"As Kendall and Bianca walk in the room, Zach is telling him to give up the Cambias name. Ethan ignores his offer and asks Bianca what she has that may help him prove he is a Cambias. Bianca shows him the shirt that she wore when she gave birth to Miranda. He is touched by her generosity. Bianca admits that at first, she thought Ethan shot Ryan, but now she understands that he needs to know where he came from and if he is a Cambias. Erica walks in and immediately tells them that Ethan can not use the shirt for DNA testing. Ethan and Zack leave at Erica's request and she immediately accuses Ethan of trying to kill Ryan. Kendall jumps to his defense and tells her that the bullet from the gun that shot Ryan did not match the bullet from Ethan's pistol. Erica dismisses the notion and says that it proves nothing expect he could have used another gun. Erica adds that the shirt is too precious to give to Ethan and both of her daughters tell her that Bianca will get it back. Bianca also adds that if Ethan is a relative, he deserves her help and Kendall says that she understands where he is coming from. Erica tells them that they are forgetting their loyalty to Ryan and the companies, Enchantment, Fusion and Chandler Enterprises.

Ethan and Zach wait in the lounge and Zach can see Ethan's pleasure from getting closer to the proof he needs. Ethan admits he is having fun, soon he will inherit millions and he only wishes he could get revenge on his father for leaving his mother. Zach asks him why he wants to be part of a family he seems to despise so much and Ethan insists he will be nothing like his father or grandfather. Zach tells him he is playing right into Alexander's hands, just like he wanted, even after his death. When they walk back into Zach's office, Bianca tells him her offer still stands. Ethan accepts and he, Kendall and Bianca head to a lab. Erica immediately rushes to the door, but they are gone and then she tells Zach she will not let him destroy her family.

When Anita goes into Joe Martin's office, papers are flying out of the copier. She goes to pick them up and Jamie walks in, telling her to leave the papers alone. Anita tells Jamie that she does want to get involved in his plan because then she will have to notify the hospital that he is breaking into patient files. Jamie tells her that he trying to find out who the rightful parent of a baby is and that Paul Cramer may be involved. Anita agrees to help and they look up Paul's work history, which shows that he did deliver the DNA test results for Babe when she had the first paternity test. Jamie realizes that Paul could have switched the results and he may be a dad. Anita leaves and Jamie takes the papers.

Before sneaking out of the Chandler mansion, Krystal tells Babe that she will call her as soon as the lab results are in. When JR calls her into the study, she is shocked to find candles, a romantic dinner and her husband standing with two glasses of champagne. He tells her that he wants to work on their marriage and asks if she still wants to work on it too. He tells her that no matter what has happened, they both love Bess and want her to have a great life. Babe tells him that Bess will have a great life anyways. When he goes to wrap his arms around her, she pulls away and tells him "get your hands off me you dirty son of a bitch." Seeing JR as the liar he is, Babe tells him Bess will go with her mother and she runs out of the room. She goes to the nursery, locks JR out, and immediately begins searching for a way out. Jamie comes and grabs JR by the throat. He tells Babe she can come out and together, they stand in front of JR.

David insists that the genetic lab hurry up with the results and Tad walks in. Immediately, they begin bickering-Tad accusing David of probably fixing another paternity test to claim his rights on Babe and David saying he truly is Babe's father. He points out that Krystal is the one who wanted a second test and that he has done more for Babe than Tad has. Krystal comes in and is surprised to see Tad. She tries to get him to leave but is rooted on staying and hearing the results himself. Eventually, David leaves and Krystal puts more pressure on Tad to leave because he is only making David mad. Tad realizes that Krystal has been more on David's side than against it for awhile, but Krystal claims she only helps David because he claims to be Babe's dad. Once the results say otherwise, she will kick him out of their lives, so she says.

Bianca, Kendall and Ethan walk into the lab room, with David following behind. Bianca tells them about the shirt and then David explains that she won't get the shirt back in one piece unless they can find a high concentration of amebic fluid or tissue. Bianca admits they probably won't find a high concentration, but tells Ethan that she has many other memories to remind her of Miranda. Ethan thanks her but says he can't take something so precious to her and leaves. Kendall quickly follows behind and Bianca wishes David luck before leaving. Tad also follows out. The lab tech comes back and tells them that the preliminary test is a match!" - Soap Central