12/16/2004 Erica Tells Adam Bess Is Miranda

"Greenlee is ready to get out of the hospital and get back to work, as well as reconnect with her father. Ryan's main concern, however, is getting her back to being 100%. He then tells her some good news: when he was out and about in the hospital, he ran into Ashford and was able to get him to approve her release. Greenlee is ecstatic, and wants to leave that second. Ryan slows her down by telling her that they still have some paperwork to fill out, but that they will be out of there as soon as possible. To pass the time while they are waiting, Greenlee asks her husband who could have drugged her. She figured out already that he probably has a fairly short list - and she wants him to give her his best guess. Ryan tells her about going over to Kendall's place and confronting Ethan. He is somewhat sure that Ethan was hiding something, but Ryan can't prove if it belonged to him or Kendall. He was about to try to find out more, but Zach showed up and Ethan turned the blame from himself to him. Ryan also points out that whoever drugged her had to have regular access to her food and drink. Who does she work with? Who was with her on the roof? Greenlee thinks she may have given Kendall a reason to poison her because Greenlee tried to run her over with a car. Neither one of them wants to believe that Kendall would be capable of doing something so horrible to someone she used to call a friend. Ryan insists that he needs to keep his options open. After a moment, he asks his wife if there is anything at all that she remembers about the night she was swinging on the trapeze. She tells him that it's still really fuzzy, but he asks her to try to concentrate - just to see what happens. A few moments of nothing was interrupted by a gasp from Greenlee as she remembers something. She tells Ryan that she remembers flying into open air and then falling - but there was no bottom. Ryan reconfirms that Greenlee isn't slipping back to that place, but rather is staying in the here and now with him. He then asks her if she remembered anything concrete - about Kendall and if she was more of a help or hindrance, if anyone else was there...things like that. Greenlee doesn't have more to offer, unfortunately. Some time later Greenlee, now wearing street clothes, strolls into the waiting area with Ryan. Happy to be busting out of the joint, they poke fun at each other and make jokes. Before they realize it, Ethan and Kendall come strolling around the corner and the couples come face to face.

Jack, Opal and Reggie are in the waiting room at Pine Valley Hospital when Maria receives a call that the crew has returned home from Florida. The elevator doors open, and they swarm around an unconscious Bianca. Erica and Kendall are right behind her, and Jack immediately takes his fiancée into his arms. Ethan follows suit by embracing Kendall.

Maria gives a cursory once over, and then tells the crew that she wants to do her own work up. They take Bianca off to get her set up in a room, and ready for a battery of assessments. Maria then fills Erica in on where things are at the moment: Bianca will be set up in ICU, and she will review the tests and images taken by the attending physician in Florida. Once that is complete, Maria feels she can give the family a better idea of Bianca's status and course of recovery.

Jack and Erica step away from the main group and into the hall to get some privacy. Initially, Erica tries to hold back the details of everything that has been going on - assuming that he is exhausted from dealing with Greenlee's drugging and hospitalization. Jack, insisting that he is fine, wants Erica to get him up to speed. Acquiescing, Erica tells him that Bianca was fighting for her child. Understandably perplexed, Jack asks for clarification. It is then that Erica breaks the news that Miranda is indeed alive and being raised as a Chandler. She makes a promise right then and there that she will get that baby back to her daughter.

Erica tells Jack how Babe kept Bianca's baby from her for almost a year, and how she confessed to all of this when the former best friends met up in Florida. She tells him that Babe was able to convince Bianca that Miranda was alive. The problem that remains is that Babe couldn't convince JR, or rather, he's not ready to accept the truth.

In a corner in the main waiting room, Kendall talks quietly to Ethan about how unbelievable the situation is. She tells him that Bianca was so strong at the concert, and just about breaks into tears. She pulls herself together and announces that she isn't going to fall apart. Ethan tells her that there is no shame in crying, and that if she needs to let it out - he will be strong enough for the two of them.

