04/07/2005 Greenlee & Kendall Taunt Jonathan

"The confrontation at the hospital rages on, with JR accusing David of stealing the key to the medicine cabinet and stealing some highly addictive drugs out of it. Joe tries to maintain a sense of order, but JR is hell bent on seeing David pay for his "crimes." He starts to call for security but Joe intercepts, saying that JR doesn't have the power to override him as he isn't a board member yet. David proclaims that JR set him up, and Babe asks her ex to put an end to his revenge plans. A security guard shows up and JR indicates that David is the culprit. Joe holds the guard at bay by saying that the theft isn't David's style. He has seen the things David has managed to pull off - and they have all been meticulously planned and carried out. Before JR can go on trying to convince everyone he is telling the truth, Anita strides back over, demanding JR give back what he stole. Hoping to cover his tracks, JR asks her what is wrong, and if she needs another hug. Infuriated, Anita insists he give back the key to the drug cabinet that he stole. Anita calls JR out on what he did and how, and faced with that truth, JR tries to escape being openly scorned by labeling Anita's story bull. He starts to walk away, but Joe asks to speak with him privately in a cubicle.

Once behind closed doors, JR tries to act as if he doesn't have time (nor does he need) a lesson or a lecture that one would give a kid. Joe tells him that if he wants to be treated as a man, he needs to act like one - not a machine. He goes on to say that JR's emotions are all out of control and they are making him behave just like David. Joe then reminds JR that he is bright and talented and could do so much more with his time than he is doing now. He is afraid that if JR doesn't stop and realize where he is headed, he will lose the one thing that matters most to him: Little Adam. He then asks JR if he wants his son's only memory of his father to be the man who was sent up because he was so obsessed with revenge.

A short time later, Babe runs up to Anita to thank her for saving David from the trouble he was headed for. Anita tells her that she hates what Babe and David did to Bianca and her family - but she will always tell the truth, no matter who it saves. However, Anita follows by saying that a perfect day would be one without Babe or her father. She walks off and leaves Babe alone with David. He tries to convince her that what she witnessed - JR's endless rage - is the very reason why he cut a deal with Adam. She dryly laughs it off, noting that David's attempt to help made JR meaner and angrier than before. Punctuating that statement, Joe and JR re-enter the hallway, where JR blows off Joe's talk as if it had no effect. Joe insists that if he ever needs to confide in someone, that JR consider coming to either Tad or himself. JR blows off the invitation for a heart to heart in a similar fashion. As Joe takes his leave, Babe approaches JR, asking to talk. As David listens in, she wants to know what she can do to end JR's campaign of hate. After he creates an impossible scenario in which he would stop attacking her and her parents, Babe tells him she wishes Dixie was still around. She feels that there is no way she could have hated Babe more than JR and Adam do. She also feels that Dixie would have understood why Babe did what she did, because Dixie lived through the same things when she was married to Adam. She thinks that if Dixie were alive, she would have reached out to Babe - and she would have made sure that JR grew up to be the man she wanted him to be. As usual, JR is aggravated by Babe's words and stalks off.

Erica arrives at the prison to visit with Krystal. After the guard falls all over herself trying to make Erica comfortable, she fades into the background as Erica approaches Krystal. Sitting at a table, absently shuffling cards, Krystal eyes her foe warily. After an attempt to make small talk, Erica makes her business very clear: Babe knows where Liza and Colby are. Adam wants the address, and Erica is sure that before she leaves, Krystal will get that address for her. Smirking, Krystal acknowledges that she found out about David's deal with Adam, adding that she nixed the plan - as did Babe. Erica thinks David made a mistake in reneging on his offer. She thinks that by helping Adam get back his little girl, David could earn points towards repaying the debt he incurred by keeping Miranda from Bianca. She goes on to tell Krystal that even though David blew off his chance for salvation, it's not too late for her to reap the benefits. Erica thinks that because of her clout at the prison, she could get Krystal out of jail in no time. Initially, Krystal seems to be considering her offer. Then, she reveals that she has a new way of living - she no longer cuts someone else a raw deal just to get something good for herself. Briefly noting that her newfound mantra would have come in handy with regard to Bianca and Miranda, Erica doesn't give up easily. She next offers a helping hand to Babe: if Krystal gives up the information Adam wants, Erica can make sure that Babe's life will be much easier with respect to her dealings with the Chandlers. In addition, she also offers to get special privileges for Krystal within the prison. Krystal is suspicious of why Erica would offer such things to people she wants to see suffer - but Erica's answer is simple: Adam did her a favor, and she wants to pay him back in kind. Krystal then points out that Liza did a bunch of favors for Babe, and there is no way her payback will be having her daughter given back to Adam.

