01/13/2005 Bianca Sets A Trap For Jonathan

"Kendall stunned Greenlee by admitting that it was possible, even likely, that Jonathan had drugged her. Their private chat was cut off when Jonathan returned to the office and threw a cardboard box at them. Jonathan burst into laughter, saying that they scared too easily. The box, which was empty, was the new shipping material that he had acquired for Fusion's use. Jonathan boasted about how much money the new boxes would save the company. When asked for praise, Greenlee simply told Jonathan that she was sure that Ryan would be proud of him.

Reggie stopped by to visit Bianca and the two soon started talking about their mutual distrust of Jonathan. When Reggie learned that Bianca suspected that Jonathan had hit Maggie, Reggie prepared to storm off and confront Jonathan. In an amusing exchange, Bianca told Reggie not to ride off on his white horse. Reggie questioned why the good guys always have to have a white horse. The two put their heads together and decided that they would come up with a way to find out if Jonathan really had hit Maggie. Bianca placed a call to Jonathan and asked him to come over to talk.

When Jonathan left, Greenlee and Kendall tried to get into Jonathan's locker. As they were trying to force the lock, Maggie walked in on them. They quickly came up with an excuse to cover up their probe and Maggie left when she learned that Jonathan wasn't at the office. Later, Kendall and Greenlee were surprised when they found that the contents of Jonathan's locker was nothing more than a bottle of antacid.

At Bianca's penthouse loft, Jonathan revealed to Bianca that Ethan's DNA test proved that he was a Cambias. He was repulsed by the idea that both Ethan and Miranda would inherit the company that Ryan had been running. Bianca tried to appease him by offering to "put in a good word" for him in order to keep him on board with the company. As Jonathan was getting ready to leave, Bianca asked him to keep an eye on Maggie. She chuckled as she revealed to Jonathan how Maggie had told her how she'd suffered a bruise on her cheek from walking into a kitchen cabinet. Unaware that he was walking into a trap, Jonathan nodded and said that he may need to child-proof the entire kitchen in order to keep Maggie safe. After Jonathan left, Bianca told Reggie that Maggie had actually told her that she'd bruised herself by walking into a gym locker.

Back at Maggie's apartment, Jonathan tore into Maggie for talking to Bianca without consulting him. Jonathan's face turned red as he mentioned how little he feels as a man knowing that Bianca might be responsible for him getting a job with the soon-to-be-reorganized Cambias company. A man, he insinuated, should never have to be subservient or under a woman. Maggie tried to explain herself to Jonathan, but she flinched when Jonathan moved his arm. Jonathan was furious that Maggie thought that he was going to hit her โ€“ and then he pushed her out the front door of her apartment and locked her out.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Bobby blew off Edmund's questions about how he had gotten beat up. Edmund implied that Zach might be behind it, but Bobby swore that he'd been randomly attacked by a bunch of unknown thugs. Eventually, Bobby confided in Edmund that $1 million in cash would help fix his problem โ€“ and in return for the cash, he would give Edmund information that could be used to keep Zach away from Maria. Edmund asked Maria out for Chinese food, saying that he wanted to try to make their marriage work. Maria admitted that she had kept another secret from him: she knew that Ethan was Zach's son. Edmund was unfazed by the reveal and told Maria that he still wanted to go out with her. This time, he said, they would start over without lies and without Zach.

Armed with a rifle, Ethan confronted Zach with the results of his DNA test. Zach again denied that Ethan was his son โ€“ and said that he would gladly tell everyone again that he and Ethan shared no blood ties. Zach produced a shovel and told Ethan that he should dig until he finds Michael's decomposing body. Then, he said, Ethan would "see what Cambias is." Ethan announced that he wanted nothing more than to kill Zach. Ryan then emerged from the bushes and said that he'd take great pleasure in seeing Ethan shoot Zach. That way, he rationalized, both men would be out of his way for good."

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