expressing his utter relief at her return, Jack asks Greenlee to fill him in on where Ryan is and if Braden is with him. To Erica's dismay, Greenlee says that she can't tell him anything because Ryan needs to handle things one on one with Braden. Jack is exasperated and demands that his daughter give up the details so that he can get the cops involved and get everything taken care of. Greenlee informs him that the only person who can get close enough to Braden is Ryan - and that's why he has to do this on his own. Tearing up, she tells her father that she is ready to go with Lily to her school, and that she will stay there until Ryan calls her and tells her that it's safe to come home. Jack's expression softens as she admits how much she hates that her husband will have to be bait, and how much he will have to relive to take care of everything. As Jack embraces his daughter in a comforting hug, Erica approaches Aidan and says that she doesn't think Ryan can do this alone. Aidan reminds her that Tad is with Ryan. Before she can protest further, Lily emerges from her bedroom, dressed in a trench coat and fedora. She believes that this will help her be incognito as she travels back to the school. Just then, Jack releases his oldest daughter from his embrace and goes to call the school. Erica takes this moment to offer some words of comfort to Greenlee. Greenlee doesn't think Erica is being honest and this offends Erica, causing her to fall back into old habits. She tells Greenlee that everything will be over soon, and she will go right back to hating her as much if not more than before.

Aidan talks to Lily briefly - thanking her for being such a good friend and partner for a while, and telling her to take care of herself while she is away at school. He is then interrupted by a phone call from Steve, one of his men that he has on the case. He speaks with him for a moment, and then informs Jack that the car has arrived to take Lily and Greenlee away. Before Greenlee goes upstairs to pack her things, roles shift as she reassures Jack that she will be fine and so will Ryan. Reading the expression on his face, Greenlee then tells Jack to stop blaming the situation on Ryan. Jack says that if Ryan hadn't covered for Braden all those years ago, they wouldn't be in the situation. Greenlee counters and says that while Jonathan is a mess and Braden is psycho, Ryan isn't the same man he used to be.

Ryan talks with Braden via cell phone while at the warehouse. He demands that the games end, but Braden replies that they have just begun. This isn't good enough for Ryan and he tells his brother that if he wants him, he'll come get him - tonight. Ryan flies off the handle at his brother - calling him a weak coward for taking out all of his frustrations with their father on him - not directly, but through people weaker than him. He throws down the gauntlet, sounding very much like their father, daring Braden to meet him face to face and finish things once and for all. Ryan abruptly ends the call and Tad, who listened wordlessly, finally speaks up. He says that if what he heard was at all similar to what Patrick Lavery used to spew, he would be messed up as well. He goes to touch his friend on the arm as a gesture of understanding and is met with Ryan, who is wrapped up in the memories, violently jerking back and yelling that he is not to be touched. He starts to trash the warehouse and almost throws a punch at Tad before Tad breaks through and reminds him where he is. He tells Ryan that he needs to keep his cool because that is the exact opposite of what Braden wants him to do. He then tells Ryan it's up to him if he wants to be the victorious one in this whole mess - or if he wants to check out of the world 50 years too early. Ryan mulls it over for a moment before he admits his worst fear: "I am my father." Tad refutes that immediately and says that Ryan is just a good man trying to crawl his way out from underneath a bad legacy. Just then, Ryan's cell phone rings, and when he answers it, Braden tells him that he's coming. After the call concludes, Tad hands a gun over to Ryan. Ryan starts to say that he doesn't need it - but Tad refuses to take it back. Tad says that he will not be the one to tell Greenlee that she is a widow again because Ryan wanted to play the hero. He then starts to leave so that he can cover the back entrance before Braden arrives, and Ryan calls out that the Lavery brothers used to be about bunk beds and trading cards, not bullets and guns. Tad reminds him that this isn't about yesterday, but rather today, tomorrow, and the future that Ryan deserves with Greenlee. At that moment in her apartment, Greenlee slowly packs a picture of her and her husband in with her clothes.

