"Erica and Chris sat in the penthouse discussing her home theater system. Chris was quite animated and Erica was extremely distracted. She apologized and said she keeps thinking about her old home and how much she lost in the fire. Chris reminded her that she still had him and Bianca. His cell phone rang and he answered it. "I'm on it" he said and headed towards the door. He explained that Vanessa had escaped and was armed and he needed to get to the scene. Erica looked away and Chris stopped. He shut the door and went back to her side. He said "Let someone else chase that nut-job, I'm not leaving." Erica told him he had to leave or they have no future. Chris was confused and Erica explained that he has a job to do and he has to do it. Chris said he'd get someone to cover for him. Erica said there would always be other calls and she understands that his line of work is dangerous and she'll just have to live with it. "Or else the fear wins" she told Chris. Chris promised he'd be back and kissed her goodbye. Erica wandered around for a minute then grabbed her purse and headed out the door. She went to her mother's grave and sat down on the ground. She talked to Mona and told her how much she helped her while she was growing up. Erica said she tried to push her mother away to prove that she didn't need anyone. Then she talked about her father leaving them and then when she finally got to see him again how he left her alone with Richard Fields. She told her mother that she didn't want to be left alone anymore. "Is Chris right? Am I pushing him away? Am I afraid to love?" she asked. Bianca showed up and knelt next to Erica, saying "We finally have something in common." Bianca said they were both in a graveyard talking to the one person they felt comfortable with. Erica encouraged Bianca to talk to her so Bianca told her that she felt like she keeps falling into the same trap, that the people she falls for can't give her what she needs. Erica realized that Bianca was talking about Maggie and told her daughter that it was a dead end and that she should pretend she never met Maggie. Bianca got upset and said she should've known that Erica was the last person who would understand. Erica said what she said had nothing to do with the fact that Maggie's a girl, it's that Bianca was in love with her twin and that maybe Bianca was transferring her feelings from Frankie to Maggie. Bianca said that might be true and that now she didn't know if she and Maggie could even be friends. Erica told her not to run away from new experiences and to be open to new people. She said she wanted Bianca to find love and be happy. Bianca asked her mother to show her how, to show her that it's ok to love someone and take a chance on them. Erica said she would and that'd she'd show Bianca that she could be very happy. Erica left and Bianca stayed to talk to Mona some more. She said she and her mother aren't so very different after all, that they just want someone to love and to love them back. Bianca held a white rose and looked wistful.

Trey and Leo arrived in the woods near an old mill and waterfall. Leo tried to call his "psycho mother" on his cell phone but got no answer. Vanessa had Greenlee on a ledge next to the waterfall. She took the ringing phone out of her pocket and dropped it into the water. She kept her gun pointed at Greenlee.She told Greenlee that they were at this place because it was romantic and a good place for Leo and Greenlee to say their final goodbyes. Leo told Trey they would have to split up to find Greenlee and Trey refused, saying Leo was on his own now. Leo was horrified and finally Trey admitted that he was afraid of heights. Leo forced him to face his fears and climb the stairs to the top of the mill. Meanwhile, Greenlee told Vanessa she wouldn't be able to pull this off because Leo would never forgive her for hurting his wife. Vanessa said if Leo was forced to chose, he'd always choose "Mama."

Anna knocked on David's cabin door and he quickly covered something before letting her in. She told him Vanessa had escaped and was armed. David was appalled and then Anna told him that Leo and Greenlee were missing. Anna said she stopped at the penthouse and it was a mess, there had definitely been a struggle. David called Leo's cell phone and got the message Leo had left him, saying he and Greenlee had left for Paris. David told Anna his brother and Greenlee were safe in Paris. Anna was relieved and started out the door. David asked if she came all the way up to the cabin for any other reason. She denied it and he offered to show her what he had been working on when she arrived. He pulled a blanket off of a wooden cradle. Anna was stunned and told him it was inappropriate. David said it was his dream to see her rocking their baby in this cradle. He then said he thought Anna came up there because she missed him. She tried to deny it and then said she just wanted to make sure Vanessa hadn't gotten to him. "I may loathe you, but I don't wish you dead" she said as she walked out the door. David said Vanessa wouldn't come after him. Anna's phone rang, she spoke to someone then hung up. She told David that Vanessa was at the waterfall, and that she wasn't alone. They left together for the scene.

Erica returned to the penthouse and found it full of flowers and candles. Chris appeared in a tux and handed her a rose. She asked what he was doing there and he said Vanessa was Anna's jurisdiction, not the Bureau's, so he came back to be with her. Erica kissed him passionately.

Greenlee asked Vanessa what other reason she had for coming to the waterfalls. Vanessa said she had a surprise for Leo, she hid her fortune in a safe place. Greenlee told her Leo found the stocks but Vanessa said those had just been a "red herring", referring to an Alfred Hitchcock movie. She said when Leo finds out what the fortune really is he'll know just how much his mother loves him. Greenlee asked "What if Leo isn't coming?." Vanessa was sure her son would come. Greenlee worked on getting the rope around her wrists untied while she told Vanessa she always knew she wasn't "Nessa." Greenlee asked if she'd always been a monster and Vanessa said that once she did have a conscience. She began to babble somewhat incoherently and said "I didn't know who she was", "That sweet little goddess", and finally she blurted out "Erica Kane!." Greenlee asked what Erica had to do with anything. Vanessa told her that she was involved with Richard Fields and she had followed him to Eric Kane's house one night. She watched through the window as he attacked the 14year old Erica Kane. She said she was pregnant with his child but still married to David's father. She said she had to give up the child once she learned what a monster the father was. Vanessa said she had the perfect life with Leo and that she wasn't going to let Greenlee interfere. Trey got to the top of the stairs and looked around for Vanessa and Greenlee while Leo hunted with a flashlight. Leo was on a bridge and saw Vanessa push Greenlee toward the edge of the cliff. He begged her to let Greenlee go but Vanessa wouldn't listen. She told him about the diamonds she had hidden and that they could have the life they always wanted. Leo said all he wants is life with Greenlee. Vanessa got angry and Leo finally played along with her. He told her to put the gun down and let Greenlee go and he'd do anything she wanted. Vanessa told him where to find the diamonds. Leo told Greenlee he loved her then headed under the waterfall. At the bottom of the falls Anna and David arrived. Anna was brought up to speed by the officers and they discussed strategy. David started to wander off and Anna stopped him. He wanted to go help Leo but Anna wouldn't allow him to leave. David said Leo and Greenlee were the only family he had left and that he wanted to help. Anna ordered him to stay put. At the waterfall Leo found the diamonds. Greenlee reminded Vanessa that she promised Leo she would let her go. Vanessa said she lied. Leo returned and told Vanessa to let Greenlee go or "You can kiss these babies goodbye" as he held the pouch of diamonds over the water. Vanessa held onto Greenlee but watched Leo. He told her they had a deal and dropped a diamond into the water. Vanessa yelled that he was ruining their future but Leo said Greenlee is the only future he has. Vanessa pushed Greenlee out of the way and told Leo not to make her shoot him. Greenlee lunged at Vanessa and they struggled for possession of the gun. Leo stood on the bridge screaming at them to stop. The gun went off and Leo fell to his knees. He got back up unhurt in time to see Greenlee start to fall off the edge of the cliff. He screamed her name."

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