Kendall then asks how Greenlee is faring. Although he isn't on the notify list, Ethan admits that he was able to charm some people into giving up some information. He tells her that Greenlee is doing much better. Kendall informs him that Erica came all the way to Florida to cross-examine her about any possible involvement, and she believes that Ryan and Jackson and many other people are pointing fingers at her.

Ethan gets a strange look on his face, and then confesses that he took an empty prescription bottle from her house and destroyed it. Snapping into defense mode, she accuses Ethan of destroying the bottle because he thought he was getting rid of evidence. She is enraged that he thinks her guilty. Ethan assures her that he doesn't think her guilty at all. Instead, he was trying to make sure that Ryan or anyone else who really thinks she did poison Greenlee didn't have a chance of trying to pin it on her.

Still angry, Kendall starts spouting off about "how she is" when she is angry or wants revenge. She tells him that he doesn't know her that well - and that maybe she drove herself to the psychiatrist's office after he saved her from walking into the ocean and got some drugs. Maybe it has been her all along.

Unfazed, Ethan tells her she doesn't have to be so tough with him. He reminds her that he was up on the rooftop with her and he saw for himself what happened. She tells him that it's easier to throw up her guard than to take a chance with letting someone in, only to have the crap kicked out of you. Ethan promises that he will never do that to her.

Across the room, Tad and Opal are talking while Reggie listens in. Opal asks her son what happened in Florida, and Tad says he doesn't know what or how. This alone is enough to send Reggie flying off the handle. He tells them both that the same thing is continually told to Bianca with all of the bad things that happened to her. People said "I don't know how this could have happened" when she was raped by Michael. They said the same thing when Miranda died. He goes on to say that Bianca is always there for people, laying everything on the line to help them out - but where are these people when she needs them?

Tad joins Jack and Erica in the hall and has heard enough of what she said to corroborate her story. They all know that JR will hold on to that little girl with everything he has. They agree that they have to tread very lightly when it comes to finding a way to prove who the baby really is. One false move, and JR will take Miranda and go to a place where they won't be able to be found.

Tad commends Erica on convincing JR to bring everyone back together on the Chandler aircraft. In this way, they were assured of JR's whereabouts instead of wondering whether he made some unknown, unplanned stop along the way. Tad informs them that he placed a call to Aidan from Florida, and a security team has been set up. Now, if JR tries to get any farther than 10 miles from his home, especially with the baby, he will be watched.

Then they discuss getting a court order in place for the DNA test. Livia is working in DC and is unavailable, so Erica assumes aloud that Jack could set them up with someone else trustworthy. However, Jack looks troubled. Babe is nowhere to be found, but even if she was she would be considered an interested party. This means that she would personally get something out of saying that the baby was Miranda, and that could taint her opinion. David and Krystal would fall into that category as well. Tad offers himself up, but because neither he nor Erica actually read the letters from Babe - anything they would testify to would be considered hearsay.

Jack doesn't think that there is probable cause. Without that, no judge would grant their order. Tad questions what that means - would JR get to hang on to Miranda? Erica interrupts and swears that would happen over her dead body.

Erica is sure that there is another way for them to get the DNA test and Bianca to get Miranda back. Jack tells her that they need to have agreement from both sides. Tad, stating the obvious, says that there is no way that JR is going to sign off on a test that he already knows he will lose.

With Bianca in her room and hooked up to monitors, Maria and Anita finish up an external exam to determine the damage from the fall. Maria wants a cranial MRI performed, and Anita starts to go fulfill that order. Before she leaves, she asks her sister if Bianca will be all right, but she is met with silence.

A short time later, Maria and Anita leave the room together in quiet consultation. Reggie, who had been looking at the trio through the window moments before, manages to hide quickly enough so as to go unnoticed. Once they are far enough away, Reggie sneaks into the room for some one on one time with his big sister. He tells her about a movie that he used to watch when he was younger about an older angel trying to get his wings. He makes it clear that he never truly believed in Santa, and he certainly didn't think angels existed. However, he confesses that Bianca is the closest thing to an angel he has ever known or had in his life. He apologizes for not being there for her when she needed him. He tells her that he is here now, and he always will be. He asks her to hang on, and assures her that he is strong enough for both of them. Just then, Anita re-enters the room and tells him that Maria has to approve all visitors. Not wanting to face another person, on the off-chance that they might see his pain, he bows his head and runs out of the room.

