"While looking for J.R., Adam ran into Liza. She looked tired, and he repeated his promise to help her fight the embezzlement charges. All Liza could say was, "Thanks." J.R. entered the room, and Adam stopped him. He said that J.R.'s principal called to tell him that J.R. hadn't been in school in over a month. He reamed J.R. and told him that he just can't quit going to school. J.R. said, "Like you care!" When Adam told him to drop the attitude, J.R. told him to drop dead. As he moved to leave, Adam grabbed him by the arm, but Liza yelled, "Adam, don't!" Adam reminded him that he's on probation, and now he's truant. J.R. repeated that he doesn't care. Adam told him that he should care, because he's a Chandler. He asked him if this was to get back at him. J.R. said that he never sees him, so how could it be? There arguing continued as Liza stepped in the middle. She asked J.R. to leave so she could talk to Adam alone. Adam told her that he didn't want her input, but she told him that she could show him what's bothering J.R., if he just follows her. She left the study, and Adam slowly followed.

Trey booked a one-way ticket to San Francisco, telling the person that he was relocating. After he hung up the phone, Kendall entered the room and asked him what he was doing. He told her that he was making plans for a vacation at the end of the month. She noticed his belongings lying around and told him that it was a little early to start packing, but he said he was just straightening up. She accused him of running away from home, possibly afraid of what Leo will do, or what she will do. She reminded him that they almost kissed a little while ago, and he just might be a little repulsed that he made the moves on his little sister. He told her that he was never interested in her that way, and he asked her to change the subject. They began discussing their shared parentage, and how alike they are. As he finished his packing, Kendall told him that she'll miss him. He told her not to waste her time missing him, but she said she wants to see if the brother-sister relationship will work. She asked him if he would be willing to give it a try. He acted surprised as she threw her arms around his neck, and told him that she wanted to be his sister. She said that they understand each other, and they're perfect for each other. She asked him; again, will he be her brother. He told her that he'll always be her brother, and he's looking forward to it. They hugged again before Kendall let him finish his packing. She told him that he looks like he needs a vacation. After she left, Trey walked over to the desk, took out a piece of paper, and wrote Kendall a note. He told her that he'll always be her brother, but he has to leave to make a fresh start. He hopes she can understand.

Greenlee was frightened as she saw Vanessa holding a gun on her. She turned away and picked up her phone as Vanessa said that she wouldn't let her take her son away from her. She ordered Greenlee to drop the phone, as she planted the gun in the small of her back. She did and then told Vanessa that Leo will be right back. When Vanessa said that he wouldn't, Greenlee asked, "My God! What have you done to him?" Vanessa assured her that she would never hurt Leo; it was Greenlee that she was after. They began arguing over the fact that Leo would never love Vanessa if she killed Greenlee. Vanessa, however, said that he'll soon forget all about her. Greenlee told her that she doesn't plan to go anywhere with her, but Vanessa said she doesn't have a choice. She stood behind Greenlee, and forced her to walk to the door. As they got to the door, there was a knock on the door. Bianca, from the other side, asked if anyone was home. Greenlee told Vanessa she didn't invite her, and Vanessa told her to get rid of her. Greenlee opened the door, with Vanessa standing behind it. Bianca told her that she got Leo's message about moving to Paris, and she wanted to say goodbye. At first, Greenlee tried to give Bianca excuses as to why Leo couldn't come to the door. When that didn't get rid of her, she became rude and told her that Leo just felt sorry for her. She said Paris will be great, since she won't be there. Hurt, Bianca told her to forget about giving Leo a message, and she left. As Vanessa shut the door, she questioned why all the weak people flock to Leo. With Vanessa distracted, Greenlee surprised her by throwing two vases at her. Vanessa ducked both, and Greenlee charged at her. They began fighting over the gun on the sofa. They stopped struggling as the gun went off.

Liza led Adam up to the attic and showed him an area that J.R. created devoted to Dixie. Adam was upset and told her that J.R. shouldn't be mourning the past at the expense of his future. He found a one-way bus ticket to New York among J.R.'s things. He said that he won't let his son run away. Liza chewed him out and said he needs to allow J.R. to create his own future. He can't give him a bunch of ultimatums. She asked him if he really, truly knows J.R. He confessed that he didn't know his music, or his friends. Liza told him that their marriage can't be saved, but that doesn't mean they have to ruin their children. Adam mellowed and said he needs to talk to J.R. She told him to let him keep his privacy, and not tell him they found his sanctuary. Adam reluctantly agreed.

J.R. walked back into the study to pick up something, and turned around to see Colby following him. She said that she had a bad dream and can't find her mommy. J.R. was kind and gentle to her and offered to read her a story. All she wanted to do, however, was curl up in his lap. He sat down and she climbed up on him.

Bianca was irate as she arrived at the boathouse. She began kicking things until Maggie noticed her. When Bianca saw her, she said, "Isn't there anyplace else you could be right now?" She quickly apologized and filled her on how Greenlee treated her at the loft. She said that she decided she doesn't really want to see goodbye to Leo, ever. He was always the one that she could turn to, and now he's leaving. Maggie offered to be like Leo, the one that she could turn to. Bianca, however, said that she doesn't need another friend right now. She told Maggie that she wouldn't be the same as Leo, because she always seems ready to bolt from Pine Valley. Maggie reminded her that she always talks her out of it. Bianca asked, "What if I tell you how I really feel?" She appeared ready to leave, but Maggie stopped her. Maggie told Bianca that she could be a friend just like Leo was. She began pestering Bianca until Bianca told her that a friend would know when to back off. Maggie was hurt and said, "Fine. I'm gone then." She grabbed her stuff and left as Bianca looked after her.

Leo arrived home, screaming for Greenlee. The phone rang, and he ran to answer it. It was Greenlee. He asked her where she was, and she told him that she can't do this anymore. She said that the worst thing has happened. Greenlee filled him in on what Vanessa did, and told him the gun went off. Leo found a bullet hole in the pillow. Vanessa pulled the phone away from her and told Leo that they will finally be together. Leo began screaming at her and told her that he'll kill her if she hurts Greenlee. He told her that he's not helping her, and he's calling the police. Vanessa told him that if he calls anyone, Greenlee will die. Leo asked her what she wanted him to do, and she said he needs to get in his car, and drive.

Liza and Adam walked into the study, where Colby was sleeping on J.R.'s lap. Liza took her to bed, while Adam told J.R. that he will go to school tomorrow. He also apologized to J.R. for not being there for him like he should have after Dixie died. He asked for forgiveness, but J.R. said that he's not sure he can. J.R. told him that he doesn't trust him, and all he and Liza do is fight. He told him that Colby's having nightmares, but Adam doesn't even realize it. Adam seemed surprised by this, and turned to Liza, who had reentered the room, for help. She turned to J.R. and told him that he should turn it. Before he left, Adam said that he'll be driving him to and from school tomorrow. Afterwards, Adam assured Liza that he does love his children. She offered to show him how to love in a different way, and he agreed to let her. Adam quietly said goodnight as he left the room.

Trey finished writing his note as there was a knock on the door. He put the note in his pocket as Leo walked in. Leo told him that he needs his help. Leo quickly filled him in and said that Vanessa's gone completely nuts, and he needs his help. Trey agreed to help and grabbed his coat. As they left the apartment, Leo told him to stay on the floor of the car, because if Vanessa sees anyone with him, she'll kill Greenlee.

Sitting in a car, Vanessa told Greenlee to smell the air. She said it won't be long now. Greenlee sat in the passenger seat with tears in her eyes."

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