"Ethan and David were resting in separate jail cells. Ethan dreamed that Derek walked in and told him that Ryan had just died. Ethan grabbed Derek's gun and fired it. The gunshot noise woke Ethan abruptly, and David remarked, "That must've been some dream." Detective Frye did arrive and went to Ethan's cell. The two men exchanged nasty barbs, and Derek took Ethan upstairs to the interrogation room.

In the processing area of the jail, Zach and Kendall showed up at the same time. Kendall heard Zach demand to see Ethan, and she asked him what his interest in Ethan was. Zach said he knew Ethan hadn't shot Ryan. When Ethan and Derek walked in, Zach and Kendall rushed to their sides. Zach handed Derek some of the surveillance DVDs, and Derek asked if there were any more. Zach agreed to take the rest in.

Meanwhile, David stood in his cell and remembered Babe getting the DNA swab from Ace. He yelled for the guard and said there was something in his personal effects that he needed to get back immediately. He told the guard it was a matter of life and death for a patient, but the guard refused to help him.

Tad opened his front door and found Krystal waiting for him. She rushed at him with kisses. Tad told her the coffee was almost ready, and they could have some to wake up. She kissed him again, and Tad quipped, "Forget coffee. I'm up!" Krystal told him she needed a favor. She wanted Tad to help her get David out of jail. Tad sat her down and told her she was delusional.

Krystal said Adam was back, and he said that David had crated him up and shipped him off. Krystal said if David had done it, it had only been to help Babe. Tad said she was afraid because David "knows what you did, and so do I." Tad tried to bluff his way into getting Krystal to spill her secret, but she caught on too quickly. Tad finally agreed to help get David out if Krystal would tell him what secret she and David shared. Krystal insisted there was nothing to tell. Tad ushered her out the door.

At the hospital, Greenlee was after Ryan to get back into bed when she found him wandering around his room. He agreed to sit in a chair, and she told him about Ethan being arrested. Ryan was sure Ethan wasn't working alone. Maria walked in, and they told her about Ethan in jail. Ryan wanted to know if Zach was involved. Maria said she couldn't help; she was no good at murder mysteries. Greenlee excused herself and said she'd be back later.

Ryan told Maria he was worried that the shooter would return to finish what he'd started and would hurt Greenlee too. He said Zach was up to something, but Maria said she was sure Zach had nothing to do with the shooting. She swore that Zach had never intended for anyone to get hurt and that he hadn't shot Ryan. Ryan asked, "And you can swear to that because...?" Maria said because at the moment he'd been shot, she had been with Zach. She explained that she and Zach had been in the security room, watching the monitors.

Ryan asked who else had been there, and she quietly replied that no one else had been there and that she didn't want Edmund to know. She said Edmund did know about her past with Zach and had said he was okay with it, but she thought he was lying. Maria insisted, though, that Zach was completely innocent in the shooting.

In the station, Zach asked where Ethan's attorney was just as Tad and Krystal showed up. Krystal announced that they were there to bail David out of jail. Derek turned from Zach and told Krystal that David couldn't get out yet because he hadn't been arraigned. She started to get belligerent, and Tad calmed her down. She asked to see David and was taken to his cell, while Tad went to call Jack.

Derek took Ethan to an interrogation room. Zach and Kendall watched, and Zach said he'd already called an attorney in New York to help Ethan. He went to call the lawyer again, and Kendall saw Greenlee walk in. Kendall asked how Ryan was, and Greenlee went off on her. She accused Kendall of being a part of Ethan's scheme to get rid of Ryan. Kendall denied it, and Greenlee kept after her, saying she should be prosecuted.

A cop arrived to tell Kendall and Greenlee to keep it down just as Zach returned. He told Greenlee to leave Kendall alone. Greenlee verbally attacked Zach, saying he was as guilty as Ethan and Kendall. In the interrogation room, Derek told Ethan he'd had the motives and means to take down Ryan. Ethan said they had no evidence to back that up, and Derek said they would as soon as the ballistics report was completed.

David stood up when Krystal arrived at his cell. She said she'd call a lawyer, but he said there was no time. He pulled her close and kissed her, all while the guard was watching. Tad showed up in time to see it too. David whispered to Krystal that the cotton swab was in his personal belongings, and they wouldn't give it back. He told her she had to get it and take it to the lab.

Tad watched as David caressed Krystal's cheek for the guard's benefit. Tad joined them, and Krystal jumped back guiltily. David and Tad snarled at one another then Tad and Krystal started to leave. Krystal walked ahead, and David growled, "Krystal's never going to marry you." Tad went back to the cell bars, and David said he'd make sure Krystal said no to Tad's marriage proposal. Tad told David to let go of whatever he was holding over Krystal's head.

Meanwhile, upstairs Krystal found the desk with the envelope of David's belongings. She pretended to be faint, and a guard rushed to help her. She distracted him with her act, and he went to get water. While he was gone, she took the swab out of the envelope and stashed it. Then she went back to David's cell. Tad turned to leave, and Krystal held back long enough to let David know she'd gotten the DNA swab.

Upstairs, Derek was handed the ballistic report while Ethan sat in the interrogation room, remembering the night of the shooting and how excited Kendall had been to get the gun. An officer led Ethan out into the main room, and Zach and Kendall quickly joined him. Derek walked over and told them all that the bullet taken from Ryan hadn't matched Ethan's gun. As Ethan picked up his belongings, Kendall told him Derek hadn't dismissed him as a suspect and said he should let Zach help him. Ethan reluctantly agreed, and the three of them left the police station.

Derek went to David's cell and told him how cooperative Zach had been by taking in the surveillance discs from the casino. He said one of his people had already watched the entire thing.

Greenlee stepped outside the police station and called Ryan. Maria handed him the phone, and Greenlee said that Zach and Kendall were helping Ethan. Ryan thanked her for the information and hung up. He told Maria that Zach was trying to protect Ethan and asked her how they fit together.

Krystal and Tad went back to his house. She asked why he was so quiet, and Tad said he was tired of David. She started kissing him, and they ended up on the sofa. They kissed, hugged, and began to undress each other. Krystal asked if Tad had protection, and he replied, "Depends. Will this do?" and held up the little baggie with the cotton swab in it."

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