At that moment, Di comes in from a side door, dressed in street clothes. She overhears the conversation between Krystal and Erica and stays out of sight so that she can continue to listen in. Just then, Erica decides she is done being nice and insists that Krystal stop trying to pull a "holier than thou" act. She tells Krystal that everyone knows what she did and why she is in jail, and she deserves everything she has coming to her. Krystal is far from denying her wrongdoings, but isn't about to let Erica get away so easily. She tells Erica that she's read all of the stories about her past and she knows that Erica was in this very prison for doing the same things that Krystal did. Disgusted, Krystal declares the meeting over, and calls to a guard to let Erica out. Before she goes, Erica urges Krystal to reconsider - because Babe's life outside and Krystal's life inside will be much worse without her help. After she leaves, Di reveals herself from the shadows and approaches Krystal, announcing that she's being released. Krystal asks if Di could play messenger on her way out of town - delivering some letters she was going to mail. Di tells her that she would, but she's traveling light and fast - so that she can make a brand new start. Krystal, understanding, notes that she doesn't know much more about Di than the day they met, and that Di seems to like it that way. Krystal bids her farewell and leaves the room. Di turns around to leave, and is met by David. He says that he has an offer for her.

Maria tries to put her foot down at Wildwind when her children try to tell her to leave. Not swayed so easily, Maddie deftly explains that because Edmund left the estate to her and Sam, they had every right to kick her out. Maria still resists their demands, and so they ask Livia to explain to their mother what seems so simple to them. Then, Brooke butts in and says that no one will be leaving the house. Incensed, Maria informs Brooke that her help is not needed when it comes to handling her children. Not surprisingly, Brooke disagrees. Livia then drags a protesting Maria into the next room so that Brooke can speak freely with Sam and Maddie, and they with her. Brooke tells the children that even though she is the executor of their father's estate, Maria will remain their mother and legal guardian - nothing in the will changes that. Sam points out that the will put Brooke in charge of everything. Be that as it may, Brooke lets them know that she may be in charge as a business partner and as a friend, but not as a replacement mother. In the next room, Maria lets on how flabbergasted she is by what was revealed in the will. Livia tells her that they can work out contesting the will on another day. At that moment, they are both needed in the living room, to help settle things with the children.

They re-enter the living room to find Brooke telling Sam and Maddie that the situation they are in now is not a battle, but rather a time to be survived...and that can only be done if everyone sticks together. It no longer matters who's right and who's wrong - it only matters that everyone let go of the anger. Brooke tells the kids that if they don't, they will only succeed in ripping everyone involved (family and friends) apart. Brooke finishes by saying that all the adults in the room have the same goal: to see the kids happy. She then notes that she is more in the way now than anything else, tells Livia that she will call her and bids everyone goodbye. Moments later, the kids follow suit, ignoring Maria's attempt to reestablish her role as mother. When she is finally alone again with Livia, Maria starts to spout off again about how Brooke wanted Edmund until the very end, and how she was behind the new will. Livia counters and says that even though Edmund's death and the will have rocked Maria's world, she cannot blame it on Brooke. Maria announces that Brooke is a liar, but Livia counters again and says that not only did Brooke tell her the truth, but it was confirmed by the will. She reminds Maria that Edmund never revoked the divorce petition and that whatever proposal of reconciliation he offered was a cover up. Overwhelmed, Maria asks Livia to leave. Before going, Livia apologizes for being so blunt but notes that there is no point in keeping the lie alive. After she leaves, Maria is still in denial and she says that she has a way to prove that Edmund didn't lie to her. She goes into the next room and pulls out Edmund's laptop. She looks at some records, but can't believe what she's seeing. She picks up the phone and announces herself as Edmund's wife. She asks the other party if he can come to Wildwind because she needs to talk to him in person about something really important. After confirming the time, she ends the call.

A short time later, Edmund's secret physical therapist arrives and Maria shows him into the living room. After exchanging pleasantries, he asks if there is something specific that she wanted to know about Edmund's therapy. She tells him that she just wanted to know about his progress. She then tells him that one of the hardest things for Edmund was being seen by the kids and herself in the wheelchair. The therapist agreed, and follows by saying that had to be true early on. However, Edmund proved to be one of the few miracles he saw in his practice. He then informs her that he almost couldn't believe it when Edmund started walking again.

Ethan strides into the Fusion offices looking for Kendall. He finds Simone there and tells her that Kendall didn't come home last night. Simone offers that if they got into a fight, perhaps that would explain her absence. She then makes a passing comment about how she gave Kendall advice, but that it must have been ignored. This piques Ethan's interest, but Simone declines to go on. She explains that she is in the middle of working on a campaign, and seeing how he is her boss, she doesn't want to bring personal matters in the office. Regardless, Ethan demands that Simone tell him exactly what she knows about Kendall that he doesn't already know. After he invades her personal space and she makes a quip about being close to losing all respect for boundaries, she confesses that her earlier remark was about drugs. Hoping to leave it at that, she walks back over to her desk, but a confused Ethan can't let it go. She finally admits the whole truth - that she had been trying to convince Kendall to give him the same truth serum they gave Jonathan when they were trying to uncover the truth about Greenlee's poisoning. Slightly stunned and speechless, Ethan just stares at her, hoping there is more of an explanation. She tells him that the rumor is Kendall has a reason to doubt him. Infuriated, Ethan spouts off about how Kendall's family had finally found a way to wear her down. Unfazed, Simone then asks if everyone was right - did he or did he not see his father kill Edmund?

