01/18/2005 Jonathan & Maggie Fight

"Greenlee tries to talk to Ryan about Jonathan. Ryan admits that Jonathan has some problems, especially in regards to Cambias. Hoping to give Greenlee some insight, he explains how he himself feels about relinquishing Cambias. He's regretful and somewhat reluctant to see it go after becoming accustomed to the easy lifestyle the fortune provided. However, unlike Jonathan, Ryan has had previous experience with a change in financial status and therefore knows he'll be ok. He suggests that the loss of Cambias must be a huge disappointment to Jonathan. Greenlee is sympathetic but doesn't believe that disappointment accounts for Jonathan's behavior towards her. She confides to him her fear that Jonathan may be behind her poisoning but is interrupted by a knock at the front door. It's Jonathan and Maggie bearing gifts. Much to Greenlee's dismay it's Ryan's birthday. A birthday that Jonathan remembered while she had entirely forgotten. As a birthday gift, Jonathan gives Ryan a remote control plane which they take outside to fly. While they are outside, Greenlee is inside with Maggie. Deciding to take advantage of the opportunity, Greenlee begins to question Maggie, specifically about any medications Jonathan may be taking. Maggie completely misunderstands Greenlee, assuming she suspects Jonathan of hitting her, and becomes defensive. She tells a somewhat startled Greenlee to mind her own business. Outside, Jonathan makes a point of reassuring Ryan that he's resigned to Cambias being signed over and fully supports his brother's decision. Greenlee is less than pleased later when Ryan tells her that he has every intention of continuing to work in some capacity with Jonathan.

At their apartment, Maggie makes small talk about the party, however Jonathan isn't receptive. He immediately picks a fight, asking her what she and Greenlee were talking about when he came back into the room with Ryan. Sensing Jonathan's anger, Maggie tells him that she was just showing Greenlee her watch. Jonathan doesn't believe her. Things quickly escalate. When Maggie flinches at a sudden move made by Jonathan he becomes enraged. He accuses her of trying to provoke him into hitting her so that she could play the innocent victim and run off to her friends. Maggie is devastated. Jonathan storms out of the apartment telling her that he won't give her that satisfaction.

Bianca is upset after learning from Reggie that he had confronted Jonathan about hitting Maggie and the details of that encounter. She tells him that she fears he may have made things worse by going over there but Reggie reassures her that Jonathan isn't about to strike Maggie again. They both remain steadfast in their determination to do what it necessary to help Maggie. Talk of Maggie, leads to talk of Jamie as Reggie expresses his disgust over Jamie's recent actions. Bianca lets Reggie know that Babe and Jamie will in all likelihood be arrested for kidnapping James which prompts Reggie to note that Babe actually made him feel sorry for JR. Bianca wonders if the ripple effects of that fateful night of the helicopter crash will ever end.

Liza, Tad and Colby are at a park in New Orleans one last time before she returns home to pack up to leave New Orleans. Liza takes the opportunity to enjoy a moment of personal victory as she says "I told you so" to Tad. He admits that she was right about Krystal and that he deserves her "I told you so's." Liza lets him off the hook when she acknowledges that Adam was her Krystal. That as Tad did Krystal, she had completely misjudged Adam. While discussing Babe and Jamie's situation Tad confesses to Liza that he's done things he never thought he would do in the name of protecting his son. Talk then drifts to JR and the revelation that Tad no longer recognizes JR. Tad feels that JR is all the worst parts of Adam with none of the good from Dixie to balance him out.

Krystal and David are brought to the memorial spot of the crash site. They'd been lured there by JR who quickly makes his presence known. He questions them about his son whom they continue to insist is dead. He opens his cell phone, making a comment about how wonderful technology is, and shows them a picture taken by his investigator of Babe and Jamie in disguise with James. Realizing there is no longer any point in denying the obvious, Krystal and David refuse to stand there arguing with him. They start to leave when JR stops them with an offer of a glimpse into his mind. Interested to hear what he has to say, they are quickly rattled when JR informs them that he has every intention of making sure Babe's punishment is permanent. He suggests shooting her in the head but dismisses that by claiming her death would be too fast. When Krystal shouts that Babe will outlive all of them, JR slowly glances at his watch and tells her "Don't count on it." Both David and Krystal are shaken.

As Babe packs for Argentina, Jamie tells her that he loves her. Babe is at first distrustful believing that Jamie is just exaggerating his feelings. When he tries to convince her otherwise, Babe becomes upset. She does her best to steer the conversation away from talk of love by telling Jamie that she doesn't want him going with her to Argentina. Jamie remains steadfast, trying to convince her that he's sincerely. Frustrated Babe tells him that she's trying her best to do what's right so she's giving him an out. Jamie switches tactics. He tells her that he'll leave but first he wants to shower and then pack. He takes off his shirt which has an immediate effect on Babe. Trying her best to hide her true feelings, Babe continues packing even though Jamie comes up from behind and begins to kiss her neck. He tells her how much he loves her and James but that if she wants him to go then he will. No longer able to fight her feelings and Jamie's seduction, Babe stops Jamie as he begins to walk out of the room. She throws her arms around him and tells him that she loves him too and they make love. Afterwards, Jamie goes to get James who had just awoken from his nap. He brings him into the bedroom and hands him to Babe who is still in bed. After James settles down, Jamie shocks Babe with a proposal of marriage. Babe happily accepts."

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