Maria re-enters the waiting area and Opal asks her how Bianca is doing. Maria asks her to get the family together so that they could all hear the news at the same time. Opal retrieves her son, Jack and Erica from the hall, and Ethan and Kendall close in from the other side of the room. Maria tells them that Bianca's Glasgow numbers (the numbers that are used to rate the severity of the trauma suffered by the victim) have severely lowered in 12 hours. In layman's terms, that means Bianca is now in a deep coma. Maria tells the group that the next course of action is to put Bianca on a mix of medications (including steroids) that will put her into a deeper coma. As alarming as it sounds, it is actually beneficial, as it will give her brain time to rest and heal, and allow for the swelling to go down. Jackson asks if, after the treatment, Bianca will finally come out of the coma. Sadly, Maria couldn't answer that conclusively. Most of them stand and stare in shock, but Kendall, unable to handle the latest news, takes off running with Ethan close behind.

After their departure, Opal asks if Bianca is allowed to have visitors. Maria nods, and follows that by saying that only family is allowed in, and only one at a time. Erica notes that Opal is family, as is Myrtle, who is on her way. Understanding, Maria lays out another ground rule: even though Bianca is unconscious and unresponsive, they need to act as if, and keep the mood and the subject matter light when visiting.

Around the corner, Ethan wraps his arms around Kendall to comfort her. He tells her that many people think that the brain is the most important key to everyone's survival - however, with Bianca, it's her heart. He believes that her huge heart will help pull her through, and she will soon be back with her loved ones.

Finally able to dry her tears, Kendall admits that for the longest time, she felt like she was filled with broken pieces of glass. All that she wanted was for someone to come into her life and make her feel whole, feel something. Then, one day, Bianca told her that she mattered, and the result was amazing. She felt her heart. Kendall believes that Bianca saved her, and now she feels like she has to save her sister - as a way of thanking her.

Myrtle makes a stop in Bianca's room and talks about times gone by when Bianca was younger. She was always in such a hurry to do everything and would often fall over things she didn't realize were in her way. The first thing she would do is run to Myrtle's house because she had the bandages with the funny cartoon characters. They made her laugh instead of crying about the pain. Myrtle tells Bianca that she wishes she had some of those bandages right now. She then makes a plea: she says that Bianca has been through so much already, and that if what was really needed was someone to fill a hospital bed, she was available. Overall, what she really wants is just for Bianca to get better.

Jack is the next to visit and he delivers the good news about he and Erica being engaged (to each other) again. He tells her that this time it's different because Erica did the asking and wouldn't take no for an answer. The best thing of all is that this now means they can take that family honeymoon. They can finally celebrate the beginning of Jack and Erica's life together...as well as Bianca and Miranda's life together. Yes, he knows that Miranda is alive - and he will do anything to make sure everyone is back where they belong.

Jack gives Bianca some more updates about everyone, and ends by saying that her mother loves her very much. He says that Erica had to run a special errand for her and will be back soon.

In the halls, Opal and Tad talk - or rather, Opal talks at Tad. She tells him that she could always tell that something was wrong when he was younger because he wouldn't talk. He tells her that she isn't sick, but she knows there is something wrong. She asks what happened in Florida but he tells her that there is nothing that can be done, and that she needs to leave it alone. She worries because he looks like he's so alone but Tad corrects her - he's afraid that no matter what way the situation plays out, he will lose his boys.

Opal assures her son that while she can't speak for JR, she is certain he won't lose Jamie. She tries to tell him that his son will be in touch, but Tad tells her that he is hoping not to hear from Jamie. He wasn't around when Jamie was first born, and he wants to try to correct that wrong by giving him a head start now. Besides, the most important thing now is to focus on Bianca and getting her better.