Simone tells Ethan he doesn't owe her anything - but she highly suggests that if he didn't see his father kill Edmund, he'd better tell Kendall before she finds out on her own. If he doesn't, and the truth makes its way to Kendall, Simone is sure that Ethan will be out of her life for good. She explains that the theory about Braden killing Edmund because of his whacked out brother makes sense. In turn, that makes Ethan the man that lied to the woman he loves. At that moment, Ethan admits that he does love Kendall - more than any woman he'd ever loved before. Simone tells him if his confession is true, he needs to know a secret about Kendall before he trashes both of their lives. She tells him that if Kendall finds out he lied before he has a chance to confess, she will hold a grudge against him forever. Ethan asks how she knows that to be true, and she reminds him that Kendall dated his uncle Michael. She tells him that despite all of the things her family and friends said, she stood by him and defended him. Simone tells Ethan that he needs to be the man Kendall needs him to be: kill the lie, and then bury it. He leaves a little while later, calling Kendall and leaving her a message on his way out.

At the caves, Lily says that Jonathan is incapable of killing his three captives because he doesn't have a shovel. This stuns all people present, mostly Kendall, who has up until now, been a staunch Ethan supporter. Even though Kendall and Greenlee try to find a couple of different ways to stop Lily from revealing the truth about Edmund's murder, Lily is unmoved. Jonathan, quickly getting agitated, starts to wave the gun around menacingly. Greenlee makes one last ditch effort by telling Lily that if she didn't remain quiet, Jonathan would kill them. Pausing only for a moment, Lily then launches into a detailed account of what happened that night - from Jonathan's movements to Edmund walking to the actual murder. Kendall protests this version, simply because it negates what Ethan told her - and thus his solemn promise on their love. Greenlee tries to turn things around, to somehow placate Jonathan but to no avail: before she could try to re-tell the story again, Jonathan cracks and admits he did exactly what Lily accused him of doing. Kendall immediately calls him a liar and starts to flip out a little bit more because she desperately needs for Ethan to be telling her the truth. Jonathan says he will tell them the whole story, but from the other side of the bars. He backs out of the cell and re-locks them inside. He them admits that he killed Edmund because Braden told him to. Braden knew that Edmund would be able to ID him as Ryan's shooter from the murder game. This is the last straw, and Kendall screams about how Zach had to be the guilty one and that there was only one credible witness: Ethan. She then tells Jonathan that he is completely crazy. Realizing that running her mouth would only get her hurt, Greenlee grabs Kendall and attempts to yank her back from the proverbial edge. She reminds Kendall that Ethan is a complete liar, and whether she wants to strangle him or hug him, it won't matter if they don't make it out alive.

Kendall doesn't stay quiet for long. She starts berating Jonathan as she walks closer and closer to where he stands at the bars with his gun. She calls him weak, pathetic and a loser, and when she gets close enough, he grabs a fistful of her hair and jams the gun into her ribs. Before he can get too violent with her, Greenlee tries to placate him once again by saying that they all believe that he can kill someone - when he has to, when it's necessary. She tells Jonathan that he is a hero to both of his brothers and thanks him for keeping her husband alive. Duly calmed, Jonathan releases his grip on Kendall and backs away from the bars. Greenlee supports her old friend and asks if she is okay. Kendall simply says what she fought so hard against: that Ethan swore on their love - and then lied.

After everyone calms down a little bit, they start scheming about how to conquer Jonathan. They know that any attack to his manhood will make him crazed. Greenlee is determined to goad him into a frenzy, but Kendall is hesitant. Without waiting, Greenlee launches her attack. After a few moments, when she sees that it's working, Kendall joins in on the taunting. They get louder and laugh longer in an effort to get Jonathan to unlock the gate. When he does, they rush him and knock him to the ground.

Erica enters the gym and approaches her trainer. She claims to have had a horrible day and wants to know if she can move her appointment up from tomorrow. He tells her that he can't because the hour is already booked. She tries to convince him to give her the slot anyway, because his appointment is late - but just then, she arrives. Erica is determined to convince the woman to give up her time, and turns around to find Brooke. She tries to convince Brooke to reschedule but Brooke is in no mood to deal with Erica. Shortly thereafter, another woman arrives and usurps the spot from both of them. Upset, Erica uses this as an excuse to lay into Brooke once again. After a few moments of badgering, Brooke admits that Edmund cut Maria out of the will and put her in charge of everything. Erica is forced to admit that Edmund's decision was the smartest thing he could have done, because everyone knows that Brooke is the one person that could be trusted to safeguard the future for his children."

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