A short time late, back downstairs, Jack and Erica say their goodbyes to Lily and Aidan promises Greenlee that he will make sure Ryan stays safe. They gather their things and head down to the car with the driver. Once gone, Erica quickly excuses herself so that Jack and Aidan can talk. They briefly discuss the medicine that Aidan found at the shrine to Ryan - the same medicine used to poison Greenlee. He says that the medicine - combined with the knife used to stab Jonathan, the bomb at Edmund's funeral and the slug from Ryan's shooting - will all be a part of the mounting evidence against Braden at trial. Frustrated, Jack says that it all means nothing if they can't find Braden and bring him in. He demands that Aidan tell him where Ryan and Tad are so that he can handle Braden himself. Aidan tells him that if Braden smells a set up, he will stay gone - and all their plans are for naught. Erica reemerges at this moment and tells her fiancé that Aidan is right. They already have the best expert on the case: Ryan. Still agitated, Jack reminds them that Braden almost killed one of his daughters, and terrorized another. He refuses to let that happen again.

In the car on the way to the school, Lily tells Greenlee all of the things that they need to do to keep a low profile, like wearing wigs and taking on an alias. Greenlee flips out at the suggestion, saying that she doesn't need an alias - she is Ryan's wife, and she needs to be with him. Lily automatically recognizes this as a meltdown, and offers her system of counting backwards in order to remain calm. At first, Greenlee ignores the suggestion, but after some prodding, joins in. They conclude the counting, and Greenlee seems a bit calmer. Just then, there is a loud bang and the car starts to skid. Once it comes to a stop, they get out and are met by the driver. He explains that it was simply a blowout and that he will have it fixed in no time. Lily suggests that she and Greenlee stand behind some bushes off the side of the road, so as to be less conspicuous. Once hidden, Greenlee apologizes for her outburst. Lily recognizes that Greenlee was overwhelmed, and says she understands. Just then, they hear a noise that sounds like someone knocked the driver out. They rush to see what happened.

Simone comes storming into the Fusion offices, ready to throw herself into a work-related problem. She sees Kendall and hopes that she is on board to help. Kendall immediately starts talking about how she had been wronged again, but Simone tries to get her on track with business. Kendall, in her normal self-absorbed manner, will have none of it. Giving up, Simone asks about the current crisis. Kendall asks if she can guess what JR had the nerve to say to her. When Simone guesses correctly (that JR called Ethan a liar), Kendall gets even more ticked off. Simone tells Kendall that she needs to calm down - after all, she believes her boyfriend...who cares what other people think? Kendall says that she cares because every word against him hurts Ethan. Simone tells her to take control back - shut the grapevine down. Kendall is at a loss as to how to do that. Simone tells her to get a hold of David's truth serum and have a little fun. Kendall says that she tried testing Ryan and that blew up in her face - she isn't going to do that with Ethan. Simone asks if she's afraid of losing Ethan or finding out the truth. Kendall states that she has the truth - no tricks, and no drugs. She then cops an attitude and says that Simone shouldn't be trying to give advice. In an effort to avoid the fight they are clearly headed toward, Simone gathers her things and goes to work in the back room. Kendall mutters to herself that she has the truth.

Back at the Chandler library, JR is sitting on the couch with his son when David enters the room. JR demands that he leave because David has no legal right (according to the custody agreement) to random visitation. David promises that JR will be interested in what he has to say, but JR is doubtful. He tells JR that Adam was willing to trade Little Adam for Colby.

After Zach leaves, Ethan explains to Maria that his father will do whatever he wants to try to beat her down. She notes that Zach has already won by killing her husband. Ethan promises her that Zach will pay for what he has done to her, and to Edmund. Maria thanks him, and says that Edmund would be very grateful that she had someone she could depend on.

At that moment, Zach arrives at Jack's apartment to check on Lily. He is concerned because he doesn't see any guards around. Jack assures him that both of his daughters are safe, and being taken care of. Erica joins her fiancé at the door and asks who will take care of Ethan and his accusations. Zach takes his turn in making assurances, and tells her that he will take care of his son. She warns him that whatever he does to Ethan, be sure not to hurt Kendall in the process.

Back in his cabin, David hears a knock on the door. He calls out that he isn't interested in any visitors, but he stops short when he opens the door and finds Kendall. She simply tells him that she needs him.

Back at the warehouse, Ryan paces the floor and then steps outside, audibly wondering where his brother is."

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