"Adam continues to get his people to search for Colby and Liza, but no luck. JR walks in with a legal document and tells Adam how impressed he is with it because it absolutely has no loops. Adam admits that he used to be scared JR would back off with their plan, but now, he has only exceeded his expectations. JR tells him that his father's words mean so much to him and shipping Babe off to prison will only be used as a last resort.

While at Edmund and Maria are preparing to eat breakfast, Anita and Bobby walk in, saying they have big news but then Zach interrupts their announcement. When Edmund asks him why he is there, Zach tells them he has a meeting with Bobby. Opal and Palmer come in, bickering as usual, and immediately Opal guesses that Anita and Bobby's big news has to do with a baby. Anita says they are not pregnant yet, but have just closed on a four bedroom house because Bobby just came into a good deal. Everyone rejoices for the couple and when Edmund asks about wheelchair access, Bobby says it will be installed immediately. Zach pulls Bobby outside in the garden to talk and tells him that the deal has gone sour. Bobby is shocked and realizes he will have to tell Anita they can not buy the house. Zach offers to loan him money for his mortgage and that they will work out the conditions later. Bobby seems hesitant but leaves to join Anita. Edmund comes out and begins to ask Zach who he really is. He tells him about the real Zach Slater dying. As Maria walks out, Zach admits he faked his own death, but has always been Zach Slater. Zach leaves and Edmund asks Maria why she got so pale when Zach mentioned faking his death.

Tad finds Jamie shooting hoops in the park and asks him what is wrong. Jamie does not tell him so Tad challenges him to a match-loser has to tell the other person what is wrong. Jamie agrees and then kicks Tad's butt pretty badly. Jamie still does not say anything to Tad and then Tad says that they were both lead on by Carey woman. When Jamie asks him what he means, Tad explains about the paternity test revealing David as Babe's father. Tad tells him that they were thrilled when the results came in and Jamie mutters that they had to be sure. When Tad asks him what he means, Jamie tells him not to ask anymore questions. When Tad realizes Jamie knows more about the test than he does, Jamie admits that the test was for him, to see if there was any chance he was the father of Babe's baby. Tad does not believe it; he asks him why would they be so happy that JR is the father then and not Jamie? Jamie admits he isn't ready to be a dad because he has school and work and is way too young. Tad still doesn't buy his story and tells him he can always talk to him then leaves. Jamie gets upset, throws the ball on the ground and leaves.

Krystal finds David and Babe discussing the plan. She tells him that is she is worried everything could wrong and David agrees, but also reminds her of what they could gain if it goes right. David tells Krystal that all she has to do is make Kelly admit that Paul Cramer stole her baby and gave it to her. David adds that Krystal has a good chance of getting Kelly to spill-after all, she has lost Ace and she hates her ex-husband, what better what to ruin his political career than to drop another bomb on his campaign? Krystal adds that Paul might have lied to Kelly about the real mother because she thinks he got Ace from a homeless woman. David warns her not to let Kelly know her connection to Ace then Babe begins to worry Paul might know about her connection to the baby switch. David reminds Babe that Paul started this whole thing and she is not to blame. Krystal calls Kelly and she goes off to meet her for coffee as David and Babe wait anxiously. Adam and JR walk in and Adam asks to speak to Babe in private. They leave the room, allowing Adam and David to begin their routine arguing. Adam immediately brings up the irony that almost one year ago, David had lost Leora and Anna, and now he has gained a new daughter and a possible love interest with Krystal. David tells him there is nothing romantic with Krystal then Adam warns him his daddy days are numbered. Zach comes in to meet Adam, who offers him a reward if he can find the tapes that prove David crated him off. Zach says he will consider it, but offers David the chance to make a counter offer. David and Zach go, while Adam tells them to come back.

JR shows Babe the legal document, which would grant full custody of Bess to JR, and tells him she will not sign it. When she refuses, he tells her that if she does not sign it, she will be sending Jamie to prison. Babe tells him no one is going to prison, but JR disagrees. He says she and Jamie plotted to have someone kill him and then begins to show her a tape.

When Kelly meets Krystal, she immediately asks what she wants from her. Krystal explains that she hates Kevin for treating her so unfairly and tells her that if she loves Ace, she should give him back to his real mother. Kelly pretends that she has no clue what Krystal is talking about before Tad walks in and interrupts their meeting."

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