12/15/2004 Erica Tells Bianca Miranda Needs Her

"Shortly after Babe and Jamie arrive at their latest hiding spot, Babe confides to Jamie that she's feeling guilty for having kept Bianca and Miranda apart for so long. They also wonder if either Tad or Bianca have told JR yet that his son James is alive. Just then Tad appears in the doorway and tells them that he hasn't told JR anything but he is careful not to mention Bianca's fall until Babe leaves to go to a nearby store for some baby supplies. Once alone, he fills Jamie in on what happened after they fled with James. Jamie isn't wholly convinced that JR didn't push Bianca, causing her fall because of how he was earlier that evening in the warehouse with Jamie. Tad admits that until that night he had been cutting JR some slack because he is Dixie's son but no more. He also confides that he suspects that deep down inside JR knows the truth about Bess but that the Chandler influence was too strong and he would hold onto her tight with both hands before admitting she wasn't his daughter. After Babe returns, she asks Tad not to hate Krystal for what she has done in support of Babe. Tad assures her that he doesn't hate Krystal and in fact can understand her motivation. He then spends a few minutes holding a sleeping James, bonding with him and telling him about how his grandmother Dixie was his guardian angel and looking out for him. Before leaving, Tad and Jamie say a tearful goodbye, hug and exchange I love you's.

Adam leaves a frantic message on JR's voicemail for him to call him. Moments later, at Adam's invitation, Aidan arrives at the mansion. Adam wastes no time trying to hire him to find Liza and Colby but Aidan promptly declines. Irritated, Adam accuses him of helping Tad to surreptitiously sneak Liza and Colby out town. Aidan doesn't deny it. When Adam attempts to buy Aidan's cooperation, Aidan hands him a letter from Liza. Adam is shocked then angered as he reads her letter which tells him that if he had respected her decision he would have backed off and left them alone instead of targeting Tad and Aidan to get information on their whereabouts. That Adam doesn't want anything but Colby who is thriving and doing well without him in her life. She ends the letter with the suggestion that instead of trying to find Colby, Adam should concentrate on his troubled son JR.

After Aidan leaves, he calls Liza, careful to use equipment to show he's calling Australia should Adam have tapped his phones. He tells her what transpired between Adam and himself.

Erica confronts Krystal and David for their lies. She asks them why they did what they did to Bianca then focuses on each of them as she vents. She asks Krystal how she can live with herself after praying with her for their daughters' safe return when they were missing and afterwards when Bianca was grieving for the child she lost. Krystal is shaken and tries to explain that she did it for Babe but Erica isn't moved. She calls Krystal selfish before turning on David and asking him how he could consign Bianca to the same horror and pain of losing a child after he suffered the same fate when Leora died. When she compares him to the same kind of monster that Michael Cambias was, David tries to explain his actions but Erica won't hear any of it. She leaves the room with the parting promise that she won't wait until death for them to get what they deserve but will make sure she gives them what they have coming to them. Kendall, standing in the hallway hears Erica's parting words.

Shortly after the confrontation, Krystal and David return to the hotel room to remove all signs of James fearing that it's only a matter of time before Tad tells JR and he comes looking for his son. When David opens the door to throw some things into the dumpster, he finds Kendall standing on the other side of the door. She wastes no time accusing them of helping their daughter attempt to kidnap Bess when she sees the diapers and bottle in David's hands. Krystal and David play along with her up to a point to keep her from finding out about James. They tell her that yes, Babe did originally plan to kidnap Bess but they talked her out of it. Kendall is disgusted. She leaves but not before telling them to warn Babe to stay out of all of their lives with her vicious lies or Kendall will work with JR to make certain she never sees her child again. After Kendall leaves, Krystal and David decide to return to Pine Valley for Bianca.

JR is livid when he finds Kendall at Bianca's bedside with Bess hoping her presence helps awaken Bianca. After he drags her out of the room, he demands an explanation. Kendall tells him that despite the fact that Babe lied, Bianca believes that Bess is Miranda and maybe knowing she was there in the room with her would help Bianca emerge from her coma. JR isn't happy. He tells Kendall that all she's doing is setting Bianca for another crushing blow when she realizes that Babe lied and Bess isn't Miranda. Kendall doesn't care. She wants her sister to wake up from the coma and is willing to do whatever it takes. Unfortunately for Kendall, JR stubbornly refuses to let her use Bess to achieve those ends. When Erica finds JR a short while later, she continues with her deception and thanks him for all he's done for them. They finalize the arrangements to take Bianca home before Erica sits at Bianca's bedside. There, she begins talking to her about Miranda, telling Bianca that she needs to wake up for her daughter. As she talks, Erica begins reminiscing about the past. Poignant flashbacks show special moments of Erica and Bianca. When Bianca was born, when Erica relinquished custody of Bianca to Travis, when Bianca told her mother that she was gay and when Bianca finally admitted that Michael Cambias had raped her. All the while, Erica is talking about how much she loves her daughter. She finishes by repeating words she had spoken to Bianca long ago... "I love you more than anything else in the whole wide world. More than all the stars in the sky. More than every drop of water in every ocean. Every breath I breathe, every breath I breathe.""

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