01/14/2005 Bianca Tells Maggie She Loves Her

"After getting tired of begging to be let back into her own apartment, Maggie goes to see Bianca. She tells Bianca that thanks to her, her relationship with Jonathan is over. She says that Bianca pulled a "Cambias power play" and made Jonathan feel worthless and stupid by asking him to come over and practically beg for his job. Bianca says she asked Jonathan to come over to get the scoop on her bruise. Jonathan's story didn't match up to Maggie's, she says, which only confirms he hit her. Bianca says she hates that Jonathan hit her, but that he could do it again. "It won't happen again!" Maggie screams, and Bianca realizes she was right. Bianca tells her she can't go back to him and offers for Maggie to stay with her. Maggie says that Jonathan is right about Bianca-she is just a toy to her who means nothing. Bianca is shocked that he spoke about their friendship that way. When Anita drops by, she sees that her timing is off and offers to leave. Maggie asks her to stay and bites at her for telling Bianca about the bruise. She grabs a stack of pamphlets from Anita's hand. The pamphlets are information about battered woman. Bianca tells her that she asked Anita to bring the information over because Anita has had experience dealing with these types of situations. "Oh, so now I am a situation?" Maggie asks. Maggie continues to get defensive and even calls Bianca a man-hater who thinks that Jonathan will hurt her the same way Michael Cambias did. Bianca says that she doesn't hate all men, but certainly doubts Jonathan and is scared of him. Maggie begins reading off signs of abuse from the pamphlet, one which includes being isolated from friends or family. When Bianca asks Maggie if Jonathan wants her to stay away from her friends, Maggie denies it and says that he loves her. Anita quietly slips out. Bianca begs Maggie to stay and says that she loves her.

After Edmund and Maria decide to give their marriage a second try, Zach walks over to them and briefly says hello before running off. Maria tells him about Ryan coming to the hospital to find Zach and when Edmund realizes she wants to check on Zach, he tells her to go. Edmund goes and visits Bobby to try to get information from him, but Bobby refuses. When Edmund begins to wheel away, Bobby shouts out that he know who shot Ryan. He says that Zach has a hit-person and he saw the hit-person shoot Ryan. When Edmund asks for more details, Bobby demands his payment first. Edmund agrees and says that when the money comes through, he wants the story on Zach.

Maria finds Zach in her office and he tells her that Ethan almost killed him. Maria encourages Zach to talk to her and he says that as Ethan pointed a gun at him, he could see himself in Ethan, wanting to kill his own father. When Zach asks Maria how he can help Ethan, Maria tells him to love his son. Maria tells him that her and Edmund have decided to give their marriage another chance. Zach suggests that Edmund is only taking her back because he does not want him to have her. Maria says that is not true and that Edmund really wants their marriage to work. Zach says that he can accept that and Maria insists that their relationship is completely over. Edmund comes to take her home, she leaves.

Kendall suggests that Greenlee tell Ryan about her theory that Jonathan drugged her, but Greenlee says she can't because Ryan adores his brother. Greenlee also points out that she doesn't have any proof to back her theory up. Ryan walks in and tells Kendall and Greenlee what happened between Zach and Ethan. When Kendall begins to go find Ethan, Ryan stops her and says that she can't go anywhere near him. Ryan says that Ethan's behavior confirms that a Cambias' shot at him. Kendall asks Ryan to cut Ethan some slack since he just found out his own father had been denying him for months. She also says that Ryan has no right to tell her who to care about since he walked out on her life. Kendall says that the Ethan she knows is different than what Ryan sees. Ryan says that Kendall has a big heart and although he knows she cares deeply for Ethan, she may not see the real him. Kendall says that it took her so long to move on after Ryan left her and that it is not his business anymore who she cares about. She rushes off to find Ethan and a lawyer comes in. Ryan signs papers officially signing over the companies to Ethan and Miranda.

Ethan sits by himself by the ocean, toting his gun by his side. He aims it and shoots the air in front of him. He keeps flashing back to his confrontation with Zach. Kendall calls him to see how he is and he tells her that he is "sorry for everything" and hangs up. Kendall realizes what Ethan may do and when she finds him, he is startled and points the gun at her.

When Jonathan doesn't hear Maggie pleading anymore outside, he goes to the door and gets a surprise punch in the stomach from Reggie. Jonathan threatens to call the police and Reggie taunts him to, saying that Maggie will put him in jail. Reggie tells him that he was there when Jonathan spoke to Bianca and that how he said Maggie got the bruise is not what she said. When Reggie accuses Jonathan of hitting Maggie, he says that he found Maggie passed out on the floor and that she must of hit her head. Jonathan says that every time Maggie comes home from visiting Bianca, she starts drinking heavily because Bianca gives out "mixed signals." Reggie says that Bianca is doing no such thing, she just cares about Maggie because they are friends. Reggie, not sure what to believe, tells Jonathan that he better not see any more bruises on Maggie or else, he will come back. When he leaves, Jonathan throws a beer bottle at the wall. Eventually, he leaves and Greenlee sneaks in, looking for clues. She gets on the computer, but is unable to break the password. When Jonathan comes in, he tells her that she won't figure out the password."

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