12/17/2004 Brooke Threatens JR

"Jackson visits Bianca and tries to keep his spirit high. He tells her that he needs her to get well to help her mother decorate the Christmas tree. He also mentions Erica asking him to marry her. Maria comes in and tells him that Bianca's vitals are strong, her condition is stable and that Greenlee has been discharged. Jackson goes to find Greenlee and check on her. Maria touches Bianca's hand and tells her that everyone is pulling for her to recover. Zach comes in and asks Maria what he can do to help Bianca. Maria says that Bianca's needs are being fulfilled but he more than welcome to talk to her and leaves them alone. Zach tells Bianca that when he came to town, he was looking for the person who killed his brother. By finding Bianca, learned how to be compassionate, graceful, forgiving and how to truly love a child, despite what Michael did to her. "The better part of me, I found in you," he says.

Ryan tells Kendall that they need to talk, but Ethan says that it is not the right time. Kendall tells him that she already knows what Ryan wants to talk about - he wants to know if she is the one who poisoned Greenlee. "If I said no, would you believe me anyway?" she asks him. Kendall tells him she is not dealing with him until Bianca gets better and walks off, with Ethan following. Jackson reunites with Greenlee, who assures him that she is back to normal. He tells them about Bianca's condition and Greenlee says that if she is fine, then Bianca will be fine as well. Jackson agrees that Kendall could be a suspect but he hates to think it. Ryan and Jackson agree not to bother Kendall with it until Bianca has recovered. Greenlee and Jackson go to the chapel to pray and Ryan stays in the waiting room.

Kendall comes into Bianca's room and demands that Zach leave. Zach tells her that Ethan almost flew to Florida for her and when he warns her to stay away from him, Ethan walks in. Ethan tells Zach to leave and stay away from Kendall and her sister. Kendall asks him if he really was going to jump bail for her and he says yes. Ethan says he knew that she needed him. Touched by his devotion to her, Kendall hugs him. She goes and kisses her sister on the forehead and says, "I'm waiting for you, we're all waiting for you. Please, please come home to us for Christmas. Please."

Zach goes and uses a phone in Maria's office. He thanks the person on the other end for some information. Maria walks in and asks him who he called, but he brushes her off. He finds Ryan and tells him that he knows who drugged his wife.

Erica tells Adam everything about Miranda, from her being taken by Paul Cramer to Babe telling Bianca the truth in Florida. She says that JR is in denial and when he comes in, he asks Erica why she is there. She tells him that she needs to find out a name of a doctor who treated Adam during his stroke. She is hoping that the doctor can assist Maria on Bianca's case. Adam gives Erica the information and JR leaves to do a little Christmas shopping.

While JR is out shopping, Brooke sees him and tries to talk to him. She tells him that she wants to hear what happened to him, what happened to Jamie. JR says he has not changed, he just "grew up." When Brooke asks him for the truth, he says that Babe drover her son away, not him. Brooke still does not believe him and threatens to run a story accusing him of trying to kill Bianca, unless he spills. JR says that Bianca lost her balance by accident and that is it. Still not convinced, Brooke presses further, but gets nothing. JR tells her to run the story and sits on another bench. He pulls out a stuffed doggie for Bess and envisions her in a few years. He envisions her saying how she loves the doggie and will love him forever.

When Adam asks her why she did not confront JR, she says that if she did, he would take Miranda away to a place where they could not be found. Erica questions Adam as to why he did not confront JR if Babe was just lying. She tells him that she knows he has doubts about who that baby really is. Erica tells him that the DNA test was fixed by Krystal so Babe could keep the baby. Adam says that he won't rip apart JR's world because of lies. When Erica challenges him to agree to a DNA test on Miranda, he turns her down. Adam asks Erica to leave and when she refuses, he threatens to call security. Erica says that Adam has always seen his children as a reflection of himself, but for that to happen, the children must be pure Chandler. She starts naming his children, or so-called children. First Skye, then Hayley, then Colby, but no, not Miranda. She says that child JR is raising is pure Montgomery. She tells him that she does not regret giving Kendall up at a young age, but she loves her now. She also does not look down at Bianca for keeping her child and loves her the same. She says that her daughters did not inherit the sins of their fathers when Adam asks her if she really wants to have Miranda alive. Erica asks him again about the DNA test and Adam says that if JR's child died, JR would hate him and run away. He says he can not lose another child and he won't do it. JR comes in and asks what Adam won't do.

Babe asks Jamie what would stop Bianca from telling JR about James. Jamie quickly changes the subject and says not to focus on that. He tries to get Babe excited about the holidays and assures her that they will have a great Christmas. Jamie goes out for a little shopping of his own and returns with a "king cake," Christmas decorations and a Charlie Brown tree. He also picks up a newspaper, which says that investigators are intensifying the search for Ace. Jamie tells Babe not to worry and they go about with their holiday. Little did they know, Kelly Buchanan stood outside watching them."

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