"Ryan and Greenlee were not interested in what Zach had to say, until he said he had proof of who poisoned her. He gave Ryan a piece of paper. Maria rushed Zach into her office and accused him of trying to destroy Kendall. Zach said he was only protecting Ethan. Maria understood Zach's motives to get Ethan to leave town once Kendall is in jail. She wondered why he was so threatened and wanted Ethan gone so desperately. He said he was afraid there was something in town that was going to trap his son and he needed to get him out before that happened.

Ryan and Greenlee were very interested in Kendall's prescription for anti-anxiety medicine. Ryan thought it made sense that Kendall poisoned her, but Greenlee was reluctant to believe it. Jonathan joined them and agreed that Kendall had to be guilty and suggested they get a search warrant. Ryan stopped him. Greenlee went to check on Bianca and Jonathan grilled Ryan about why he is protecting Kendall. Ryan vowed to protect Greenlee while figuring out who did it.

Kelly confronted Babe and wanted her baby back. Jamie told her Babe is the real mother. Babe said she did a DNA test already and that Paul was the real kidnapper. Kelly started to break down and Babe let her hold the baby and told her the story about the night he was born. Kelly wondered how Babe could have stolen him back and asked if the girl was Bianca's. Kelly reminded her that Babe did exactly what Kelly did in keeping a baby from its mother. Babe admitted she'd been wrong but Kelly said at least she thought her baby's mother was homeless and didn't want the baby. They argued and Babe reminded Kelly that she was the only one who could protect the child they both love. Babe said Ace/James would suffer being raised by JR and Adam. Suddenly they realized the baby had a fever and rushed to the hospital.

JR asked Adam what he meant about losing him and what Erica was doing there. Adam said Erica was there about JR's vendetta against Bianca. JR got defensive, but Erica played along and said she hoped he will do the right thing for Bianca. JR said Bianca got crazy over Babe's lies and went over the balcony before he could stop her. JR said he understood Erica's concern for her child and that Babe was the villain, not him. JR left and Erica accused Adam of knowing that the baby was Bianca's and asked again for his help to prove it. Adam admitted he has doubts about Bess, but he couldn't hurt JR by proving his own son is dead. He said Hayley and Colby are gone; JR is all he has left. Erica threatened to tell JR it is Adam's idea to have a DNA test and that she will do her best to fight for her daughter's life. She vowed that Adam would not be raising any Kane children. Adam threw her out and threw a glass into the fireplace. JR came home, full of presents and excitement for Bess' first Christmas as Adam looked worried.

At the hospital, Ethan stood his ground to keep Jack from accusing Kendall of drugging Greenlee. Jack refused to let Ethan tell him what he could or could not do for his nieces and daughter. Kendall refused to leave Bianca's bedside. Anita suggested Kendall talk to Bianca as though she can hear her. Jack came in and hugged Kendall.

Lily and Reggie came to the hospital and Lily had a present for Bianca, a lifejacket as a reminder that one might have saved Miranda. Kendall was upset and ran out, Reggie ran after her. Kendall was stunned with the realization of how many people think they know Bianca and love her. Kendall returned and started talking to Bianca about wedding plans. Greenlee watched and when she saw Kendall holding Bianca's hand, had a memory of the night she was swinging on the roof of the Fusion building. She told Ryan she doesn't think Kendall poisoned her.

Erica returned and said she'd seen Adam, not that it did any good. Jack was worried about what Adam would do, but Erica refused to give up. Adam showed up and said he was in and would do the test."

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