JR and Miranda arrive back at the Chandler mansion and meet up with Adam in the study. Winifred follows JR in, and at Adam's request, takes the baby upstairs for a nap. At first placating, Adam asks how his son is doing and if he would like some breakfast. Receiving no answer other than JR downing a shot of scotch, Adam changes gears. He asks his son exactly what happened while he was in Florida.

JR insists that Bianca falling from the balcony in his hotel room was a tragic accident. Adam, concerned, asks if he should call Barry Shire and have him assemble a legal team. JR immediately goes on the defense and accuses his father of thinking he was at fault for Bianca's fall.

JR informs his father that Bianca was already shaky about her baby, still not accepting the truth, and Babe just cranked up the lies. Those lies are what literally sent Bianca over the edge. Emotionally, JR saw Bianca was just shattered and because of that, she got lured into whatever story Babe fed her. He goes on to say that while he sincerely hopes that Bianca comes out of the accident with a full recovery, she will not be taking his daughter from him.

JR continues to rant and says that everything that happened in Florida was completely twisted. Not only were Babe and Bianca involved, but Jamie was in on it too - only this time, defending "the slut" almost got Jamie killed. Adam demands to know the details of what his son is revealing now. JR explains that Jamie locked him up in a warehouse and when he tried to escape, Jamie started to choke him. Knowing that he is no good to Bess dead, JR did the only thing he thought he could do - he grabbed a pipe and hit Jamie over the head with it.

Adam, apparently appalled by what he was hearing, is unable to respond. JR, frustrated, asks what the look is about. He tells his father that he won, and there shouldn't be a problem. Adam begs his son to calm down but to no avail. JR asks his father where he stands - with his son, or against him.

Adam assures his son that he is most certainly with him in the fight. He only wants the best for his son and he's just trying to make sure that JR gets whatever he wants or needs. JR informs Adam that what's best for him is Bess, and that he wishes it had been Babe that had fallen off of the balcony. Regrettably, Adam interjects, it was Bianca that fell and now she is fighting for her life.

He tells JR that if Bianca doesn't pull through, he's home free. However, if she does wake up, he should know that she will continue to fight for the child she believes is hers. JR notes aloud that his father shouldn't rush to conclude such things. He tells Adam Sr. that it's possible that Bianca will suffer from traumatic amnesia, and if so - she won't remember all of the lies that Babe told her. He also says that he managed to convince Erica and Tad into thinking that Bianca was brainwashed, which Adam thinks is unfortunate phrasing. JR said that what's important is that Bianca doesn't believe Bess is Miranda because he's not going down that crazy road with her again.

Adam suggests that JR follow in his daughter's path and go upstairs and rest. JR agrees that he could use a nap - but before leaving, he asks his father to keep an eye on Bess and make sure nothing happens to her. Adam agrees to be her bodyguard, and JR takes off for his room. Adam spots one of the baby's toys, picks it up and gets lost in thought. He is snapped back to the present by the sound of Erica's voice.

Turning around to greet her, Adam immediately launches into a speech about hearing what happened to Bianca and how sorry he is. Erica stares at him for a moment, and then tells him she isn't there for comfort or coffee. She says that she wants to talk about family - and asks about the baby. Adam tells her that Bess is fine, and the light of his life. Erica comes back and tells him that when they were in Florida, she had the opportunity to look into that baby's eyes, and she now knows the truth. She says that the baby is not a Chandler, nor a Carey. She's Miranda Mona Montgomery - a Kane.

Erica goes on to tell him that she promised her unconscious daughter that she would do whatever it takes to get her baby back for her.

Jamie and Babe have arrived in New Orleans, but Babe doesn't seem too enthused. They are staying in a rather posh hotel room, and Babe wants to know why they are there. It seems that after the fire they lit in Florida, they need new identities again. The guy that can provide them with all of the necessary paperwork has fallen off of the radar and they have to stay put until he shows up again. Babe is worried that Bianca may have said something to JR about his son, and that JR may be hot on their trail already.

Immediately, Jamie changes the subject. His reaction tips Babe off, and she asks him what he's not telling her. He breaks down and tells her that he is positive Bianca hasn't said anything. Babe wants Jamie to tell her what could possibly stop Bianca."

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