"JR showed Babe a videotape that had been secretly recorded when Bess had been taken by her nanny. In the edited video, Babe and Jamie implied that JR would be better off if he were killed. JR used the tape to blackmail Babe, saying that if she didn't sign away custody of Bess, he would use the tape in court to have both Babe and Jamie thrown behind bars. Babe didn't blink, saying that maybe she would take matters into her own hands and kill JR after all. That way, she figured, JR wouldn't get custody of Bess either.

Jamie ran into Paul Cramer at SOS. He bought Paul round after round of drinks hoping to get him drunk. Paul did show signs of becoming tipsy, but he didn't blab anything about switching the babies as Jamie had hoped. After Paul walked way, Jamie remained convinced that Paul was up to no good.

Tad's sudden appearance spooked Kelly Buchanan. Kelly accused Krystal of spying on her and said that she would do the "right thing" without any intervention from Krystal of her friend. Krystal was furious that Tad had spoiled her chance to get Kelly to spill. Tad tried to dig for information on why Krystal was chatting up Kelly, but he didn't quite get to the real reason. Krystal then said that she would give Tad the answer to his question – but it wasn't the question or the answer that he had expected. Krystal told Tad that she could not accept his marriage proposal.

Maria denied that she had "swooned" when Zach revealed that he had faked his own death. Maria pleaded with Edmund to drop his personal grudge against Zach, but Edmund stubbornly refused. Maria argued that Edmund's determination to stick it to Zach was taking away from the time that they could be spending together. Edmund stated that as long as Zach was a part of their lives, he would try to find a way to get rid of him.

In Zach's office, Zach revealed that he still had a copy of the surveillance video that showed David boxing up Adam and shipping him off to Mongolia. David knew that he couldn't match monetary bribes with Adam, so he asked Zach what was keeping him from turning him into the police. Zach explained that he hadn't figured out who he liked least – David or Adam. David was certain that Zach would eventually side with Adam, but asked Zach for a few weeks to help resolve a matter of urgency to his daughter, Babe. Zach admitted to liking Babe and seemed to agree that David had bought himself a few week's worth of time. David quietly fantasized about getting Paul to sign a confession that he had been solely responsible for the baby swap. Still daydreaming, David then chuckled evilly as he signed what he said was Paul Cramer's death certificate."

- Soap Central