01/17/2005 Maggie Apologizes To Jonathan

"Asa and Kevin confronted Adam and JR about Ace with both families laying claim to the baby. The Buchanans vowed to get their boy back and JR asked what if they weren't around when the baby is found. Asa and JR flung testosterone at each other and Adam poured scotch. Asa and Adam argued over old business feuds and they all argued over the baby and Paul Kramer. JR accused Kevin of murdering Paul and promised DNA would prove the baby is his, but the Buchanans brought up the charges against JR for drugging Babe and threatened to reopen the case. Kevin said Babe will need medical and psychiatric help when she's found but JR said she only has to be locked up for life. Kevin defended his role as the baby's father and said he has a court order giving him custody. Asa refused to go along with a DNA test. The Buchanans bragged about Kevin being Lt Governor, but Adam reminded him the Governor is his fishing buddy. Adam also said JR would be sympathetic in the press, with a baby ripped from his arms on Christmas Eve and then finding out the baby he thought was dead had been kidnapped by his ex-wife who'd run off with his brother. Kevin reminded them he owns a newspaper but Adam said he'd be hurt by being caught up in a baby-snatching scandal. JR said the Chandlers fight to the death for their children and Kevin suggested they prepare to die. He and Asa left.

In New Orleans, Jamie, Babe and Liza fearfully listened to the breaking news about a pending arrest in the kidnapping case. Tad showed up, dressed like a priest. Liza admired his courage and he said his chicken suit was in the cleaners. He told everyone about JR alerting the authorities and promised to relocate everyone safely. He warned Jamie he may never see America or his parents again after moving to Argentina tomorrow. Babe gave Tad a letter for Krystal and asked him to convince Jamie to let her go alone. Tad was incredulous, but Babe wanted to save Jamie from her mess. Tad said Jamie may be where he wants but she said she loves him enough to want him to be happy. She couldn't tell him she loves him for fear of trapping him forever. Tad said he couldn't tell Jamie not to go, she would have to do it herself. Liza questioned Jamie's allegiance to Babe and suggested he stop now. He admitted he loves Babe and feels he was meant to keep Babe and the baby safe. Tad and Liza left for a walk with Colby. Jamie and Babe had something to tell each other...Babe told him she didn't want him to come to Argentina because they didn't have a future together and wanted to say goodbye.

Maggie was astonished and not pleased to hear that Bianca loves her. She insisted she wanted to be with Jonathan now and refused to let Bianca trash her relationship. Bianca begged her to not go back to Jonathan and danger, but Maggie said everything would be fine as soon as he finds a job where he's appreciated. After she stormed out, Anita came over and they worried together about Maggie. Anita opined that Maggie is only staying with him to forget about someone who let her down. Anita explained abusive relationships and how victims think it's their fault. Bianca bragged about how Maggie helped her through the rape trauma and wondered how she let go of their trusting relationship. Anita suggested Bianca just try to be Maggie's friend, without pushing too hard.

Jonathan was not amused to find Greenlee in his apartment and asked why she broke in. She said she was there looking for an office file on his computer and commented on the broken bottle on the floor. She asked his opinion about who would hate her so much to drug her. He blamed Kendall and spun a tale about anyone who loves Ryan and wants to get close to him would have to get rid of Greenlee first. Jonathan warned her to be careful and asked her to stay for a beer but Greenlee left as Maggie came home, clearly uncomfortable. Jonathan tried to apologize and said locking her out was only his messed up way of protecting her until he got control of his temper. They kissed, but he pulled back, saying she hurts his feelings by putting him down sometimes. Maggie begged to know what she's done wrong and promised to never hurt him again. She also told him she told Bianca to stay out of their lives and he was very pleased. They danced and kissed.

Kendall found Ethan on the beach, ready to shoot, and he collapsed in her arms and told her how furious he'd been, ready to shoot Zach. He admitted that moment changed everything and he doesn't want to be that person and continue to feel the rage. He worried about becoming just like Zach. Kendall reminded him he was lucky to have a mother who was able to sacrifice everything to protect him. Greenlee called Kendall, and they argued over her being with Ethan after Greenlee told her Jonathan creeped her out. Kendall suggested she tell Ryan. Ethan asked Kendall to promise to not let him change and make the Cambias curse come true."

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